Sunday, November 18, 2007

ELVEN Institute holds first New Educator Workshop in SL

As Director of the ELVEN Institute (see previous post), I am very proud to report that yesterday, on November 17, 2007, ELVEN held its first-ever in-world workshop for new prek-12 teachers and librarians.

This was the announcement we sent out:

Just like our students, we rushed into SL without reading the homework, and now we’re here without knowing the basics. ELVEN is here to help! Educators and Librarians in a Virtual Environment hosts a series of workshops designed for the Pre-K through 12 teacher to equip you with the basics of Second Life, including communication, clothing, shopping, using your mouseview to explore, editing your appearance, and how to find useful freebies.

You’ll receive personal guidance in a small group setting with other educators to help you find your way around SL, and learn about the educators community in SL as well.

Our first workshop is Saturday morning, November 17, from 8 to 10 am SLT at this location:

We had 7 people register in advance, and about 13 came to the workshop, along with 7 ELVEN staff members (Puglet Dancer for a wonderful introduction, Blu Heron and Pia Klaar who presented on navigation and camera use, Zotarah Shepherd who presented on appearance and shopping, myself as Dewey Jung who presented on communication and groups, and Bronte Alcott and Bill Friis who assisted).

We had originally thought we would break up into three sub-groups (for each of the three major topics), but decided as a group to stick together for the entire time. This meant we were just a little rushed for time at the end, but on the other hand, I think everyone present gained something from each of the three topics that were presented.

In a subsequent post, I'm gonna turn my part of the session into a "how to" on SL communication and groups, using my screen shots.

Here is the complete transcript from the session:

ELVEN INSTITUTE New Educator Workshop, 11-17-07

[7:31] Bill Friis: Howdy
[7:31] Dewey Jung: something very weird is happening to me
[7:31] Bill Friis: Red rays from your fingertips?
[7:31] Dewey Jung: whew
[7:31] Dewey Jung: did you see me twitching?
[7:31] Bill Friis: Back to normal?
[7:31] Dewey Jung: on my screen, i was twitching unconrollably
[7:32] Bill Friis: Always happens to me before a presentation.
[7:32] Dewey Jung: lol
[7:32] Dewey Jung: like this pointer thingie?
[7:32] Dewey Jung: :-)
[7:32] Bill Friis: Lovely, though inaccurate.
[7:32] Dewey Jung: yeah
[7:32] Dewey Jung: ain't no noob
[7:32] Dewey Jung: so, bill, you are gonna assit me right?
[7:32] Bill Friis: Yup
[7:33] Dewey Jung: awesome
[7:33] Bill Friis: You da boss.
[7:33] Dewey Jung: come on in and i'll show you what my plan is
[7:33] Zotarah Shepherd: WB
[7:33] Dewey Jung: in the viewer, i've got 17 screen shots
[7:33] Dewey Jung: thanks, z
[7:33] Dewey Jung: i couldn't walk before i relogged
[7:33] Zotarah Shepherd: yw
[7:33] Bill Friis: Hooray. Visuals
[7:34] Zotarah Shepherd: Hi Bill
[7:34] Dewey Jung: they aren't VERY exciting
[7:34] Bill Friis: Howdy, Zotarah
[7:34] Dewey Jung: but i thought they'd be easier to follow than people's own screens
[7:34] Bill Friis: For noobs, good enough.
[7:35] Dewey Jung: we may have to teach them to use the camera to see teh screen
[7:35] Dewey Jung: so these pretty much go through the topics we listed last week
[7:35] Dewey Jung: chat, IM, multiple IM, etc
[7:35] Bill Friis: Good.
[7:35] Dewey Jung: i accidentally put a couple copies of some; got to delete them
[7:36] Bill Friis: Always happens last minute.
[7:36] Dewey Jung: yeah the contents of the viewer dont' refresh immediately
[7:37] Dewey Jung: okay
[7:37] Dewey Jung: i think they are ready
[7:37] Dewey Jung: i have this lazer pointer
[7:37] Bill Friis: Point at something.
[7:37] Bronte Alcott: Hi, Everyone!
[7:37] Zotarah Shepherd: Hi Bronte
[7:37] Bill Friis: Howdy, Bronte.
[7:37] Dewey Jung: hi
[7:38] Dewey Jung: i'm pointing at your head, bill
[7:38] Dewey Jung: it doesn't really work well
[7:38] Dewey Jung: a friend of mine made it
[7:38] Dewey Jung: i think maybe i won't use it
[7:38] Bill Friis: From my view, a near miss.
[7:38] Bronte Alcott: you look like your being electrocuted
[7:38] Bill Friis: Ouch.
[7:38] Bronte Alcott: you're
[7:38] Dewey Jung: no, ooooooo
[7:38] Dewey Jung: pleasure!
[7:38] Dewey Jung: :-)
[7:38] Bronte Alcott: haha
[7:39] Dewey Jung: hey, you guys have SPIFFY tshirts
[7:39] Bronte Alcott: love the tshirt
[7:39] Bill Friis: Thanks.
[7:40] Bronte Alcott: you look ruthed on my puter, Bill
[7:40] Bronte Alcott: sorry
[7:41] Bill Friis: Ruth happens.
[7:41] Bronte Alcott: there is supposed to be an anti-ruth device
[7:41] Dewey Jung: oh?
[7:41] Dewey Jung: and what do you become if yuo are anti-ruth?
[7:41] Bill Friis: Mysogenistic.
[7:41] Bronte Alcott: it lets you deruth
[7:41] Dewey Jung: :-)
[7:42] Dewey Jung: deruthify?
[7:42] Bill Friis: And dat's de truth.
[7:42] Dewey Jung: lol
[7:42] Zotarah Shepherd: Bill looks like Bill to me.
[7:42] Bill Friis: Good for you, Zotarah. And you look fine to me, too.
[7:42] Dewey Jung: bill normally has ruth-like qualities
[7:42] Dewey Jung: sort of short and frumpy
[7:42] Zotarah Shepherd: Hehehe
[7:43] Bill Friis: I try to keep my SL self like my RL self.
[7:43] Dewey Jung: lol, why would you do THAT bill?
[7:43] Dewey Jung: rl is real enough
[7:43] Bill Friis: Because I love my RL self so much.
[7:43] Dewey Jung: :-)
[7:43] Zotarah Shepherd: Awww
[7:43] Dewey Jung: someone recently toldme that my rl self is handsomer than dewey
[7:43] Dewey Jung: i found that pretty hard to beleive
[7:44] Bill Friis: Pretty uncommon for SL.
[7:45] Dewey Jung: well, kids, we only have 6 registered
[7:45] Dewey Jung: maybe 7
[7:45] Dewey Jung: i'm disappointed
[7:45] Bill Friis: Lots of personalized instruction, then.
[7:45] Zotarah Shepherd: Sometimes I think of Zotarah like the painting of Dorean Gray.
[7:45] Dewey Jung: a couple of them are more interested in the prek-12 topic than the ones we've planned
[7:46] Dewey Jung: z, not getting that reference; which painting?
[7:46] Zotarah Shepherd: The better she looks the worse I look hehe
[7:46] Dewey Jung: is that a comment dorian made of his own painting?
[7:46] Dewey Jung: ^dorean
[7:46] Bill Friis: The Portrait of Dorian Gray.
[7:46] Zotarah Shepherd: It is a story about a man who's painting ages but he stays young.
[7:46] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes
[7:46] Dewey Jung: ah!
[7:46] Dewey Jung: wb bronte
[7:47] Bill Friis: Howdy, Artemis.
[7:47] Dewey Jung: wb artemis
[7:47] Bronte Alcott: thx
[7:47] Bronte Alcott: region down for a sec
[7:47] Dewey Jung: artemis, i think i remember you volunteered to help with the communication group?
[7:47] Bill Friis: This region?
[7:47] Artemis Reina: Maybe I can stay around a while this time Dewey
[7:47] Dewey Jung: i forgot that last week at our meeting and asked bill to do it
[7:47] Bronte Alcott: that was the message I got
[7:47] Dewey Jung: so we have two assistants
[7:48] Dewey Jung: i didn't get the region restart message
[7:48] Bill Friis: Put me where you need me.
[7:48] Dewey Jung: we'll see who shows up
[7:48] Dewey Jung: bronte is helping pia
[7:48] Bill Friis: If the crowd is too small, I can pretend to be a student.
[7:48] Dewey Jung: i forget, who's helping blu?
[7:48] Bill Friis: I'll ask noob questions.
[7:49] Bill Friis: Pia helping Blu, I think.
[7:49] Dewey Jung: so i'm wondering if we shold keep everyone together
[7:49] Dewey Jung: ah yes
[7:49] Dewey Jung: pia heling blu
[7:50] Dewey Jung: bronte helping zotarah
[7:50] Dewey Jung: and the two guy shelping me
[7:50] Bill Friis: If the crowd is samll enough.
[7:50] Zotarah Shepherd: If the group is small that would make sense
[7:50] Dewey Jung: z, b, a, what do you all think about keeping the group together?
[7:50] Bill Friis: We could do an assessment. Find out what the group wants.
[7:50] Dewey Jung: i think that's best
[7:50] Zotarah Shepherd: Sure
[7:50] Dewey Jung: need food
[7:50] Dewey Jung: i'm going afk for a few minutes
[7:51] Zotarah Shepherd: Ah I just had a bagel yum
[7:51] Artemis Reina: Dewey---is this seminar geared toward K-12---I am from HIgher Education
[7:51] Bill Friis: Coffee and yogurt, here.
[7:51] Bronte Alcott: Zotarah, I have a small file folder to give participants
[7:51] Artemis Reina: I assume that it will be just as beneficial for me
[7:51] Zotarah Shepherd: Anyone can use this workshop
[7:51] Bill Friis: This seminar is geared toward teachers new to SL, mostly.
[7:51] Bronte Alcott: just made up a new notecard on free skins
[7:51] Artemis Reina: Ok
[7:52] Zotarah Shepherd: Hmmm I have seen some of those
[7:52] Bronte Alcott: some are actually quite nice
[7:52] Bill Friis: I should probably get one of those. I am still wearing noob skin after 16 months.
[7:52] Zotarah Shepherd: Anyone who does not know SL rather well can use this workshop. We are starting with the basics.
[7:53] Zotarah Shepherd: I will probably learn something
[7:53] Bill Friis: Just happens the noob skin looks a lot like RL me.
[7:53] Zotarah Shepherd: hehehe
[7:53] Artemis Reina: I was put on as project manager to workk with faculty that received an internal grant about 8 weeks ago
[7:53] Bill Friis: I learned a couple of things last night just getting ready for today.
[7:53] Bill Friis: Grant for what?
[7:53] Zotarah Shepherd shouts: Hello Plum come on in.
[7:54] Bronte Alcott: welcome
[7:54] Bill Friis: Howdy, Plum.
[7:54] Artemis Reina: Developing a virtual laboratory and virtaul lab equi9pment
[7:54] Bill Friis: Oh, virtual equipment. Sounds like fun.
[7:54] Artemis Reina: It has been challenging because of the limited scripting capabilities
[7:55] Artemis Reina: but we have found workarounds for some
[7:55] Bill Friis: Scripting is all about workarounds.
[7:55] Artemis Reina: We are designing custom HUDs and other wearable items to get through some of the movement issues
[7:56] Bill Friis: What movement issues were troubling you?
[7:57] Dewey Jung: okay i'm back
[7:57] Bill Friis: We missed you.
[7:57] Dewey Jung: i'm sure
[7:58] Dewey Jung: wb plum
[7:58] Dewey Jung: hey pug!
[7:58] Puglet Dancer: hi dewey
[7:58] Zotarah Shepherd: oops
[7:58] Puglet Dancer: how are ya
[7:58] Dewey Jung: good
[7:58] Plum Amiot: thanks
[7:58] Dewey Jung: it's a beautiful gray morning in chicago
[7:58] Puglet Dancer: hi Bronte
[7:58] Puglet Dancer: awwww
[7:58] Puglet Dancer: sun is shining in Peoria
[7:58] Puglet Dancer giggles
[7:59] Dewey Jung: so i'm gonna try to IM/TP the people who said they were coming today
[7:59] Bill Friis: Sunshine in Montana.
[7:59] Dewey Jung: it'll take me a minute
[7:59] Plum Amiot: not as cloudy as usual in pgh
[7:59] Puglet Dancer: Hi Plum
[7:59] Plum Amiot: Hi
[7:59] Zotarah Shepherd: It is overcast and misty in Sonoma
[7:59] Puglet Dancer: Hi Artemis
[7:59] Dewey Jung: chicago has your clous today, plum
[7:59] Artemis Reina: Hello Puglet
[7:59] Puglet Dancer: glad we have sun
[7:59] Puglet Dancer: hi Avigail
[7:59] Puglet Dancer: welcome
[7:59] Puglet Dancer: brb
[7:59] Puglet Dancer: gotta grab coffee
[7:59] Artemis Reina: Cloudy in Indiana today and only 38 degrees
[7:59] Avigail Lindman: good morning Puglet
[8:00] Bill Friis: Howdy, Avigail.
[8:00] Avigail Lindman: good morning Bill
[8:00] Zotarah Shepherd: Hello Avigail
[8:00] Avigail Lindman: good morning
[8:00] Puglet Dancer: back
[8:00] Puglet Dancer: with coffee in hand
[8:00] Puglet Dancer: lol
[8:01] Puglet Dancer: nice shirt Dewey made
[8:01] Puglet Dancer: i should put it on
[8:02] Puglet Dancer: Hi Violet
[8:02] Puglet Dancer: welcome
[8:02] Puglet Dancer: Hi Pacifica
[8:02] Puglet Dancer: Welcome
[8:02] Violet Trebuchet: Hi
[8:02] Puglet Dancer: Welcome Babette
[8:02] Bill Friis: Yes.
[8:02] Bronte Alcott: Hi, Violet, Pacifica
[8:02] Puglet Dancer: have a seat
[8:02] Babette Botha: Hi All
[8:03] Pacifica Koenkamp: hi
[8:03] Bronte Alcott: Hi, Babette
[8:03] Dewey Jung: hi all
[8:03] Dewey Jung: i just IM''d the people who'd registered
[8:03] Zotarah Shepherd: Hi Violet and Pacifica and Babette
[8:03] Dewey Jung: and offered them a teleport
[8:03] Puglet Dancer: super
[8:03] Dewey Jung: if you didn't register, you are still very welcome
[8:03] Puglet Dancer: the more the merrier
[8:03] Dewey Jung: we'll wait a few minutes to give people a chance to get online and here
[8:04] Dewey Jung: violet, your skirt is showing "missing textures"
[8:04] Dewey Jung: can I help you with that?
[8:04] Violet Trebuchet: Yes, please.
[8:04] Dewey Jung: if you right click yourself
[8:04] Dewey Jung: and choose appearance
[8:04] Dewey Jung: and tehn close
[8:04] Dewey Jung: that sometimes works
[8:05] Zotarah Shepherd: Hello Pia
[8:05] Puglet Dancer: hi Pia
[8:05] Puglet Dancer: how are ya?
[8:05] Pia Klaar: Hi Zotarah and everyone
[8:05] Dewey Jung: hi pia
[8:05] Bronte Alcott: cool, I've been here almost a year and I didn't know that
[8:05] Zotarah Shepherd: Hello Meredith
[8:05] Meredith Snookums: Hi there
[8:05] Dewey Jung is a veritable trove of sl trivia
[8:05] Puglet Dancer: you can also rebake texture
[8:05] Puglet Dancer: yep he is
[8:05] Puglet Dancer: lol
[8:05] Dewey Jung: violet, now click "close"
[8:05] Bill Friis: Howdy, Meredith.
[8:05] Dewey Jung: okay, it didn't work
[8:05] Puglet Dancer: hi meredith
[8:05] Meredith Snookums: greeting, neighbor
[8:06] Dewey Jung: violet, we'll try the next method
[8:06] Violet Trebuchet: I've been having problems w/ a lot of the appearance options lately
[8:06] Dewey Jung: you on a pc or mac?
[8:06] Violet Trebuchet: pc
[8:06] Puglet Dancer: sl has been glitchy lately
[8:06] Dewey Jung: hold down the ctrl and alt keys and hit "d"
[8:06] Dewey Jung: you should see a new menu appear, "client"
[8:06] Dewey Jung: next to the help menu
[8:07] Dewey Jung: on that menu, choose "character" and the final choice there, which is "rebake textures"
[8:07] Dewey Jung: hi blu
[8:07] Dewey Jung: hi meredith
[8:07] Blu Heron: hi dewey
[8:07] Meredith Snookums: Hi there
[8:07] Dewey Jung: hi avigail
[8:07] Avigail Lindman: morning Dewey
[8:08] Violet Trebuchet: Is there supposed to be help under client?
[8:08] Dewey Jung: no, violet
[8:08] Dewey Jung: there is a "character" choice
[8:08] Dewey Jung: and the final item there is "rebake textures"
[8:08] Dewey Jung: okay, it's already 8 minutes after
[8:08] Violet Trebuchet: okay, just did that
[8:09] Dewey Jung: we'll start in 2 minutes
[8:09] Dewey Jung: violet, didn't work; you might need to relog
[8:09] Dewey Jung: OH it worked!
[8:09] Dewey Jung: every see violet's clothes now?
[8:09] Puglet Dancer: not on my puter yet
[8:09] Violet Trebuchet: I can't tell the difference
[8:09] Bill Friis: Worked on mine.
[8:09] Dewey Jung: no, you wouldn't be able to tell, violet
[8:09] Puglet Dancer: mine too
[8:09] Dewey Jung: one's own clothes often show on one's own computer before showing to others
[8:10] Puglet Dancer: just took a few
[8:10] Violet Trebuchet: How does it look different to others?
[8:10] Bill Friis: You went from having a "Missing" white skirt to having a short red skirt.
[8:10] Plum Amiot: skirt is gone.
[8:10] Artemis Reina: looks good on my pc
[8:10] Meredith Snookums: I see the red
[8:10] Dewey Jung: when it's missing, it's white with the letters "missing textures"
[8:10] Babette Botha: I see a short red skirt
[8:10] Dewey Jung: you look like you should, violet
[8:10] Violet Trebuchet: Weird. Why can't I see the difference? Some glitch?
[8:10] Bill Friis: We do not all see the same things.
[8:10] Dewey Jung: no glitch, violet
[8:11] Dewey Jung: it's just sl
[8:11] Violet Trebuchet: Ok
[8:11] Pia Klaar: maybe "clear Cache" will do it
[8:11] Dewey Jung: pia, violet is fine
[8:11] Dewey Jung: don't go clearing people's caches unnecessarily!
[8:11] Dewey Jung: :-)
[8:11] Bill Friis: I attended an event at which all my textures were missing. Even my eyeballs.
[8:11] Meredith Snookums: lol
[8:11] Dewey Jung: bill, how couldyou SEE?
[8:12] Dewey Jung: okay, let's begin
[8:12] Bill Friis: Just fine. But I looked really odd.
[8:12] Puglet Dancer: lol
[8:12] Dewey Jung: puglet, you are on
[8:12] Pia Klaar: always good to clear your cache at times
[8:12] Artemis Reina: its a virtual world we can do anything
[8:12] Puglet Dancer: good morning all
[8:12] Puglet Dancer: hope everybody is here
[8:12] Meredith Snookums: morning
[8:12] Pia Klaar: especailly after an update
[8:12] Puglet Dancer: Hi Lillyof the Sea
[8:12] Puglet Dancer: Welcome
[8:12] Dewey Jung: people who aren't here, aren't here
[8:12] Puglet Dancer: On behalf of the ELVEN Institute and the Alliance Info Archipelago, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our first Educators Workshop.
[8:12] LillyoftheSea Starr: Hello Puglet
[8:12] Zotarah Shepherd: Hello Lilly
[8:12] Puglet Dancer: The ELVEN Institute is the brain child of conversations between Dewey Jung and myself about involving pre-K through 12 teachers and librarians in Second Life.
[8:13] LillyoftheSea Starr: Hello Zotah
[8:13] Puglet Dancer: We created the ELVEN Institute Advisory Board and began planning our mission, goals, and physical presence in Second Life.
[8:13] Puglet Dancer: cuz we realized there was a niche we could fill
[8:13] Dewey Jung: welcome babette
[8:13] Puglet Dancer: Luckily for us, the Alliance Library System had space on Cybrary City II and we were given some space here.
[8:13] Babette Botha: THank you. I'm glad to be here.
[8:14] Puglet Dancer: We asked the very talented Desdemona Enfield to design and build a campus for us while we searched for members for our board.
[8:14] Puglet Dancer: With our board in place, the first order of business was to define our mission.
[8:14] Puglet Dancer: We defined this as "to assist preK-12 educators and librarians to envision, construct, and use engaging virtual learning environments in order to demonstrate and document their value in increasing student achievement and growth. "
[8:14] Dewey Jung: that's us!
[8:14] Puglet Dancer: To acheive this, we seek to collaborate with other institutions, to conduct professional development and research, and to collect and disseminate best practices and useful tools related to prek-12 learning environments.
[8:14] Puglet Dancer: We have been working together for about a year now and have had, we believe, an impact on the presence of educators and librarians.
[8:15] Puglet Dancer: Other pre K - 12 groups have been formed and we now have more people interested in and involved in pre K - 12 education in Second Life.
[8:15] Puglet Dancer: In the course of our discussions, we realized that many of us came into Second Life with no skills in using a 3D enviroment.
[8:15] Puglet Dancer: We had to learn from scratch how to move, to dress, to build, and, yes, to teach in a new environment.
[8:15] Puglet Dancer: Like our students, we jumped in without learning the basics.
[8:15] Puglet Dancer: The ELVEN Institute decided to try to remedy this and the workshop you are attending today is our attempt to help you learn the basics.
[8:16] Puglet Dancer: We have a full 2 hours planned for you this morning so please settle in, grab a pencil and paper for those notes you'll want to make and enjoy the workshop!
[8:16] Puglet Dancer: I just realized i forgot to introduce myselft]
[8:16] Puglet Dancer: duh
[8:16] Puglet Dancer: i'm Puglet Dancer
[8:16] Puglet Dancer: in sl i am a director of the ELVEN Institute
[8:17] Puglet Dancer: and chair of the Alliance Library systems SL advisory Council
[8:17] Puglet Dancer: in RL
[8:17] Puglet Dancer: i am Barbara Galik
[8:17] Dewey Jung: rl = real life
[8:17] Puglet Dancer: Director of the Library at Bradley University
[8:17] Dewey Jung: some poeple call it "fl" for "first life"
[8:17] Puglet Dancer: and President of the Alliance Library System Board of Directors
[8:17] Puglet Dancer: sorry bout that
[8:17] Puglet Dancer giggles
[8:18] Dewey Jung: we have a few people coming in now
[8:18] Dewey Jung: so i'll wait
[8:18] Puglet Dancer: Now, I get the pleasure, I think, (giggling) of introducing Dewey Jung who will fill you in the details of our workshop.
[8:18] Dewey Jung: you THINK??!!?
[8:18] Puglet Dancer: hi BalancingAct
[8:18] Dewey Jung: pffffft
[8:18] Puglet Dancer: Hi Gisk
[8:18] Dewey Jung: hi florence
[8:18] Dewey Jung: welcome, all
[8:18] Puglet Dancer: Hi Foorence
[8:18] Puglet Dancer: Florence
[8:18] Puglet Dancer: yes, welcome all
[8:18] Zotarah Shepherd: Hello Florence and Gisk
[8:18] Dewey Jung: thanks for that lovely introduction, puglet
[8:18] Puglet Dancer: Thanks for rounding up the class, Bill
[8:19] Bill Friis: YW
[8:19] Dewey Jung: bill makes a good sheepdog
[8:19] Bill Friis: Woof
[8:19] Puglet Dancer: you're very welcome DEwey
[8:19] Puglet Dancer: lol Bill
[8:19] Dewey Jung: good morning everyone!
[8:19] Babette Botha: Puglet dancer, are we supposed to be hearing your voices?
[8:19] Dewey Jung: thanks for coming here and giving up part of your saturday morning
[8:19] Dewey Jung: no, we're gonna use text today
[8:19] Babette Botha: O.K.
[8:19] Dewey Jung: no voice
[8:19] Dewey Jung: i'm dewey jung
[8:19] Gisk Akina: I think I have that disabled.
[8:19] Dewey Jung: i'm the director of the elven institute
[8:20] Dewey Jung: in real life, i'm a professor at national-louis university in chicago
[8:20] Dewey Jung: i teach technology in education and philosophy of education
[8:20] Dewey Jung: puglet and i founded elven to help teachers use sl
[8:20] Dewey Jung: oh, librarians too
[8:20] Dewey Jung: we consider school librarians to be teachers/educators
[8:20] Puglet Dancer: you better add librarians
[8:21] Puglet Dancer: lol
[8:21] Dewey Jung: (i just did babe)
[8:21] Dewey Jung: :-)
[8:21] Puglet Dancer: i know
[8:21] Puglet Dancer: lol
[8:21] Dewey Jung: pug, have a seat
[8:21] Dewey Jung: i want the floor to myself
[8:21] Puglet Dancer: we're hard to forget
[8:21] Puglet Dancer: i shoulda known
[8:21] Dewey Jung would neer forget librarians...being married to one
[8:21] Dewey Jung: so, this workshop is designed to help relatively new prek-12 teachers and librarians to learn about sl
[8:22] Dewey Jung: but we welcome everyone
[8:22] BalancingAct Balbozar: Pardon my leaving so soon. Got an appointment. Will visit later. Thanks for posting this to SLEDevents on Google calendar.
[8:22] Dewey Jung: thanks for balancing us in, balancingact
[8:22] Dewey Jung: :-)
[8:22] Bill Friis: Adios BB
[8:22] Puglet Dancer: bye BalancingAct
[8:22] Dewey Jung: okay, feel free to ask questions at any time
[8:22] Dewey Jung: ANY time
[8:22] Dewey Jung: we're good at multitasking
[8:22] Dewey Jung: pug, i know you need to go
[8:23] Dewey Jung: thanks for coming, and we'll see you later
[8:23] Puglet Dancer: kk
[8:23] Puglet Dancer: see ya later
[8:23] Puglet Dancer: hope everybody has a great day
[8:23] Dewey Jung: sp we designed this workshop to cover three major areas
[8:23] Bronte Alcott: bye, Pug
[8:23] Puglet Dancer: bye all
[8:23] Puglet Dancer poofs
[8:23] Dewey Jung: this was in response to the registrations we got, and our sense of the "basics" of sl
[8:23] Dewey Jung: the three areas are:
[8:23] Dewey Jung: communication and groups
[8:24] Dewey Jung: navigation and camera use
[8:24] Dewey Jung: and appearance and shopping
[8:24] Dewey Jung: we'll also say a few things along the way about uses of sl in education
[8:24] Dewey Jung: we expect to have additional workshops with more advanced topics
[8:24] Dewey Jung: one question that i have now, is whether it makes more sense to stay TOGETHER or divide into three groups
[8:24] Dewey Jung: any thoughts on that?
[8:25] Gisk Akina: I vote for stay together
[8:25] Blu Heron: maybe poll who wants to do specific skills
[8:25] Dewey Jung: my guess is that everyone can pick up something from each of the workshop topics
[8:25] Pia Klaar: yes, that might be a good first step
[8:25] Plum Amiot: That would be helpful to me, too
[8:25] Dewey Jung: you can raise you hand, by the waqy
[8:25] Gisk Akina: Sorry, how do you do that?
[8:25] Dewey Jung: by right-clicking on your chair
[8:25] Dewey Jung: choose touch
[8:26] Dewey Jung: and then raise hand
[8:26] Dewey Jung: it's pretty cool
[8:26] Gisk Akina: Thanks...
[8:26] Babette Botha: You can also use the page up key
[8:26] Artemis Reina: I say we stay together
[8:26] Dewey Jung: bronte?
[8:26] Dewey Jung calls on Bronte Alcott
[8:26] Bronte Alcott: just trying out the equipment
[8:26] Dewey Jung calls on Pacifica Koenkamp
[8:27] Pacifica Koenkamp: just practice
[8:27] Dewey Jung: maybe we do it this way
[8:27] Dewey Jung: any objections to staying together?
[8:27] Dewey Jung: we can devote 20-30 minutes to each topic
[8:27] Blu Heron: sounds good
[8:27] Avigail Lindman: seem like a good starting place
[8:27] Gisk Akina: Aye
[8:27] Artemis Reina: good idea
[8:27] Babette Botha: Sounds good, the later we can get deeper into what we want to
[8:27] Dewey Jung: we have a group of more experienced people here to help out
[8:28] Dewey Jung: you'll know who they are by looking at their elven tshirts
[8:28] Dewey Jung: can the elven staffers stand up?
[8:28] Babette Botha: Would someone model the eleven tshirt
[8:28] Dewey Jung: bronte, zotarah, blu, bill, myself
[8:28] Pia Klaar: sorry, I have no T-shirt
[8:28] Dewey Jung: pia, let me give you one
[8:29] Blu Heron: dewey can everyone see who is standing...
[8:29] Meredith Snookums: Although I intended to help, I may be more of a student this go around too lol
[8:29] You decline elven tshirt from A group member named Dewey Jung.
[8:29] A group member named Dewey Jung gave you elven tshirt.
[8:29] Blu Heron: perhaps everyone doesn'r know how to use camera controls
[8:29] Babette Botha: I would like some help on that
[8:29] Bill Friis: That would be a good workshop topic.
[8:29] Pia Klaar accepted your inventory offer.
[8:29] Dewey Jung: i think camera and navigation should be first
[8:30] Blu Heron: pia has some notes on that for today
[8:30] Dewey Jung: blu is the one who is gonna lead us in that
[8:30] Dewey Jung: leaders, please introduce yourself and your assistant before you start
[8:30] Dewey Jung: oh, one more thing
[8:30] Dewey Jung: hold on blu
[8:30] Dewey Jung: i suggest that if you are relatively new
[8:30] Dewey Jung: you establish an IM communication with one of the assistants
[8:30] Dewey Jung: that's bronte, pia, and bill
[8:31] Dewey Jung: choose one of them, right click on them, and choose Im message
[8:31] Dewey Jung: and say hi
[8:31] Blu Heron: sorry, my screen is small- using a laptop
[8:31] Dewey Jung: keep that IM window open, and if you get confused, IM them as we move along
[8:31] Dewey Jung: everyone know how to IM?
[8:32] Dewey Jung: you can ask questionsin chat OR IM
[8:32] Dewey Jung: but you might get better one-on-one attention if you IM one of us
[8:32] Blu Heron: I have organized my thots
[8:32] Blu Heron: you can use controls to move your avatar
[8:32] Plum Amiot: what are thots?
[8:32] Blu Heron: short distances...
[8:32] Blu Heron: like in this room
[8:33] Blu Heron: pcifica
[8:33] Blu Heron: you have question
[8:33] Dewey Jung: blu, you can touch her chair to call on her
[8:33] Pacifica Koenkamp: I cant put it down
[8:33] Blu Heron: :)
[8:33] Blu Heron: and your avatar can move longer distances..
[8:34] Blu Heron: such as from one part of an island to the other side...
[8:34] Blu Heron: or from one island to another
[8:34] Babette Botha: Sorry, sl crashed and I had to relog in.
[8:34] Blu Heron: which of these controls do you need to know more about?
[8:34] Blu Heron: autopilot?
[8:34] Blu Heron: rasise your hands
[8:35] Blu Heron: ok a couple of people on autopilot help..
[8:35] Blu Heron: does everyone know how to open the movement control from the menu?
[8:35] Zotarah Shepherd: Hello Vichster
[8:35] Blu Heron: anyone want to go over that?
[8:36] LillyoftheSea Starr: Yes please
[8:36] Vickster Volare: hello zotarah
[8:36] Pia Klaar: does everyone know how to use their camera to focus in on the notecard--if not--Blu--tell them
[8:36] Blu Heron: hmmm...
[8:36] Babette Botha: No I would like to be able to know that
[8:36] Blu Heron: maybe I should just put up the notes in order...
[8:36] Dewey Jung: let's assume everyone can learn everything
[8:36] Blu Heron: if anyone needs more information, you can tell me
[8:37] Blu Heron: afterward..
[8:37] Blu Heron: we have a 'relay' race for you to practice the skills
[8:37] Babette Botha: I'm taking snapshots of each screen. Is there a better way?
[8:37] Dewey Jung: blu can provide his notes afterwards?
[8:37] Blu Heron: I'll give each of you the screens afterward
[8:37] Artemis Reina: great
[8:37] Little Red Dragon whispers: I will follow you :)
[8:38] Little Red Dragon: That tickles, hehe
[8:38] Little Red Dragon: That tickles, hehe
[8:38] Blu Heron: ok, so you can use differetn kind of controls...
[8:38] Blu Heron: to move different ways
[8:38] Blu Heron: walking, running, flying...
[8:39] Blu Heron: there's also animations that I consider 'movement'
[8:39] Blu Heron: you can generally make your avatar walk, run, fly...
[8:39] Dewey Jung: anyone who is having trouble seeing the notes, IM one of us for help
[8:39] Blu Heron: using any of the controls...
[8:40] Blu Heron: such as autopilot...
[8:40] Vickster Volare: how do we take our names off so we can see the board?
[8:40] Blu Heron: keyboard controls...
[8:40] Blu Heron: or graphical interface
[8:40] Dewey Jung: vickster, edit...preferences...general...dhow names temporarily
[8:40] Dewey Jung: show^
[8:40] Blu Heron: these instructions outline how to do each type of control for walking
[8:41] Blu Heron: if any of you have questions and I don't see you, please type in the chat window
[8:41] Vickster Volare: thanks Dewey - much better
[8:42] Blu Heron: In your menu, you can make your avatar 'run' to go faster
[8:42] Dewey Jung: you can even "always run"
[8:42] Blu Heron: there is also keyboard command for that too, ;)
[8:42] Blu Heron: Flying is my favorite mode of movement...
[8:43] Blu Heron: but in the beginning i was very confused
[8:43] Blu Heron: when i got off the ground
[8:43] Blu Heron: and couldn't see objects around me
[8:43] Blu Heron: the trick is to fly low close to the ground
[8:44] Vickster Volare: I'd have difficulty landing - plunk down instead of a soft landing
[8:44] Dewey Jung: bumping yourself all the way!
[8:44] Blu Heron: there are good (and bad) videos on YouTube about how to do things in SL
[8:44] Bill Friis: I enjoy hard landings. They don't hurt at all.
[8:44] Blu Heron: Vick...
[8:44] Vickster Volare: lol
[8:44] Blu Heron: if you are flying, you can land gracefully by
[8:44] Blu Heron: using the down arrow key...
[8:44] Dewey Jung: some people have cool landings in their animation overriders (AOs)....a more advanced topic
[8:45] Blu Heron: or 'stop flying' button
[8:45] Blu Heron: so, bill...
[8:45] Blu Heron: do you skydive alot? ;)
[8:45] Vickster Volare: I felt clumsy - but that's me in RL
[8:45] Pacifica Koenkamp: bill out for a bit
[8:45] Blu Heron: one thing about flying higher than 200 meters...
[8:46] Blu Heron: you have to have a flight feather
[8:46] Blu Heron: or some other assistive gadget
[8:46] Dewey Jung: i can give you one if you want one...just IM me
[8:46] Vickster Volare: or what happens if you don't have one?
[8:46] Blu Heron: if anyone needs a flight feather, i have one
[8:46] Babette Botha: A flight feather. I will im you.
[8:46] Bronte Alcott: you can't fly as high
[8:46] Vickster Volare: would love one please and thank you!
[8:46] Bill Friis: I sky fall a lot.
[8:46] Gisk Akina accepted your inventory offer.
[8:47] Bill Friis accepted your inventory offer.
[8:47] Artemis Reina: or if you teleport to high ground you fall off and cant get back up
[8:47] Blu Heron: I have folders of objects i will give each of you..
[8:47] Babette Botha accepted your inventory offer.
[8:47] Vickster Volare: awesome
[8:47] Blu Heron: i will do that while Pia is talking about camera controls...
[8:47] Babette Botha: Terrific!
[8:47] Blu Heron: we can get back to how to use them in a bit
[8:47] Vickster Volare accepted your inventory offer.
[8:47] Pacifica Koenkamp: yeah!
[8:48] Blu Heron: I have some other items, but I want Pia to talk now about camera
[8:48] Pia Klaar: First, Dewey, how long do I have
[8:48] LillyoftheSea Starr: Nice Job Blu!
[8:48] Dewey Jung: 10 minutes?
[8:48] Pia Klaar: 5 minutes-10
[8:48] Vickster Volare: thank you Blu
[8:48] Pia Klaar: okay
[8:49] Pia Klaar: The information I'm about to go over can also be found on Torley Linden's article
[8:49] Pia Klaar: I'm going to walk you through some of the basics here, but his article actually goes into a lot more detail. I encourage you to walk through these steps today and play. Try them out as I go along.
[8:49] Dewey Jung: (btw, you can click on that link in your "history")
[8:49] Pia Klaar: First, the very basic step knowing how to take a snapshot. Simply click on snapshot at the bottom of the screen
[8:49] Babette Botha: Where is the history
[8:49] Dewey Jung: button next to the chat bar
[8:49] Dewey Jung: "history"
[8:49] Babette Botha: Duh
[8:49] Pia Klaar: It will show you a small picture of what you are about to take a shot of and if you like it, click Upload (it'll cost you 10 lindens)
[8:50] Pia Klaar: If not, click discard. You have choices to where you want to save the snapshot---harddrive, inventory in SL etc. I often save mine on my hard drive and make a ppt out of it and it didn’t cost anything.
[8:50] Pia Klaar: try it
[8:50] Pia Klaar: any questions
[8:50] Pia Klaar: My plan is to talk to you guys a little about camera controls. Some of these things, you may already know
[8:50] Blu Heron gave you notes.
[8:51] Pia Klaar: But some won't, so forgive me if I tell you a lot of things you already know
[8:51] Pia Klaar: First, Holding down Alt and clicking on something will focus it to the middle of your screen.
[8:51] Blu Heron gave you objects.
[8:51] Pia Klaar: So if you want to center an avatar or an object in the center of your picture, hold down alt and click on the object.
[8:51] Dewey Jung: (great way to follow a particular person who is moving, btw)
[8:52] Pia Klaar: So; Alt and clicking something focuses it to the center of the screen. Alt and dragging the mouse zooms the camera. Alt-Ctrl and dragging orbits the camera. Alt-Ctrl-Shift and dragging pans the camera.
[8:52] Blu Heron gave you How to move around in SL.
[8:52] Pia Klaar: Take a minute and try these out.
[8:52] Meredith Snookums: question
[8:52] Dewey Jung: dragging means clicking and dragging, btw
[8:52] Pia Klaar: Hi Jarvis
[8:52] Meredith Snookums: is we alt and click on the object and the object moves, does the cmera move?
[8:53] Dewey Jung: yes, i think so
[8:53] Pia Klaar: not sure what you mean by the object moving
[8:53] Dewey Jung: alt click on me
[8:53] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes
[8:53] Dewey Jung: watch me move
[8:53] Pia Klaar: yes, alt and click on an object
[8:53] Meredith Snookums: yep
[8:53] Meredith Snookums: awesome
[8:53] Pia Klaar: then use your mouse to zoom in and out by holding down the mouse
[8:54] Pia Klaar: okay
[8:54] Dewey Jung: if you have a mouse wheel, you can use that to zoom in and out
[8:54] Pia Klaar: Okay, if you hold down alt and click and drag your mouse, see what happens? By doing that, I just managed to get my camera far away. If you get yourself lost, just let go and take a step or stand up and you'll be back to normal.
[8:54] Dewey Jung: or hit escape twice to get view back to normal
[8:55] Pia Klaar: sometimes I have to click my arrow key to get back to normal
[8:55] Pia Klaar: or stand up if I am sitting
[8:55] Pia Klaar: yes, or escape
[8:55] Pia Klaar: is everyone okay so far--any questions
[8:56] Pia Klaar: yes, sometimes I also find that escape does not work for me too
[8:56] Bronte Alcott: you can also go under view and click reset view
[8:56] Bill Friis: Sometimes esc a couple of times works.
[8:56] Pia Klaar: I then click an arrow key
[8:56] Bronte Alcott: same as escape
[8:56] Pia Klaar: or stand up if sitting
[8:56] Pia Klaar: I will continue now--alright
[8:56] Vickster Volare: ready
[8:56] Pia Klaar: just a little more to cover
[8:57] mobile chair: Touch chair for information
[8:57] Pia Klaar: Remember, you're moving your camera, not your avatar when you do that So there's always a way back to normal
[8:57] Pia Klaar: Alt and directional arrows will move the camera also but only side to side and forward and back The alt and mouse drag gives you a lot more freedom
[8:57] Pia Klaar: If you click Alt-Ctrl and drag the mouse, it'll pan the camera
[8:57] Dewey Jung: wanna mention the camera control panel, too?
[8:58] Pia Klaar: So you can get shots that are more directly on an avatar
[8:58] Pia Klaar: well, I thought I might do that at a later workshop
[8:58] Dewey Jung: let's just mention it
[8:58] Dewey Jung: on the view menu, there are panels for camera control
[8:58] Dewey Jung: and movement control
[8:58] Pia Klaar: The alt-ctrl works with directional arrows too and I kind of like using them better than the mouse drag seems a little more controlled
[8:58] Dewey Jung: that make it easier for some to move around and camera around
[8:59] Pia Klaar: So for instance, I just used alt-ctrl and the directional arrows to face myself with the camera
[8:59] Babette Botha: I am much more menu driven than using shortcut keys
[8:59] Pia Klaar: try it
[8:59] Pia Klaar: so that you have your face in front of you
[9:00] Blu Heron: pia, i placed a thanksging object behind them
[9:00] Vickster Volare: haystack
[9:00] Blu Heron: see if they can use camera controls to see it and take acopy
[9:00] Dewey Jung: did we talk about snapshots yet?
[9:01] Dewey Jung: the thing isn't copyable, blue
[9:01] Dewey Jung: so can't take a copy
[9:01] Vickster Volare: took a snapshot but didn't copy it
[9:02] Dewey Jung: can take a copy now
[9:02] Pia Klaar: sorry I seemed to have crashed before
[9:02] Dewey Jung: blu made it copyable
[9:02] Bill Friis: Got one.
[9:02] Zotarah Shepherd: I got a copy
[9:02] Vickster Volare: if I copy it am I putting it in my inventory?
[9:02] Artemis Reina: gotta pic
[9:02] Bill Friis: OK Pia. Blu kept us busy.
[9:02] Dewey Jung: right-click, choose "more" and then "take copy"
[9:02] Pia Klaar: should I continue
[9:02] Bill Friis: Yes, Vickster.
[9:02] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes
[9:02] Artemis Reina: yes
[9:02] Pia Klaar: yes, continue
[9:02] Blu Heron: sorry pia...didn't mean to distract people
[9:03] Pia Klaar: * Positioning of the Sun
[9:03] Pia Klaar: Ok enable the client menu --- Press ctrl-alt-d
[9:03] Zotarah Shepherd: Everything goes to your inventory Vickster
[9:03] Pia Klaar: I am going to show you a trick that you can postion the sun
[9:03] Pia Klaar: to be where you want it
[9:04] Bill Friis: Cool!
[9:04] Pia Klaar: On the client menu, which will show up once you do the ctrl-alt-D or opt-Ctrl-D l see other camera options like high rez pictures, joystick controls, etc. - more things to play with.
[9:04] Vickster Volare: guess that's why they have classes on cleaning our inventory - mine is packed
[9:04] Pia Klaar: But one of the coolest things I wanted to show you is the fact that not only can you control what time of day your sun makes in-world, you can also move the sun wherever you want! Have any of you already discovered that?
[9:04] Bill Friis: Not me.
[9:04] Babette Botha: No
[9:04] Pia Klaar: Ok, for the time of day part, we just click World and then Force Sun and you can make it be any time of day or night
[9:04] Meredith Snookums: no
[9:05] Zotarah Shepherd: I didn't know that.
[9:05] Pia Klaar: But if you have the client menu enabled, you can click on client - world - mouse moves sun and when you are somewhere you can see the sun, you can click and drag it wherever you want it as you move it, if you are moving it towards the horizon, it will begin to look like a sunset, etc.
[9:05] Vickster Volare: I always have it day on EduIsland
[9:05] Pia Klaar: you can have it at sunsetor midnight sometimes
[9:05] Pia Klaar: sunset
[9:05] Pia Klaar: one more trick
[9:05] Zotarah Shepherd: Wow
[9:05] Gisk Akina: Is that true for everyone if I force sunset
[9:06] Bill Friis: No, just you.
[9:06] Pia Klaar: when you take a picture--you know how you get that noise
[9:06] Pia Klaar: there is a way to have it quiet when you take a picture
[9:06] Gisk Akina: Thanks Bill
[9:06] Pia Klaar: Select Client menu again.
[9:06] Pia Klaar: Select---Quiet Snapshots to Disk. This lets you take many snapshots without bothering those around you with the whirl-click noises.
[9:07] Dewey Jung dewey loves quiet snapshots
[9:07] Pia Klaar: This is probably my favorite trick
[9:07] Vickster Volare: can others hear when I take a picture?
[9:07] Meredith Snookums: yes
[9:07] Pia Klaar: I do this everytime I log onto SL
[9:07] Pia Klaar: I go to Client and Disable camera Constraints
[9:07] Dewey Jung: pia, i discovered a way not to have to do that every time!
[9:07] Vickster Volare: I thought I was just hearing my good to know how to stop it
[9:08] Pia Klaar: then I can go as far as i want
[9:08] Bill Friis: I have "Quiet Snapshots" on, but I still hear the camera.
[9:08] Pia Klaar: I can click on an object
[9:08] Dewey Jung: bill, it's only quiet to disk
[9:08] Pia Klaar: move to that object
[9:08] Pia Klaar: then click on another object
[9:08] Dewey Jung: so if your snapshots are going to inventory, it's not quiet
[9:08] Pia Klaar: and kep on moving
[9:08] Dewey Jung: oh, and it's only quiet if you use ctrl-`, not the snapshot button
[9:08] Pia Klaar: That is one way you can be at one place and be on another sim shopping
[9:09] Dewey Jung: pia, sorry, i missed that
[9:09] Dewey Jung: how can i be in two places at once?
[9:09] Pia Klaar: my snapshots always go to my disk
[9:09] Pia Klaar: I like to be able to manipulate them in powerpont and in photoshop
[9:09] Dewey Jung: i think we should move on to the next topic
[9:10] Pia Klaar: okay
[9:10] Vickster Volare: thank you Pia
[9:10] Blu Heron: Pia, thanks for all the great tips
[9:10] Dewey Jung: so i'm gonna talk about communication and groups
[9:10] Jarvis Canning: Thanks
[9:11] LillyoftheSea Starr: Wow! Thank Pia!
[9:11] Artemis Reina: thanks Pia
[9:11] Babette Botha: Thanks, Pia
[9:11] Plum Amiot: yes, thanks. i learned a lot
[9:11] Dewey Jung: if you will direct your attention to the view screen
[9:11] Dewey Jung: btw, this is a "freeview" screen
[9:11] Dewey Jung: it will show any texture and videos as well
[9:11] Dewey Jung: and is available for free
[9:11] Dewey Jung: but that's not my topic
[9:12] Vickster Volare: :-)
[9:12] Dewey Jung: this is my user interface
[9:12] Dewey Jung: you all know about the chat bar, lower part ofthe screen
[9:12] Dewey Jung: notice the two buttons to the RIGHT of the chat bar
[9:12] Dewey Jung: in addition to hitting "enter" tosend a chat
[9:12] Dewey Jung: you can also press the say button
[9:13] You shout: or the shout button
[9:13] Dewey Jung: shouts can be heard much further away than "say"
[9:13] Dewey Jung: good for getting someones attention who is beyond 20 meters away
[9:13] Bill Friis thinks there should be a "whisper" button.
[9:13] Dewey Jung: but illegal on some sims
[9:13] Dewey Jung: residential sims, mostly
[9:13] Dewey Jung: on the lower left of the screen
[9:13] Dewey Jung: you'll see the "history" button
[9:13] Dewey Jung: click that
[9:14] Dewey Jung: and chats appear in that window instead of in that clear box on your screen
[9:14] Dewey Jung: the history button is GREAT if you are in a situation like this, with multiple people talking at once
[9:14] Dewey Jung: or you missed something
[9:14] Dewey Jung: it also allows you to click directly on a URL like this one:
[9:14] Dewey Jung: (warning)
[9:15] Dewey Jung: if you do that, your browser will open
[9:15] Dewey Jung: below the history button is the "communicate" button
[9:15] Dewey Jung: if you click that, the window i am showing above appears
[9:15] Artemis Reina: how do you save the history of a chat session like this one
[9:15] Dewey Jung: well, artemis, we'll get to that
[9:15] Dewey Jung: but
[9:15] Dewey Jung: you can always open the history window
[9:15] Dewey Jung: select all (ctrl a)
[9:16] Dewey Jung: then copy (ctrl c)
[9:16] Artemis Reina: ok
[9:16] Dewey Jung: adn the paste into notepad or word
[9:16] Artemis Reina: thought there might be an easier workaround
[9:16] Dewey Jung: there is another way, i'll talk about in a moment
[9:16] Dewey Jung: which involves logging all chats and IMs
[9:16] Artemis Reina: ty
[9:16] Dewey Jung: you know to IM someone, you can right click on them
[9:16] Dewey Jung: or choose them from your "friends" list and click the IM/call button
[9:16] Vickster Volare: Is there a place to take notes right in SL instead of opening Word?
[9:17] Dewey Jung: friends who are online appear in bold
[9:17] Dewey Jung: you can make a notecard, vickster
[9:17] Dewey Jung: i'll cover that in a moment too
[9:17] Vickster Volare: oh - cool - thank you!
[9:17] Dewey Jung: there is this thing called "friends conference" or multiple IM
[9:18] Dewey Jung: it's very cool
[9:18] Dewey Jung: you can IM with more than one person at a time
[9:18] Dewey Jung: to have a private confversation
[9:18] Dewey Jung: to do that....
[9:18] Dewey Jung: you open your communicate window
[9:18] Dewey Jung: friends list
[9:18] Dewey Jung: and then hold down the ctrl button as you select multiple people
[9:18] Meredith Snookums: nice
[9:18] Dewey Jung: when you have the group you want, you click the IM button
[9:18] Dewey Jung: and a "friends converence" opens up like what you see on the screen
[9:19] Vickster Volare: I felt badly when I was interrupting people who were having a private conversation and I had no clue
[9:19] Dewey Jung: well, you can't interrupt this
[9:19] Dewey Jung: if the originator doesn't include you in the initial group
[9:19] Dewey Jung: you're OUT
[9:19] Dewey Jung: :-)
[9:19] Vickster Volare: How do you know when someone is in a private conferecen?
[9:19] Dewey Jung: you don't vicksert
[9:20] Dewey Jung: let's talk a bit about groups
[9:20] Dewey Jung: if you right-click on someone and choose "profile"
[9:20] Dewey Jung: you'll get their profile, like this
[9:20] Dewey Jung: it shows their groups
[9:20] Dewey Jung: (or at least their public groups)
[9:20] Dewey Jung: there is an unfortunate limit of 25 groups per person
[9:20] Pia Klaar: remember everyone--you can make the screen closer to you so that you can see it
[9:21] Dewey Jung: to join a group that someone you know is in
[9:21] Dewey Jung: double-click on the group name in their profile
[9:21] Dewey Jung: here's zotarah's profile
[9:21] Dewey Jung: i double-clicked on the gruop "teen educators in sl"
[9:21] Dewey Jung: this other window opened
[9:22] Dewey Jung: (notice how dewey's head looks at what i'm talking about on these screenshots? i like that)
[9:22] Dewey Jung: once in a group window, i can JOIN that group, by clicking on the "join" button
[9:22] Dewey Jung: not all groups all anyone to join
[9:22] Dewey Jung: if there is no "join" button, the group is inveitation only
[9:22] Bill Friis: Some charge a fee.
[9:23] Dewey Jung: yeah, that too
[9:23] Dewey Jung: so after i "joined" the teen educators group
[9:23] Pia Klaar: and some you cannot join
[9:23] Dewey Jung: it shows up in my "contacts" list under communicate
[9:23] Pia Klaar: have to be invited
[9:23] Dewey Jung: when you join a group
[9:23] Dewey Jung: it becomes "activated" automatically
[9:23] Dewey Jung: that means the label appears above your head
[9:23] Dewey Jung: you can remove the label by activating "none"
[9:24] Babette Botha: Dewey, can I join the Elven group
[9:24] Dewey Jung: as i did in this screenshot
[9:24] Dewey Jung: yes, i'm gonna invite all of you to the elven gorup
[9:24] Dewey Jung: i'll do that in a few minutes
[9:24] Babette Botha: Super
[9:24] Dewey Jung: okay, making a notecard
[9:24] Dewey Jung: in your inventory (lower right of screen)
[9:24] Dewey Jung: is a "create" menu
[9:24] Dewey Jung: on that menu is "new note"
[9:24] Dewey Jung: click that
[9:24] Dewey Jung: (do it now)
[9:25] Dewey Jung: a blank note window appears
[9:25] Dewey Jung: you can type directly into that
[9:25] Vickster Volare: And these are my notes for myself unless I want to share?
[9:25] Dewey Jung: (btw, artemis, you can also copy the history and paste into a note here)
[9:25] Dewey Jung: yes, vick
[9:25] Dewey Jung: private
[9:26] Dewey Jung: you can put landmarks, other notecards, and objects into notes
[9:26] Vickster Volare: been to so many classes and wanted to take my own notes. this is awesome
[9:26] Dewey Jung: this is a very cool way to share information
[9:26] Dewey Jung: when you click "save" the notecard appears in your inventory as "new note"
[9:26] Dewey Jung: you should immediately rename it
[9:26] Dewey Jung: by right-clicking the "new note" and choosing "rename"
[9:26] Avigail Lindman: can you rename it when you create it?
[9:27] Pia Klaar: yes.
[9:27] Dewey Jung: no, avi, they always save as "new note"
[9:27] Dewey Jung: THEN rename it
[9:27] Dewey Jung: pia, am i wrong?
[9:27] Pia Klaar: but you can rename it before it goes back into your invntory
[9:27] Dewey Jung: how do you do that, pia?
[9:27] Zotarah Shepherd: Also good to rename photos right away
[9:27] Vickster Volare: Can I go back to the note and add to it later?
[9:28] Dewey Jung: yes, vickster
[9:28] Pia Klaar: I sometimes to that because I have many notes open that i am working on at the same time
[9:28] Blu Heron: Dewey, when you create the note it is highlighted in inventory...
[9:28] Dewey Jung: btw, inventory items usually or sorted by date created
[9:28] Blu Heron: name it right there...
[9:28] Dewey Jung: are^
[9:28] Blu Heron: then when you save and close the note it has that name
[9:28] Bill Friis: And you can open and add more later.
[9:28] Dewey Jung: so the most recent is at the top
[9:28] Dewey Jung: you can also sort your inventory by "name" in the sort menu
[9:29] Dewey Jung: if you need to find something by name
[9:29] Dewey Jung: or, of course, search it
[9:29] Dewey Jung: and also apply filters, in the "recent" tab, which i won't cover here
[9:29] Dewey Jung: okay, one last important topc
[9:29] Dewey Jung: communication settings
[9:29] Dewey Jung: click the edit menu
[9:29] Vickster Volare: I have a bazillion notes I didn't even know I had...time to clean up for sure
[9:29] Dewey Jung: and choose preferences
[9:30] Dewey Jung: and then the tab that says "communication"
[9:30] Pia Klaar: Vickster, you can also create folders and sub-folders to organize them
[9:30] Dewey Jung: this tab is chock full of stuff
[9:30] Dewey Jung: important stuff
[9:30] Vickster Volare: wow
[9:30] Dewey Jung: first, you can have all your offline IMs go to email
[9:31] Dewey Jung: which is great to know that someone has contacted you while you were offline
[9:31] Meredith Snookums: now - you can change this setting from the account page as well
[9:31] Dewey Jung: if you click "include IM in chat history", im's will show in the history, as they do in the clear box at the bottom ofthe screen
[9:31] Dewey Jung: i don't like to have my IMs in the chat history
[9:31] Meredith Snookums: can this toggle things done from that page?
[9:32] Dewey Jung: because i often save the chat history for transcripts, and i dont' want my IMs in those :-)
[9:32] Dewey Jung: yes, meredith, this affects the same settings
[9:32] Meredith Snookums: k thx
[9:32] Dewey Jung: you can choose timestamps in IMs
[9:32] Dewey Jung: you can change your busy mode response
[9:32] Dewey Jung: now, the logging options
[9:32] Dewey Jung: CRITICALLY USEFUL
[9:32] Dewey Jung: you can log everything that happens in sl
[9:33] Dewey Jung: well, the text anyway
[9:33] Dewey Jung: (no voice logs, yet)
[9:33] Dewey Jung: notice i log IMs AND chat
[9:33] Dewey Jung: with timestamps
[9:33] Dewey Jung: and dates
[9:33] Jarvis Canning: When you get an IM by e-mail, is there a way to respond without being in SL?
[9:33] Dewey Jung: yes, jarvis, you can just "reply"!!!
[9:33] Meredith Snookums: really
[9:33] Dewey Jung: it's amazing, they get the IM back almost instantly
[9:33] Dewey Jung: as if you are in world
[9:34] Dewey Jung: i usually say "reply via email"
[9:34] Dewey Jung: so they don't think i'm suddenly logged in
[9:34] Jarvis Canning: when I've replied before, my contact said she couldn't get the reply
[9:34] Dewey Jung: hmmm, jarvis,it works for me
[9:34] Jarvis Canning: Does it require a setting option here?
[9:34] Dewey Jung: might be something in your email program
[9:34] Dewey Jung: you have to remove special characters btw
[9:34] Dewey Jung: "plain text" replies
[9:35] Dewey Jung: and must be all one paragraph, i think
[9:35] Dewey Jung: so the logs
[9:35] Dewey Jung: the KEY thing here is
[9:35] Jarvis Canning: thanks, I'll check - this would be really helpful
[9:35] Dewey Jung: (well two things)
[9:35] Dewey Jung: first, the logging does not start until the next time you "log" into sl
[9:35] Dewey Jung: so to start the logging, you click these boxes, and THEN log out, then log back in
[9:35] Dewey Jung: the second key thing is the "path"
[9:35] Dewey Jung: you need to be able to find your loges
[9:35] Dewey Jung: logs
[9:36] Dewey Jung: on a PC, they end up in an obscure folder that is usually "hidden" by default
[9:36] Dewey Jung: that is, not shown in "My Computer"
[9:36] Dewey Jung: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\SecondLife
[9:36] Dewey Jung: i keep mine there, cause i'm used to it
[9:37] Dewey Jung: but you might want to change this to a path under "My Documents"
[9:37] Dewey Jung: the logs are continuous from the time you start logging
[9:37] Dewey Jung: every session is appended to the end
[9:37] Dewey Jung: one log is called "chat.txt"
[9:37] Dewey Jung: and the others are named after the speicifc person
[9:37] Dewey Jung: (that is for IMs)
[9:37] Dewey Jung: some of my IM logs are HUGE
[9:38] Dewey Jung: my chat log got too big
[9:38] Dewey Jung: so i copied it to a backup
[9:38] Dewey Jung: and then made a new, empty file called chat.txt
[9:38] Artemis Reina: I started to date mine at the end of the day and that kept individual IM logs smaller but more files
[9:38] Dewey Jung: that's a bit tedious, artemis
[9:38] Dewey Jung: all the stuff appears in the IM, and with time/date stamps, you can tell when
[9:38] Dewey Jung: btw, you can tell when you FIRST Imd someone
[9:39] Dewey Jung: by looking at the "date created" on these files
[9:39] Dewey Jung: i'm not gonna talk about group land today
[9:39] Dewey Jung: too advanced
[9:40] Dewey Jung: here, i'm uploading a bunch of textures using "bulk upload"
[9:40] Dewey Jung: that is, the snapshots in this presentation
[9:40] Dewey Jung: okay
[9:40] Dewey Jung: i'mdone
[9:40] Dewey Jung: zotarah?
[9:40] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes
[9:40] Blu Heron: great tips dewey!
[9:40] Dewey Jung: shall we take a 1 minute break?
[9:40] Babette Botha: Dewey, where did you upload the presentation
[9:40] Meredith Snookums: thx
[9:40] Vickster Volare: This was great!
[9:40] Zotarah Shepherd: Thank you Dewey
[9:41] Dewey Jung: everyone stand up in rl/fl and stretch
[9:41] Avigail Lindman: thx Dewey
[9:41] Jarvis Canning: Thanks !
[9:41] Plum Amiot: Thanks Dewey!
[9:41] Bronte Alcott: Great!
[9:41] Zotarah Shepherd: Good idea
[9:41] Babette Botha: Dewey, did you upload your presentation to a file?
[9:41] Jarvis Canning: I wish I could have goten a few of the educators I'm trying to introduce to SL ere this morning
[9:41] Dewey Jung: no, i have not done so
[9:41] Babette Botha: ARe you giving it to us?
[9:42] Dewey Jung: i will, however, make the transcript available to the elven group
[9:42] Jarvis Canning: This is exactly the kind of orientation they could use
[9:42] Babette Botha: Good.
[9:42] Dewey Jung: i'm gonna invite all of you to the elven group
[9:42] Dewey Jung: please accept the invitation
[9:42] Dewey Jung: we'll use the group to send the transcript and some followup stuff
[9:42] Vickster Volare: Great! Will definitely join!
[9:43] Vickster Volare: Thank you!
[9:43] Babette Botha: Yes, I'd like to join
[9:43] Plum Amiot: Me, too
[9:43] Blu Heron: If anyone didn't get my notes and objects, please IM me
[9:44] Jarvis Canning: Anyone interested in finding a spot nearby for informal "break out" discussions
[9:45] Bill Friis: (Man, my avatar was stiff)
[9:45] Vickster Volare: :-)
[9:45] Artemis Reina: I would be interested Jarvis
[9:45] Zotarah Shepherd: Can you all see me?
[9:45] Blu Heron: I can hang around for a while after Zotarah's presentation
[9:45] Jarvis Canning: Outside maybe?
[9:45] Vickster Volare: I missed a workshop on building that going to be offered again sometime?
[9:45] Artemis Reina: sure after we are done here
[9:45] Pia Klaar: Jarvis, sounds loke a plan
[9:45] Plum Amiot: Zotarsh, were are you?
[9:46] Dewey Jung: for sure, vicster
[9:46] Bill Friis: Yes, I can see you.
[9:46] Zotarah Shepherd: I am inside the box
[9:46] Pia Klaar: zotarah, we cannot see you
[9:46] Zotarah Shepherd: hi
[9:46] Jarvis Canning: Didn't realize Zotarah was up ..maybe afterwards
[9:46] Vickster Volare: great - I'm not good on that at all and REALLY want to learn.
[9:46] Bill Friis: I can.
[9:46] Bill Friis: Use your camera controls.
[9:46] Vickster Volare: Keep me posted on when that class is gong to be please!
[9:46] Pia Klaar: ah okay
[9:46] Zotarah Shepherd: How can you use your cameras to see me?
[9:47] Dewey Jung: i think i invited everyone to elven
[9:47] Dewey Jung: if i didn't, let meknow
[9:47] Artemis Reina: Dewey I did not receive an invite to join Elven
[9:47] Zotarah Shepherd: Bring your camera next to the box and pivot it
[9:47] Jarvis Canning: I didn't get one yet, Dewey
[9:47] Zotarah Shepherd: So the camera goes through the walls
[9:47] Avigail Lindman: i can see you
[9:47] Blu Heron: One thing about camera cna't 'hide' from people seeing what you are up to!
[9:48] Bill Friis blushes at that thought.
[9:48] Blu Heron: heh heh
[9:48] Zotarah Shepherd: Do you all see me without moving from your seats?
[9:48] Zotarah Shepherd: hehehe
[9:48] Blu Heron: yes
[9:48] Zotarah Shepherd: Jarvis do you see me?
[9:49] Babette Botha: I don't see you
[9:49] Zotarah Shepherd: Florence? Lilly?
[9:49] Plum Amiot: I don't
[9:49] Artemis Reina: I can not see you Zotarah
[9:49] Bill Friis: It is not the easiest thing to do.
[9:49] Dewey Jung: zotarh, what are you DOING?
[9:49] Jarvis Canning: No - the box is still opaque from all angles for me
[9:49] Bill Friis: The box is opaque.
[9:49] Dewey Jung: you have to pan your camera INSIDE the box
[9:49] LillyoftheSea Starr: No I don't see you
[9:49] Artemis Reina: still opaque for me too
[9:49] Bronte Alcott: you need to rotate your camera into the box
[9:49] Jarvis Canning: nope
[9:49] Bill Friis: But you can move your camer inside.
[9:49] Dewey Jung: it's hard to do
[9:49] Babette Botha: Remind me how to pan my camera. NEver mind I see now.
[9:49] Dewey Jung: zotarah, do we need to do that?
[9:49] Bill Friis: Takes practice.
[9:50] Jarvis Canning: you're back
[9:50] Bill Friis: Good skill to practice at home.
[9:50] Jarvis Canning: but no box
[9:50] Zotarah Shepherd: There is no such thing as privacy in SL so when you change your clothes you need ot look around
[9:50] Bill Friis: Spy on the neighbors.
[9:50] Dewey Jung: ah!
[9:50] Dewey Jung: you were demonstrating the lack of privacy!
[9:50] Zotarah Shepherd: You can use your minimap for that.
[9:50] Dewey Jung dewey's elderly brain clicks in
[9:50] Artemis Reina: lol
[9:51] Avigail Lindman: lol :-)
[9:51] Zotarah Shepherd: This is a part of learning how to shop and change
[9:51] mobile chair: Touch chair for information
[9:51] Bill Friis: Oh, that was the clicking noise.
[9:51] Zotarah Shepherd: If you can shop while you are dancing you can also see into things
[9:52] Zotarah Shepherd: I have a notecard about changing appearance and shopping and clothing
[9:52] Babette Botha: May we have a copy?
[9:52] Zotarah Shepherd: I will give to you after I am done
[9:52] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes
[9:53] Zotarah Shepherd: I do not see a single default face here so you have already learned something about Appearance
[9:54] Zotarah Shepherd: What you might want to do is take the next step to making your avatar more expressive of who you are
[9:55] Zotarah Shepherd: You might want to write down the settings of your Appearance settings
[9:55] Zotarah Shepherd: Things get reset and inventory gets lost or disappears sometimes.
[9:56] Dewey Jung: you can also save your appearance, as an outfit
[9:56] Zotarah Shepherd: You can make an outfit
[9:56] LillyoftheSea Starr: Where do you find the settings for your appearance?
[9:56] Dewey Jung: right-click yourself
[9:56] Zotarah Shepherd: But when mine were lost I was glad I had hard copy back ups
[9:56] Dewey Jung: choose appearance
[9:56] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes
[9:57] LillyoftheSea Starr: Oh OK!
[9:57] Dewey Jung: the "settings" are numbers in the "shape" settings and other settings
[9:57] Avigail Lindman: Zotatah, how do we make backups?
[9:57] Bronte Alcott: I keep a hard copy too, just in case.
[9:57] Babette Botha: Where is appearance?
[9:57] Zotarah Shepherd: None of you are the same as you were when you came inworld
[9:57] Dewey Jung: babette, right click yourself
[9:57] Dewey Jung: see "appearance"
[9:57] Bronte Alcott: appearance is in the pie menu that comes up when you click on yourself
[9:58] Zotarah Shepherd: I did it by hand but you can also take screen shots
[9:58] Dewey Jung: you can use the snapshot feature to include "user interface" in your snapshots
[9:58] Dewey Jung: that's what i did for my presentation shapshots
[9:58] Zotarah Shepherd: So everyone stand and look at your appearance settings if you do not know them
[9:59] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes Dewey that is the easiest way
[9:59] Zotarah Shepherd: I did not know how to make screen shots when I started so I just wrote the numbers
[10:00] Zotarah Shepherd: Any questions about appearance?
[10:00] Bill Friis: Writing still works? Cool!
[10:00] Dewey Jung: hey dee!
[10:00] LillyoftheSea Starr: I have a question. Since I updated awhile ago, when I click on Appearance, my avatar does not spin around to face front until i'm done!
[10:00] Zotarah Shepherd: Hehe Yes Bill
[10:00] Dewey Jung has forgotten how to write
[10:00] Bill Friis: hehe
[10:00] Dewey Jung: lilly, odd
[10:00] LillyoftheSea Starr: So I can't edit my face anymore
[10:00] Jarvis Canning: I found that, too, Lilly
[10:00] Blu Heron: my avi behaves the same way
[10:01] LillyoftheSea Starr: Still JArvis?
[10:01] LillyoftheSea Starr: and Blu?
[10:01] Jarvis Canning: I always saw the back side
[10:01] Zotarah Shepherd: If you start by facing your camera Appearance will turn so you see your back in the selection shots
[10:01] Blu Heron: yes
[10:01] Dewey Jung: you can use your camera in appearance mode
[10:01] Bill Friis: You should be able to change your camera view while editing appearance.
[10:01] Jarvis Canning: in the avatar windows
[10:01] LillyoftheSea Starr: Oh great! Thanks!
[10:01] Bronte Alcott: swing the camera around until you can see the view of yourself you want
[10:01] Zotarah Shepherd: So be sure to see your back before you select Appearance
[10:01] Jarvis Canning: but I can change the camera view to see what changes I'm making in the main viewer
[10:02] Zotarah Shepherd: otherwais you will be constantly adjusting your view with each edit
[10:03] Jarvis Canning: Thanks, Zotarah
[10:03] Zotarah Shepherd: I notice that as you refine your AV personality most people change the settings also.
[10:03] Zotarah Shepherd: You're welcome
[10:04] Zotarah Shepherd: You already know that you can grow taller or shorter and change your face
[10:04] Zotarah Shepherd: You can also wear different Avatars that you can buy
[10:04] Bronte Alcott: you can also buy shapes or find free shapes, if you don't want to bother with the sliders
[10:05] Zotarah Shepherd: You can find places to buy avatars in Search.
[10:05] Dewey Jung: heck, you can be a CAT
[10:05] Dewey Jung: or a TRANSFORMER
[10:05] Dewey Jung: or a "TINY"
[10:05] Bronte Alcott: most people though find it easy to create their own, and often try to approximate their real life features and build
[10:05] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes but even with shapes and skins you can have some choices
[10:05] Bronte Alcott: plus do it yourself is free!
[10:05] Jarvis Canning: I found out it was a good idea to save the appearance you spent sp much time o with the sliders before trying on a new avatar
[10:06] Jarvis Canning: I tried on a halloween avatar
[10:06] Zotarah Shepherd: Skins have shading to look like there is bone and muscle underneath
[10:06] Jarvis Canning: couldn't restore my other appearance
[10:06] Dewey Jung: hey, there IS bone and musle!
[10:06] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes trying on different AVs is fun
[10:06] Bill Friis: Digital bones, man.
[10:06] Zotarah Shepherd: Hehehe Dewey
[10:07] Bronte Alcott: but Jarvis is correct, saving your avatar's appearance and giving it a name helps you find it again if you don't like being a cat
[10:07] Bronte Alcott: for example, when I learned that female av
[10:07] Zotarah Shepherd: So like when we were adolescents we can still experiment with our SL identity
[10:07] Bronte Alcott: s hands should be around 18 or so to be more realistic
[10:07] Chenin Anabuki is Online
[10:07] Dewey Jung is STILL an adolescent
[10:07] Bronte Alcott: I saved that adjustment as new hands
[10:08] Bronte Alcott: I can always find it and know it is my most recent shape
[10:08] Zotarah Shepherd: When you meet someone with an androgenous name sometimes they are not the gender in RL that they appear to be in SL.
[10:09] Dewey Jung: lol, a huge percentage of "females" in sl aren't
[10:09] Jarvis Canning: Like Pat from SNL :)
[10:09] Zotarah Shepherd: I have a male alt for a role I play on a elven sim
[10:09] Bill Friis: Asking a person their gender is considered rude in SL.
[10:09] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes
[10:09] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes
[10:09] Blu Heron: neither are males, dewey ;)
[10:09] Artemis Reina: I heard yesterday in the federal consortium of virtual worlds that 42% of all SL members are women
[10:10] Zotarah Shepherd: It is expected to accept people as they appear here.
[10:10] Bill Friis: Asking a person their real species is also rude.
[10:10] Meredith Snookums: lol
[10:11] Dewey Jung: :-)
[10:11] Blu Heron: hey!
[10:11] Zotarah Shepherd: A male neighbor of mine has a male and female AV
[10:12] Zotarah Shepherd: As teachers we might want to have some consistance in how we present to classes in SL but for recreation we can change to any look
[10:13] Zotarah Shepherd: So when considering your professional look: Some things in SL are free and some are too expensive but some things are an investment. Those that have the most long-term value are Shapes, skins, eyes and at least one nice prim hairstyle. These all require advanced SL skills to make and if you get good quality, they can last the life of your Avatar.
[10:13] Zotarah Shepherd: Be sure to look around before you buy. A good skin can cost 1000 or more Lindens. The shading of skin makes you look more natural. Of course, if you are using a furry, dragon, or an abstract avatar then you can skip this all together.
[10:13] Dewey Jung: no wearing out of cloths here
[10:13] Bronte Alcott: or drycleaning bills
[10:13] Zotarah Shepherd: Right Dewey so get good ones
[10:14] Babette Botha: I want to thank you all for your presentations. It has helped me tremendously. I'm leaving now but will return to explore the Elven Institute.
[10:14] Dewey Jung: or the inevitable mustard on the tie
[10:14] Blu Heron: much easier to clothe a white wolf!
[10:14] Zotarah Shepherd: When you shop most things come in boxes that you have toopen
[10:14] Pia Klaar: Thanks for coming babette
[10:14] Bronte Alcott: some of the best designers offer free items to newbiew under 30 days old
[10:14] Dewey Jung: we are over time
[10:14] Zotarah Shepherd: Unpacking a box or bag. On a place where you can build, home or a public sandbox, drag the box from your inventory and click on it. Copy to your inventory you can delete items you don't want. Then you can wear them from your inventory.
[10:14] Dewey Jung: so maybe we should end formally
[10:14] Artemis Reina: thanks to everyone for their presentations--I must leave but will keep a look out for future Elven seminars
[10:14] Bronte Alcott: we'll give you cards on hair and skin that will help you find some of these items
[10:14] Blu Heron: thanks for coming artemis
[10:14] Dewey Jung: but let anyone who wants to learn more about appearance and shopping stay for another 15 minutes
[10:15] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes I can give notes to all of you.
[10:15] Dewey Jung: please be sure to respond to the survey that we'll send to you afterwards
[10:16] Zotarah Shepherd: Did everyone get one?
[10:16] Zotarah Shepherd: A Notecard?
[10:16] Blu Heron: yes, thanks
[10:16] Zotarah Shepherd: Did anyone NOT get one?
[10:16] Bill Friis: I don't think I did.
[10:16] Pia Klaar: Please be sure that I have ben given all of the notecards and other items in these workshops as I (and probabkly others) will be giving them to people that were not able to attend
[10:17] Zotarah Shepherd: We can go shopping at some point if you like.
[10:17] Pia Klaar: but who have asked for the follow-up info
[10:17] Avigail Lindman accepted your inventory offer.
[10:17] Blu Heron: zotarah, what was the notecard called...I lost it some[place in inventory
[10:18] Pia Klaar: appearance and clothing in sl
[10:18] Bill Friis: Got it. Appearance and Clothing in SL Thanks.
[10:18] Zotarah Shepherd: Thanks Pia
[10:18] Avigail Lindman: Thanks Pia
[10:18] Blu Heron: got it!
[10:18] Jarvis Canning: Great sesssions!
[10:18] Zotarah Shepherd: Ok I am done then
[10:18] Zotarah Shepherd: ANy questions?
[10:18] Dewey Jung: wonderful
[10:18] Pia Klaar: yes, great sessions.
[10:18] Bill Friis: I will be relaying a lot of this stuff to my students. Thanks much.
[10:18] Pia Klaar: Dewy, did you give out any notecards
[10:18] Meredith Snookums: thanks
[10:18] Dewey Jung: hi eli7, thanks for coming
[10:19] Jarvis Canning: I would still like to visit informally with anyone who can stic around
[10:19] Avigail Lindman: thanks everyone who presented it was very informatiove
[10:19] Dewey Jung: we're just wrapping up, unfortunately
[10:19] Bronte Alcott: I think we should definitely do this again
[10:19] Zotarah Shepherd: I will be glad to mentor individually also
[10:19] Meredith Snookums: that all was very helpful
[10:19] Dewey Jung: yes, elven is here to help everyone
[10:19] Blu Heron: i'l stay for a while JArvis
[10:19] Jarvis Canning: Under the trees outside? or cafe next door?
[10:19] Zotarah Shepherd: IM me if you have any questions
[10:19] Meredith Snookums: I've been in-world over a year and didn't know a lot of that
[10:19] Dewey Jung: any of the staff members are quite happy to help anyone anytime we have time
[10:19] Blu Heron: thanks, Zotarah
[10:19] Zotarah Shepherd: You're welcome Blu
[10:20] Eli7 Freenote: yeah, I was realy late - I miscalculated the timezones, I am in the middle east
[10:20] Dewey Jung: oop,s eli7.......that happens
[10:20] Zotarah Shepherd: Oh wow Eli So glad you are here
[10:20] Pia Klaar: Blu, you have a load of stuff here on the session
[10:20] Pia Klaar: thanks.
[10:21] Pia Klaar: can I share it with people that have asked for info
[10:21] Pia Klaar: who could not come today
[10:21] Eli7 Freenote: can you summarize what you did in three sentences for me ??
[10:21] Dewey Jung: we talked about navigation
[10:21] Dewey Jung: cameras
[10:21] Zotarah Shepherd: We have notecards Eli
[10:21] Dewey Jung: communication
[10:21] Dewey Jung: groups
[10:21] Dewey Jung: appearance
[10:22] Dewey Jung: and shopping
[10:22] Dewey Jung: :-)
[10:22] Dewey Jung: i'll send a trasnscript to the group, Eli7
[10:22] Zotarah Shepherd: Did you get a Notecard from me Eli?
[10:22] Eli7 Freenote: I thought this meeting was to discuss the pre k years in SL ?
[10:22] Dewey Jung: this was a basics workshop, eli7
[10:23] Dewey Jung: we will have further workshops on more specific topics to prek-12
[10:23] Dewey Jung: you'll get notices as a member ofthe group, eli7
[10:23] LillyoftheSea Starr: Thanks all! This was great!
[10:23] Eli7 Freenote: OK - great. I am involed in a SL prokect for 3 months now so I am kind of beyond the basics
[10:23] Dewey Jung: thanks for coming, lilly!
[10:23] Dewey Jung: well, eli7, then you did well to miss this
[10:24] Dewey Jung: :-)
[10:24] Dewey Jung: althuogh all of us gained something
[10:24] Zotarah Shepherd: I learned something new.
[10:24] Bronte Alcott: so did I
[10:24] Pia Klaar: I always learn something new at these workshops
[10:24] Dewey Jung tries to decide if he learned anything new today.....yes!
[10:25] Zotarah Shepherd: Hehehe

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Model for Student Engagement

I have been reading* a book recently in preparation of a book review for the Journal of Philosophy of Education. The book, by my good friend David Granger, is John Dewey, Robert Pirsig, and the Art of Living. While some of the book gets mired in somewhat arcane issues of interest primarily to scholarls, it is an exceptionally well-written book, with some keen insights into the nature of nature, the arts, and education that might have broader appeal.

I've been paying particular attention to what the book has to say about the dispositions or attitudes of students who are "wholly" engaged in learning. John Dewey describes "aesthetic experience" as experiences with a special quality that marks them off as aesthetic; this special quality often involves some kind of "consummation" in which the various parts and aspects of a situation come together in a satisfying or at least memorable way. People involved in aesthetic experiences often exhibit certain attitudes or dispositions with regard to the experience. In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig illustrates these attitudes and dispositions in his description of a "high quality" mechanic at work on motorcycle maintenance. As I was reading Granger's summary of Pirsig's descriptions, I was struck by the similarities between the attitudes and dispositions of high quality mechanics and the Technology in Education students I have worked with who seem particularly engaged in and committed to the quality of what they are working on.

In our TIE program, we often assign our students with projects that require creation of some product such as a web site or hypermedia project. Our projects invariably involve a rubric spelling out the minimal requirements but also require the students to create something that can be used within their particular professional setting, such as their second grade classroom, high school english classes, or school- and district-wide professional development needs. These projects exemplify the kind of authentic tasks and situated inquiry that epitomize the best forms of engaged learning based on constructivist learning theories.

The projects also involve a situation often found in the process of creating art objects: an interative interaction between a medium or media (the "material") and the plans or ideal ends (the "vision") of the artist. Motorcycle mechanics must pay particular attention to the machine sitting in front of them, and of the qualities and affordances of the materials with which parts and systems are constructed. TIE students must come to see the possibilities and limitations afforded by a particular piece of software or digital medium, and work creatively to figure out how to make their plans come to fruition. The back-and-forth between material and vision, or between medium and ideal, is intrinsic to any creative endeavor, and it requires at a minimum that the creator pay attention to the medium and how it responds to attempts to shape it (or make it run better, in the case of the mechanic).

Such attention requires ceratin attitudes and dispositions on the part of the creator, mechanic, or student. First and foremost, is a willingness to care about the quality of the product. Such a willingness implies also a a willingness or make mistakes, and to learn from those mistakes and push forward rather than being discouraged or dissuaded from the ideal end or ends being pursued. This implies an attitude toward the "self" of the creator/mechanic/student--an openness to personal or professional growth in which the present self doesn't "get in the way" of the emergence of a newer, more competent and creative new self.

What I'm saying is that even the most mundane creative endeavor requires a certain kind of "learning attitude" or set of character traits that involves openness to transformation or at least change in the person, as well as in the medium. Thus, even a "technology in education" student, to be successful in learning not only technical skills but curriculum design and development means a kind of moral or spiritual stance with regard to one's self. Students who come to the class expecting to maintain their old selves while "creating" technology projects will either produce mediocre work or will find themselves challenged in the course of their program. Such challenges are intrinsic to learning of all kinds, whether learning to care for someone, learning to maintain a motorcycle, or learning how to build curriculum webs.

*"Reading" should be in quotes: generally, I am listening to my laptop read me this book while I drive to various campuses to teach and attend meetings.