Saturday, February 23, 2008

Handout for SL Panel at IL-TCE Conference

Note: This is the Handout that we gave out (digitally) to accompany a "Second Life" Panel at the Illinois Technology Conference for Educators 2008, February 28 from 9:45 to 10:30 am (CST). There was also an SL Playground later in the day.

(Join the NING:

To get a Second Life account:

Educational uses of Second Life




LSL, the scripting language used in SL, is well-explained in an introductory video available at

Machinima (video) in SL



· (search for “Second Life”)

Some Cool Places to Go in SL
(These are SLURLs, when you click them, they will take you to a webpage with a link directly into Second Life, which must be installed on your computer for the link to work.)

Vincent’s Starry Night, an island devoted to the work of Vincent Van Gogh;

The Second Louvre, where paintings and sculpture are on display;

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) island called Meteora with several interesting simulations, including a submarine ride, two tsunami simulations, an airplane ride into the eye of a hurricane, and a demonstration of a melting glacier. (

Renaissance Island, a simulation of a 16th century village, complete with a copy of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater;

Svarga, a simulation of an entire ecosystem, with self-replicating plants, bees, birds, rain, and a sun that produces energy for the system;

VITAL Lab at the University of Ohio has created several simulations in Second Life, including a Nutrition Game, which emphasizes the impact that fast food has on health;

HealthInfo Islan;

The Salamander Project seeks to create a web-based database of all educational materials—so-called “Learning Objects”—in Second Life

Jazz Cats dance club on Infotainment Island;

The International Society for Technology in Education weekly “Social Nights” Thursdays at 8 pm Central Time on ISTE Island;

The Teacher Networking Center (TNC) in Second Life

The Discovery Education Network holds weekly Wednesday evening workshops for educators about how to use SL;

SL campus of the ELVEN Institute at

The Ivory Tower Library of Primitives helps teach SL users how to build using “prims,” or primitive objects, at

Listservs and Groups to Join

Second Life Educators (SLED;

SL Educators and Teens (

ISTE in SL: (have to be logged in as an ISTE member) or

In-World Groups (log in to your Second Life account, and start a new search using the Search tool along the bottom right of your screen. Under the Group tab, search for the group's name. Select "join" and that's all there is to it:

ISTE: Educational Technology Assoc

Ingenious Illinois Interlopers

Discovery Education Network

Teacher Networking Center

ELVEN Institute

Contact us

Craig A. Cunningham (SL: Dewey Jung;

Lisa Perez (SL: Elaine Tulip;

Meg Ormiston (SL: Meg Writer;

Scott Swanson (SL: Kyle Thorne;

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