Saturday, December 08, 2007

ELVEN's Second Workshop: Snapshots and Shopping

The ELVEN Institute held its second New Educators Workshop today, Saturday, December 8, from 9 am to 11 am SLT (second life time). The New Educators Workshops are designed to help new preK-12 teachers and librarians to learn the basics and beyond-the-basics of Second Life. What we're finding is that even more veteran second-lifers can learn a lot from these workshops, which cover "basic" topics in enough depth to be interesting for everyone.

We had about 15 people in attendance today, who learned just about everything there is to know about taking snapshots (photos) in Second Life, and a lot about the basics of shopping in Second Life. The snapshots portion was led by Dewey Jung (that's me!), and the shopping portion by Zotarah Shepherd.

Following is a complete transcript of the session, along with some snapshots of the sessions and screenshots from the Snaphots presentation. (Got that?!)

ELVEN Institute New Educators Workshop

Saturday, December 8, 2007


[2007/12/08 8:03] Dewey Jung: hi bill!

[2007/12/08 8:03] Bill Friis: Howdy, Dewey.

[2007/12/08 8:03] Bill Friis: Getting ready for 9:00, I assume.

[2007/12/08 8:03] Dewey Jung: that's correct

[2007/12/08 8:03] Dewey Jung: i've got about 20 textures to rename so they are in order, then i'm ready

[2007/12/08 8:04] Bill Friis: I'll be back then. I didn't register, but can't stay away.

[2007/12/08 8:04] Dewey Jung: you are always welcome, bill!

[2007/12/08 8:56] Zotarah Shepherd: The workshop is for teachers.

[2007/12/08 8:56] Cosette Hugo: No, just interested in learning more SL basics. I'm a librarian in RL

[2007/12/08 8:57] Dewey Jung: hey kids!

[2007/12/08 8:57] Jeff Kurka: cool

[2007/12/08 8:57] Zotarah Shepherd: Oh good

[2007/12/08 8:57] Jeff Kurka: hello

[2007/12/08 8:57] Dewey Jung: hi cosette

[2007/12/08 8:57] Zotarah Shepherd: The workshop covers things for everyone

[2007/12/08 8:57] Cosette Hugo: Hello

[2007/12/08 8:57] Dewey Jung: hey zotarah

[2007/12/08 8:57] Dewey Jung: come on in side everyone

[2007/12/08 8:57] Dewey Jung: hey bill!

[2007/12/08 8:57] Dewey Jung: hi jeff

[2007/12/08 8:57] Zotarah Shepherd: Hey Dewey

[2007/12/08 8:57] Jeff Kurka: oops

[2007/12/08 8:57] Dewey Jung: guess i should put my tshirt on

[2007/12/08 8:58] Jeff Kurka: not sure what that was

[2007/12/08 8:58] Jeff Kurka: hello Dewey

[2007/12/08 8:58] Zotarah Shepherd: Morning Bill

[2007/12/08 8:58] Dewey Jung: jeff, looks like you jumped

[2007/12/08 8:58] Bill Friis: Good morning, all.

[2007/12/08 8:58] Desdemona Enfield: Hi Dewey.

[2007/12/08 8:58] Zotarah Shepherd: Hello Desdemona

[2007/12/08 8:58] Dewey Jung: gmornign des!

[2007/12/08 8:58] Jeff Kurka: I guess I am excited

[2007/12/08 8:58] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2007/12/08 8:58] Dewey Jung: me too

[2007/12/08 8:58] Desdemona Enfield: Hi Zotarah

[2007/12/08 8:58] Dewey Jung: des, you gonna help out this morning?

[2007/12/08 8:58] Zotarah Shepherd: Are we sending out an ELVEN reminder Dewey?

[2007/12/08 8:59] Dewey Jung: good idea, z

[2007/12/08 8:59] Dewey Jung: will do

[2007/12/08 8:59] Zotarah Shepherd: And maybe an ISTE?

[2007/12/08 8:59] Desdemona Enfield: I was going to be here for a while and observer... answer question, if any come up for me.

[2007/12/08 8:59] Desdemona Enfield: maybe even learn to spell correctly.

[2007/12/08 8:59] Dewey Jung: want a tshirt, des?

[2007/12/08 8:59] Bill Friis: Gud luck

[2007/12/08 9:00] Dewey Jung: hey avi!

[2007/12/08 9:00] Desdemona Enfield: hehe

[2007/12/08 9:00] Desdemona Enfield: It's my KB... not me... Bad KB.

[2007/12/08 9:00] Avigail Lindman: Morning!

[2007/12/08 9:00] Dewey Jung: down kb, down!

[2007/12/08 9:00] Dewey Jung: good morning misha, welcome!

[2007/12/08 9:01] Dewey Jung: i'm sure there will be stragglers, so we'll wait a few minutes before we start

[2007/12/08 9:01] Misha Writer: hello folks

[2007/12/08 9:01] Zotarah Shepherd smiles and waves to Misha

[2007/12/08 9:01] Bill Friis: Howdy, Misha.

[2007/12/08 9:01] Dewey Jung: jeff, click the sign behind me to get a notecard for the snapshot workshop

[2007/12/08 9:01] Desdemona Enfield: oops

[2007/12/08 9:01] Zotarah Shepherd: Please get a Notecard here

[2007/12/08 9:01] Jeff Kurka: ok I got the notecard

[2007/12/08 9:02] Dewey Jung: cool, have a seat on one of the green chairs, jeff

[2007/12/08 9:02] Jeff Kurka: ok thanks

[2007/12/08 9:02] Dewey Jung: goodmorning teresamarie!

[2007/12/08 9:02] Dewey Jung: welcome to elven

[2007/12/08 9:03] TeresaMarie Wobbit: Hello. I apologize that I am late and that I am slow to get to where I'm supposed to be.

[2007/12/08 9:03] Dewey Jung: you aren't late, teresa!

[2007/12/08 9:03] Dewey Jung: we are just starting

[2007/12/08 9:03] Dewey Jung: hi artemis

[2007/12/08 9:03] Dewey Jung: welcome!

[2007/12/08 9:03] Artemis Reina: sorry a bit late

[2007/12/08 9:03] Dewey Jung: well, we haven't started yet

[2007/12/08 9:03] Dewey Jung: hey blu!

[2007/12/08 9:03] Dewey Jung: come on inside teresa

[2007/12/08 9:04] TeresaMarie Wobbit: thank you

[2007/12/08 9:04] Artemis Reina: I was watchin a planetarium program at a nasa site

[2007/12/08 9:04] Blu Heron: hi everyone!

[2007/12/08 9:04] Dewey Jung: hi roland

[2007/12/08 9:04] Dewey Jung: if you didn't get a notecard, click the sign inside the entrance to get one

[2007/12/08 9:06] Dewey Jung: welcome to elven everyone

[2007/12/08 9:06] Dewey Jung: hi elaine!

[2007/12/08 9:06] Bronte Alcott: Hi, Elaine

[2007/12/08 9:06] Elaine Tulip: hi there

[2007/12/08 9:07] Zotarah Shepherd: Did everyone get a Notecard from the sign?

[2007/12/08 9:07] TeresaMarie Wobbit: Yes, about taking snapshots.

[2007/12/08 9:07] Dewey Jung: i have prepared some detailed notes for the snapshot workshop, they are in a notecard available by clicking on the sign inside the entrance

[2007/12/08 9:08] TeresaMarie Wobbit: how do we reopen our notecards?

[2007/12/08 9:08] Dewey Jung: you can find them in your inventory

[2007/12/08 9:08] Dewey Jung: if you click the inventory button (lower right of screen)

[2007/12/08 9:08] Dewey Jung: then click the "recent items" tab

[2007/12/08 9:08] Dewey Jung: you will find it under notecards

[2007/12/08 9:09] Dewey Jung: prolly the only one on the list

[2007/12/08 9:09] TeresaMarie Wobbit: Yes. Thank you.

[2007/12/08 9:09] Dewey Jung: okay, let's get started

[2007/12/08 9:09] Dewey Jung: welcome to the elven institute

[2007/12/08 9:09] Dewey Jung: i'm dewey jung, the director

[2007/12/08 9:10] Dewey Jung: ELVEN is working to help educators and librarians to use SL

[2007/12/08 9:10] Dewey Jung: both for their own professional development and, eventually, for their students and clients

[2007/12/08 9:10] Dewey Jung: we welcome you to join our group

[2007/12/08 9:10] Dewey Jung: this is the second in a series of workshops that we're offering on SL basics

[2007/12/08 9:11] Dewey Jung: we also plan to initiate a series of seminars on more advanced topics, such as how to use SL for education (prek-12)

[2007/12/08 9:11] Dewey Jung: and some topical groups like how to use SL for teaching science or language arts

[2007/12/08 9:11] Dewey Jung: later, i'll invite you to join the group; if I forget to do so, IM me to become a member

[2007/12/08 9:12] Dewey Jung: we've started these workshops because it seems to us that many educators come into SL without paying a whole lot of attention to the orientation

[2007/12/08 9:12] Dewey Jung: and/or, they have realized they want a more indepth introduction to various aspects of sl

[2007/12/08 9:12] Dewey Jung: the transcript for the first workshop is available on my blog, at

[2007/12/08 9:13] Dewey Jung: we covered communications, navigation, and appearance at that first workshop

[2007/12/08 9:13] Dewey Jung: by the way, if you want to go to a URL that someone in SL puts in a chat, you can CLICK if you go to the "history" window

[2007/12/08 9:13] Dewey Jung: the history button is to the left of the chat bar, bottom of the screen

[2007/12/08 9:13] Dewey Jung: this will open the URL into your default browser

[2007/12/08 9:14] Dewey Jung: please feel free to interrupt me at any time

[2007/12/08 9:14] Dewey Jung: also, the people scattered aroudn the room wearing ELVEN t-shirts are more experienced SL users who are members of elven and are here to help you today

[2007/12/08 9:15] Dewey Jung: they are Bill Friis, Avigail Lindman, and Zotarah Shepherd

[2007/12/08 9:15] Dewey Jung: you can IM any of them to ask more detailed questions, if you like

[2007/12/08 9:15] Dewey Jung: welcome kenisirou; we are just getting started

[2007/12/08 9:15] Dewey Jung: have a seat

[2007/12/08 9:16] Dewey Jung: btw, in real life i'm a professor in a technology in education program in chicago

[2007/12/08 9:16] Dewey Jung: you can reach me at

[2007/12/08 9:16] Dewey Jung: so, let's begin on snapshots

[2007/12/08 9:16] Dewey Jung: again, there is a notecard available by clicking on the sign in the back of the room

[2007/12/08 9:16] Dewey Jung: welcome movies!

[2007/12/08 9:17] Movies1963 Beck: hi everyone, thank you

[2007/12/08 9:17] Desdemona Enfield: Hi Movies.

[2007/12/08 9:17] Dewey Jung: so, please direct your attention to the viewscreen in the front of the room

[2007/12/08 9:18] Dewey Jung: i've prepared a bunch of images to demonstrate the techniques i'm going to cover

[2007/12/08 9:18] Dewey Jung: this thing that they appear on is called a "Freeview"

[2007/12/08 9:18] Dewey Jung: it's freely available, and i will give each of you a copy of it towards the end of this workshop

[2007/12/08 9:18] Dewey Jung: you can easily use it to share images with a group in sl

[2007/12/08 9:19] Dewey Jung: it also plays videos, but i'm not going to cover that today

[2007/12/08 9:19] Dewey Jung: any questions before i go on?

[2007/12/08 9:19] Dewey Jung: bronte?

[2007/12/08 9:19] Bronte Alcott: sorry

[2007/12/08 9:19] Roland Aeon: A basic one -- how do you turn off the names over the avatars so you can see the screen?

[2007/12/08 9:19] Dewey Jung: you can raise your hand by right-clicking on your seat

[2007/12/08 9:20] Dewey Jung: it's in the Edit menu, under preferences

[2007/12/08 9:20] Dewey Jung: general tab

[2007/12/08 9:20] Roland Aeon: Thanks!

[2007/12/08 9:20] Dewey Jung: "show names"

[2007/12/08 9:20] Dewey Jung: you can manipulate your camera so the names don't get in the way

[2007/12/08 9:21] Dewey Jung: i use the camera panel to move my camera

[2007/12/08 9:21] Dewey Jung: you can see the panel by clicking Camera Controls on your view menu

[2007/12/08 9:21] Dewey Jung: i suggest you play with that panel a bit

[2007/12/08 9:21] Dewey Jung: you can easily pan, zoom, and rotate your view without moving

[2007/12/08 9:21] Dewey Jung: i'll talk a bit more about that later

[2007/12/08 9:22] Dewey Jung: welcome DocL!

[2007/12/08 9:22] Dewey Jung: we are just getting started on snapshots

[2007/12/08 9:22] Zotarah Shepherd: Welcome DocL Please get a Notecard from the sign at the back.

[2007/12/08 9:22] Dewey Jung: the key panel for snapshots is available by clicking the "snapshot" button in the lower center of your screen

[2007/12/08 9:23] Dewey Jung: go ahead and do that now

[2007/12/08 9:23] Dewey Jung: on the screen behind me, you can see that i have opened that panel

[2007/12/08 9:23] Dewey Jung: my screen resolution is very high, so your panel will likely be bigger

[2007/12/08 9:23] Dewey Jung: this panel has all sorts of settings

[2007/12/08 9:23] Dewey Jung: most of them you will prolly never use

[2007/12/08 9:24] Dewey Jung: but there are some key ones

[2007/12/08 9:24] Dewey Jung: first off, notice the check box at the BOTTOM of the panel

[2007/12/08 9:25] Dewey Jung: auto-snapshot means that you will automatically take a snapshot when you open the snapshot panel by clicking the button

[2007/12/08 9:25] Dewey Jung: it will be taken using the currently selected settings

[2007/12/08 9:25] Dewey Jung: btw, the snapshot panel is also accessible typing ctrl-shift-s

[2007/12/08 9:25] Dewey Jung: on a mac, cmd-shft-s

[2007/12/08 9:26] Dewey Jung: but that's the same keystroke for saving a notecard, so if you are working on a notecard at the time, it might not work

[2007/12/08 9:26] Dewey Jung: the key settings on the snapshot panel are at the top

[2007/12/08 9:26] Dewey Jung: three options

[2007/12/08 9:26] Dewey Jung: you can send a postcard

[2007/12/08 9:26] Dewey Jung: you can upload a snapshot (which means save it to inventory)

[2007/12/08 9:27] Dewey Jung: or you can save a snapshot to your local disk

[2007/12/08 9:27] Dewey Jung: note that it costs L$10 to upload a snapshot to your inventory

[2007/12/08 9:27] Dewey Jung: it also costs L$10 to upload a snapshot from your local disk after you save it there

[2007/12/08 9:28] Dewey Jung: now look at this snapshot on the viewer

[2007/12/08 9:28] Dewey Jung: you will see that the SL user interface is visible

[2007/12/08 9:28] Dewey Jung: you can turn that user interface on or off

[2007/12/08 9:28] Dewey Jung: that is, the snapshot will include the interface or it won't

[2007/12/08 9:28] Dewey Jung: see the checkbox on the snapshot panel?

[2007/12/08 9:29] Dewey Jung: why would you want to include the interface?

[2007/12/08 9:29] Dewey Jung: well, for taking images to use for teaching about SL, of course!

[2007/12/08 9:29] Desdemona Enfield: (and for making a record ofwho is present)

[2007/12/08 9:29] Bill Friis: Or to see names of people in the image.

[2007/12/08 9:29] Dewey Jung: good point, des and bill

[2007/12/08 9:29] Zotarah Shepherd: And for reporting names of griefers

[2007/12/08 9:29] Dewey Jung: another good point, zotarah

[2007/12/08 9:29] Dewey Jung: the user interface includes the names of the av's

[2007/12/08 9:30] Dewey Jung: i think this depends on whether you have the names visible

[2007/12/08 9:30] Zotarah Shepherd: A simple way to take roll for a class. *Grins*

[2007/12/08 9:30] Desdemona Enfield: It also includes you current chat/IM window so be mindful of your privacy.

[2007/12/08 9:30] Dewey Jung: another good point des

[2007/12/08 9:31] Dewey Jung: now, about the "postcard" option

[2007/12/08 9:31] Dewey Jung: if you choose that option, your image will be sent via email to an address of your choice

[2007/12/08 9:31] Dewey Jung: nice thing about this, is it is FREE

[2007/12/08 9:31] Dewey Jung: however, if comes looking like this

[2007/12/08 9:31] Dewey Jung: that is, there's an SL advertisement on it

[2007/12/08 9:31] Dewey Jung: but there's ALSO what is called a SLURL

[2007/12/08 9:32] Dewey Jung: that is, a link to the location that the image was taken

[2007/12/08 9:32] Dewey Jung: this is a nice way to invite a friend to a particular place in SL

[2007/12/08 9:32] Dewey Jung: note that unless you have "auto-snapshot" checked, the snapshot isn't taken until you click the "save" button at the bottom of the snapshot panel

[2007/12/08 9:33] Dewey Jung: if the SAVE button is greyed out, you need to click the "new snapshot" button

[2007/12/08 9:33] Dewey Jung: the new snapshot button shows you a preview of the snapshot you are about to send/save/upload

[2007/12/08 9:33] Dewey Jung: this is very useful for knowing how the "show interface" or "show hud objects" is going to affect your image

[2007/12/08 9:34] Dewey Jung: a "hug object", by the way, is somethign like a controller for a radar, an animation overrider, or other tool

[2007/12/08 9:34] Dewey Jung: lol

[2007/12/08 9:34] Dewey Jung: i mean, "hud" object

[2007/12/08 9:34] Dewey Jung: (I have a hud that lets me hug someone, which is why that is funny)

[2007/12/08 9:35] Psy Sideways: thanks :)

[2007/12/08 9:35] Dewey Jung: let's talk about saving a snapshot to your hard disk

[2007/12/08 9:35] Dewey Jung: i almost always do it that way

[2007/12/08 9:35] Dewey Jung: welcome Psy!

[2007/12/08 9:36] Dewey Jung: i put the snapshot on my hard drive, and then, optionally, upload it back to my inventory

[2007/12/08 9:36] Dewey Jung: it's cheaper than paying L$10 for EVERY image, and then later saving the texture to my disk

[2007/12/08 9:37] Dewey Jung: so to take a snapshot to disk, you can use the snapshot panel, as i showed you, OR...

[2007/12/08 9:37] Dewey Jung: you can use the file menu

[2007/12/08 9:37] Dewey Jung: notice on the file menu there is the option "snapshot to disk"

[2007/12/08 9:37] Dewey Jung: des?

[2007/12/08 9:38] Desdemona Enfield: There are two classes of images in your inventory. Photoes, and textures. These are all the same type of objects. Photos are snapshots to inventory, textures are uploaded images.

[2007/12/08 9:38] Dewey Jung: yes, if you "upload snapshot" it goes into a folder called "photo album"

[2007/12/08 9:38] Dewey Jung: it's also automatically named

[2007/12/08 9:39] Dewey Jung: i'll cover that in a moment

[2007/12/08 9:39] Dewey Jung: so when you choose snapshot to disk, you get a file menu, that lets you decide what to call it and where to save it

[2007/12/08 9:40] Dewey Jung: all files are saved as bitmaps, with the extension *.bmp

[2007/12/08 9:40] Dewey Jung: it makes sense to have a folder created specifically for your SL snapshots

[2007/12/08 9:40] Dewey Jung: whatever you name the file (I usually use the date, as in 12-8-07)....

[2007/12/08 9:40] Dewey Jung: becomes the first in a SERIES as you take more snapshots

[2007/12/08 9:41] Dewey Jung: in other words, you are naming all of the snapshots you take to disk in an SL session

[2007/12/08 9:41] Dewey Jung: this is why i use the date

[2007/12/08 9:41] Desdemona Enfield: (des likes to use 12-08-07 so they sort nicely later)

[2007/12/08 9:41] Dewey Jung: (I used to name the snapshot after who was in it)

[2007/12/08 9:41] Dewey Jung: (but naming after who was in it results in later snapshots being inappropriately named)

[2007/12/08 9:41] Zotarah Shepherd: Just be sure you have some way of OPENING a jpg file. *smiles*

[2007/12/08 9:41] Dewey Jung: these are bmp's, not jpgs

[2007/12/08 9:42] Dewey Jung: des's method makes more sense than mine, but you can always sort by date modified if you wish

[2007/12/08 9:42] Desdemona Enfield: Windows Pic and Fax viewer can handle jpg and bmp.

[2007/12/08 9:42] Zotarah Shepherd: Or bmps then

[2007/12/08 9:42] Dewey Jung: so give it a name like 12-08-07

[2007/12/08 9:42] Zotarah Shepherd: I don't have those : (

[2007/12/08 9:42] Dewey Jung: the mac has iphoto

[2007/12/08 9:42] Dewey Jung: windows comes with the picture viewer

[2007/12/08 9:43] Dewey Jung: microsoft office as the picture manager, which works well for simple editing

[2007/12/08 9:43] Bill Friis: I usually name by event. Like "ELVENworkshop001"

[2007/12/08 9:43] Dewey Jung: that's good, bill, until you go dancing after the workshop and forget to log out and choose a new name

[2007/12/08 9:44] Dewey Jung: okay, so now, let's talk about uploading a snapshot once you've saved it to disk

[2007/12/08 9:44] Dewey Jung: you go to the file menu, and choose "Upload texture..."

[2007/12/08 9:44] Dewey Jung: you find the file you want to upload

[2007/12/08 9:44] Dewey Jung: you click the "open" button

[2007/12/08 9:44] Dewey Jung: (or double-click the filename)

[2007/12/08 9:44] Misha Writer: (the postcard I did a few minutes ago has just arrived - the slurl is active, so the recipient can just click to go there)

[2007/12/08 9:45] Dewey Jung: this is the view you get after you do "open"

[2007/12/08 9:45] Dewey Jung: it's a preview of your texture

[2007/12/08 9:45] Dewey Jung: (snapshots are textures are images are photos, btw)

[2007/12/08 9:45] Dewey Jung: this lets you make a name for the texture in your inventory, and a description

[2007/12/08 9:45] Dewey Jung: i never use "description"

[2007/12/08 9:46] Dewey Jung: rather, i make names that make sense to me

[2007/12/08 9:46] Roland Aeon: Yes, thanks -- I had accidentaly logged out before

[2007/12/08 9:46] Dewey Jung: HERE is where i put in WHO is in the photo....and i leave the date information

[2007/12/08 9:46] Dewey Jung: notice that after the date is a number, in this case _013

[2007/12/08 9:47] Dewey Jung: that got added automatically when i saved multiple snapshots to disk

[2007/12/08 9:47] Dewey Jung: i usually erase that part, leaving just the date

[2007/12/08 9:47] Dewey Jung: then, you click the "upload" button

[2007/12/08 9:47] Dewey Jung: note you must have enough money to pay L$10

[2007/12/08 9:48] Bronte Alcott: Dewey?

[2007/12/08 9:48] Dewey Jung: yes bronte

[2007/12/08 9:48] Dewey Jung: sorry, i'm not looking at you all , so i don't see raised hands

[2007/12/08 9:48] Bronte Alcott: I read in the forums that it is best to convert bmps into jpgs to upload

[2007/12/08 9:48] Bronte Alcott: is that correct? it's what I've been doing

[2007/12/08 9:48] Dewey Jung: they are a lot smaller if they are jpgs

[2007/12/08 9:49] Dewey Jung: so they upload faster

[2007/12/08 9:49] Dewey Jung: BUT

[2007/12/08 9:49] Dewey Jung: i must say, i never convert

[2007/12/08 9:49] Dewey Jung: AND my bitmap uploads are very fast

[2007/12/08 9:49] Dewey Jung: so i guess it's your choice

[2007/12/08 9:49] Bronte Alcott: ok that's helpful, saves a step

[2007/12/08 9:49] Dewey Jung: so after you click upload, you get a little gray box in the middle of your screen that says "uploading"

[2007/12/08 9:49] Jeff Kurka: is there a difference between the two when they res on a screen?

[2007/12/08 9:49] Desdemona Enfield agrees that even BMP uploads are very fast.

[2007/12/08 9:49] Dewey Jung: and then, you get this

[2007/12/08 9:50] Dewey Jung: jeff, i don't think so

[2007/12/08 9:50] Bill Friis: All uploads end up as jpg2000 on the Linden servers.

[2007/12/08 9:50] Dewey Jung: i think sl automatically concerts jpgs back to bitmaps

[2007/12/08 9:50] Dewey Jung: oh, interesting bill

[2007/12/08 9:50] Bill Friis: So they look just as good either way.

[2007/12/08 9:50] Dewey Jung: later i'll talk about how you can save them as j2c, whcih is the jpg2000 format

[2007/12/08 9:51] Dewey Jung: so at this point, the texture is now in your "texture" folder, and it appears on your screen, and you get the blue box that you spent L$10

[2007/12/08 9:51] Dewey Jung: the image sometimes takes a while to rez on your screen

[2007/12/08 9:51] Dewey Jung: that is because it must upload and THEN download to your viewer

[2007/12/08 9:52] Dewey Jung: but once it is in your inventory, you can give it to others

[2007/12/08 9:52] Dewey Jung: i use the "recent items" tab on my inventory

[2007/12/08 9:52] Dewey Jung: that way, i'm not seeing the 4000 or so textures i previously uploaded

[2007/12/08 9:52] Dewey Jung: i was just reminded, you might get an error sometiems when you try to upload...due to server errors

[2007/12/08 9:52] Dewey Jung: this happens about 1 in 50 times

[2007/12/08 9:53] Dewey Jung: sometimes you can just try again

[2007/12/08 9:53] Dewey Jung: sometimes you have to log out and try again

[2007/12/08 9:53] Dewey Jung: sometimes you can't do it for a while afternoon

[2007/12/08 9:53] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2007/12/08 9:53] Dewey Jung: whole^

[2007/12/08 9:53] Jeff Kurka: when you give it to others...does it also stay in your inventory?

[2007/12/08 9:53] Dewey Jung: oh, one note about sharing textures with others

[2007/12/08 9:53] Dewey Jung: yes, jeff

[2007/12/08 9:53] Dewey Jung: it creates a copy

[2007/12/08 9:53] Dewey Jung: however, by default, the texture is marked as "no modify" in the properties

[2007/12/08 9:54] Dewey Jung: so if you give it to someone else, they won't be able to rename it

[2007/12/08 9:54] Dewey Jung: NOR will they be able to save it to their hard disk

[2007/12/08 9:54] Dewey Jung: unless you change the properties before you give it

[2007/12/08 9:54] Dewey Jung: you change properties by right-clicking the texture in the inventory, and choosing properties, and there are check boxes for copy and modify (by subsequent owners)

[2007/12/08 9:55] Dewey Jung: this image shows what the image looks like before it fully rezzes on your screen

[2007/12/08 9:55] Dewey Jung: okay, let me pause a moment

[2007/12/08 9:55] Dewey Jung: am i going too fast?

[2007/12/08 9:56] TeresaMarie Wobbit: no

[2007/12/08 9:56] Jeff Kurka: no

[2007/12/08 9:56] Dewey Jung: i realize a lot of what i'm saying is obvious

[2007/12/08 9:56] Dewey Jung: to some of us

[2007/12/08 9:56] Dewey Jung: but i find it's good to cover everything

[2007/12/08 9:56] Bill Friis: You mentioned saving a texture from inventory to your hard disk. How do you do that?

[2007/12/08 9:56] Dewey Jung: even advanced users miss little things

[2007/12/08 9:56] Misha Writer: when does the workshop finish?

[2007/12/08 9:57] Dewey Jung: if you have a texture in your inventory that you have copy rights to, you can save it to your hard drive

[2007/12/08 9:57] Misha Writer: I have to leave soon

[2007/12/08 9:57] Dewey Jung: you click on the texture in your inventory....

[2007/12/08 9:57] Dewey Jung: and on the file menu, go to "save texture as"

[2007/12/08 9:57] Dewey Jung: misha, the workshop goes another hour

[2007/12/08 9:57] Dewey Jung: but the snapshot part will be done in about 10

[2007/12/08 9:57] Dewey Jung: the second hour is on shopping

[2007/12/08 9:58] Dewey Jung: so, there are HIDDEN menus in sl

[2007/12/08 9:58] Dewey Jung: you see on my screen here, two menu options to the right of the help menu

[2007/12/08 9:58] Bill Friis: Thanks.

[2007/12/08 9:58] Dewey Jung: "client" and "server"

[2007/12/08 9:58] Dewey Jung: the client menu is WAY useful

[2007/12/08 9:58] Dewey Jung: i recommend keeping it available at all times

[2007/12/08 9:59] Dewey Jung: to make it visible, use ctrl-alt-d

[2007/12/08 9:59] TeresaMarie Wobbit: how do you get to it?

[2007/12/08 9:59] mobile chair: Unable to find specified agent to request permissions.

[2007/12/08 9:59] Dewey Jung: or on a mac, cmd-alt-d

[2007/12/08 9:59] Dewey Jung: some pc's require ctrl-alt-shft-d

[2007/12/08 9:59] Dewey Jung: the words "client" and "server" appear to teh right of "help" on your menu bar

[2007/12/08 9:59] Dewey Jung: the client menu has so many useful options

[2007/12/08 10:00] Dewey Jung: for example, under "character" you can "rebake textures" if your clothing doesn't appear correctly

[2007/12/08 10:00] Dewey Jung: but that's another workshop

[2007/12/08 10:00] Dewey Jung: for the purposes of today, i want to draw your attention to....

[2007/12/08 10:00] Dewey Jung: "quiet snapshots to disk"

[2007/12/08 10:00] Dewey Jung: this is awesome

[2007/12/08 10:00] Dewey Jung: if you take a LOT of photos (as i do)

[2007/12/08 10:00] Misha Writer: ctrl-alt-d works on my Mac - cmnd -alt-d toggles the dock

[2007/12/08 10:00] Dewey Jung: you don't want everyone being self-conscious about all your clicking away

[2007/12/08 10:01] Dewey Jung: oh, thanks Misha!

[2007/12/08 10:01] Dewey Jung: i got the Mac keystroke from a website

[2007/12/08 10:01] Dewey Jung: clearly wrong

[2007/12/08 10:01] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2007/12/08 10:01] Dewey Jung: when you normally take a photo, you get the clicking sound AND an animation with your hands

[2007/12/08 10:01] Dewey Jung: like this:

[2007/12/08 10:02] Misha Writer: does Quiet Snapshots work with screenshots using other software?

[2007/12/08 10:02] Zotarah Shepherd smiles: It is polite to ask in most situations if someones image can be used for some purpose you might have.

[2007/12/08 10:02] Dewey Jung: no misha

[2007/12/08 10:02] Dewey Jung: yes zotarah

[2007/12/08 10:02] Misha Writer: ie, other than the SL Snapshot

[2007/12/08 10:02] Dewey Jung: the quiet only works in the sl interface

[2007/12/08 10:02] Bill Friis: The others would be quiety anyway.

[2007/12/08 10:02] Dewey Jung: AND it only works for snapshots saved to disk, not for those that are uploaded or taken with the snapshot panel

[2007/12/08 10:03] Dewey Jung: see, i just did a upload to inventory, and so the anim and sound showed

[2007/12/08 10:03] Dewey Jung: i leave my "quiet snapshots to disk" checked always

[2007/12/08 10:04] Dewey Jung: the other two things i always leave checked on the client menu are:

[2007/12/08 10:04] Dewey Jung: "hi-res Snapshot"

[2007/12/08 10:04] Dewey Jung: and

[2007/12/08 10:04] Dewey Jung: "Disable Camera Constraints"

[2007/12/08 10:05] Dewey Jung: the high-res snapshot allows you to take a HUGELY detailed snapshot

[2007/12/08 10:05] Dewey Jung: i warn you, these are HUGE files

[2007/12/08 10:05] Dewey Jung: my snapshots are 20 megs each, due to my high resolution screen and choosing that option on the client menu

[2007/12/08 10:05] Dewey Jung: but i like to do this in case i want to crop the images later

[2007/12/08 10:05] Dewey Jung: it allows me to crop just a small portion of the snapshot for use as a detail shot

[2007/12/08 10:06] Dewey Jung: the disable camera constraints is amazing

[2007/12/08 10:06] Dewey Jung: i can basically use my camera to see into the next sim

[2007/12/08 10:06] Desdemona Enfield: On Windows, the MS Paint program can be used for cropping.

[2007/12/08 10:06] Dewey Jung: this could be used for all kinds of nefarious purposes

[2007/12/08 10:07] Dewey Jung: or not-so-nefarious ones

[2007/12/08 10:07] Dewey Jung: let me give you an example

[2007/12/08 10:07] Zotarah Shepherd: /smiles: Disable camera constraints is one of my favorite settings.

[2007/12/08 10:07] Dewey Jung: one day, i was taking photos of a friend of mine while she was flying

[2007/12/08 10:07] Dewey Jung: if i didn't have the disable camera constraints, she kept flying out of range

[2007/12/08 10:07] Dewey Jung: i alt-clicked on her

[2007/12/08 10:07] Dewey Jung: (your camera will follow an avatar if you do this)

[2007/12/08 10:08] Dewey Jung: with the constraints disabled, my camera stayed on her as she flew across several sim borders

[2007/12/08 10:08] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2007/12/08 10:08] TeresaMarie Wobbit: then you just alt-click to quit following?

[2007/12/08 10:08] Dewey Jung: well, if you hit escape twice, your view goes back to normal

[2007/12/08 10:09] TeresaMarie Wobbit: o.k. thanks

[2007/12/08 10:09] Dewey Jung: you can also just walk forward

[2007/12/08 10:09] Dewey Jung: that disables your camera view

[2007/12/08 10:09] Dewey Jung: okay, i'm running out of time

[2007/12/08 10:09] Dewey Jung: the notecard covers some more advanced topics

[2007/12/08 10:09] Dewey Jung: bulk uploads

[2007/12/08 10:09] Dewey Jung: odd ways to preview images as you upload them

[2007/12/08 10:10] Dewey Jung: so you can see what a texture would look like as a shirt, for example

[2007/12/08 10:10] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2007/12/08 10:10] Dewey Jung: or as hair

[2007/12/08 10:10] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2007/12/08 10:10] Desdemona Enfield: or a sculptie share, which is usually very exotic.

[2007/12/08 10:10] Desdemona Enfield: shape^

[2007/12/08 10:10] Dewey Jung: okay, one last topic

[2007/12/08 10:11] Dewey Jung: the freeviewer

[2007/12/08 10:11] Dewey Jung: who wants one?

[2007/12/08 10:11] Zotarah Shepherd: Me

[2007/12/08 10:11] TeresaMarie Wobbit: i would, but id on't know what I would do with it yet.

[2007/12/08 10:11] Elaine Tulip: i do

[2007/12/08 10:11] Bronte Alcott: I do

[2007/12/08 10:11] Misha Writer: yes pls

[2007/12/08 10:12] Avigail Lindman: sure

[2007/12/08 10:12] Desdemona Enfield: You can use freeviewer ro make a continuous slideshow of your favorite snapshots.

[2007/12/08 10:12] TeresaMarie Wobbit: thanks!

[2007/12/08 10:12] Avigail Lindman: thx

[2007/12/08 10:12] Dewey Jung: to use the thing, you rez it

[2007/12/08 10:12] Jeff Kurka: I would like a freeviewer

[2007/12/08 10:12] Bronte Alcott: thanks

[2007/12/08 10:12] Misha Writer: can you use it for powerpoint?

[2007/12/08 10:12] Dewey Jung: then you click it and use "edit"

[2007/12/08 10:12] Dewey Jung: then go to the "contents" tab

[2007/12/08 10:12] Dewey Jung: and click and drag your textures onto it

[2007/12/08 10:12] Dewey Jung: misha, you can save ppts as jpgs

[2007/12/08 10:12] Desdemona Enfield: If you convert your PP slide to images, yes.

[2007/12/08 10:12] Dewey Jung: the upload the jpgs

[2007/12/08 10:12] Dewey Jung: then^

[2007/12/08 10:13] Jeff Kurka: thanks

[2007/12/08 10:13] Dewey Jung: anyone else want a freeviewer?

[2007/12/08 10:13] Desdemona Enfield: You will need to use prefix names that determine the order of the image.

[2007/12/08 10:13] Dewey Jung: oh, these are examples of different types of snapshots

[2007/12/08 10:13] Dewey Jung: this is the "depth" mode

[2007/12/08 10:14] Dewey Jung: yes, the images automatically alpha-sort in the contents tab

[2007/12/08 10:14] Dewey Jung: this is the "matte" mode

[2007/12/08 10:14] Dewey Jung: i read on the web that these can be used in advanced image editing

[2007/12/08 10:14] Misha Writer: where do you access the modes?

[2007/12/08 10:14] Dewey Jung: they are on the snapshot panel

[2007/12/08 10:14] TeresaMarie Wobbit: sorry to interupt, but can we share the freeviewer with others?

[2007/12/08 10:14] Dewey Jung: under the "capture" drop down box

[2007/12/08 10:14] Desdemona Enfield: opensource.

[2007/12/08 10:15] TeresaMarie Wobbit: thanks.

[2007/12/08 10:15] Dewey Jung: it's only available if you have "save snapshot to hard drive"

[2007/12/08 10:15] Dewey Jung: you can't do a matte or depth uploading directly to inventory

[2007/12/08 10:15] Dewey Jung: okay

[2007/12/08 10:15] Dewey Jung: final questions?

[2007/12/08 10:15] Zotarah Shepherd: If you get an error message that your snapshot cannot be processed at the moment - just wait and try again.

[2007/12/08 10:15] Dewey Jung: zotarah will take over in a moment and talk about shopping

[2007/12/08 10:16] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes whenever you are ready.

[2007/12/08 10:16] Bronte Alcott: great job, Dewey!

[2007/12/08 10:16] Dewey Jung: i'm gonna invite all of you to the elven group, so you can get annoucnements of future workshops, or join our efforts

[2007/12/08 10:16] Desdemona Enfield brightens visiblly (smiles)

[2007/12/08 10:16] Dewey Jung: we are fully volunteer btw

[2007/12/08 10:16] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2007/12/08 10:16] TeresaMarie Wobbit: sounds like fun.

[2007/12/08 10:16] Dewey Jung: zotarah, it's all yours

[2007/12/08 10:16] Zotarah Shepherd: Because we want to go on a field trip to different places Please join ELVEN

[2007/12/08 10:16] TeresaMarie Wobbit: i haven't figured out how to smile.

[2007/12/08 10:16] Dewey Jung: (desi, what did THAT mean)

[2007/12/08 10:16] Desdemona Enfield: Shopping!

[2007/12/08 10:17] Desdemona Enfield: (humor)

[2007/12/08 10:17] Zotarah Shepherd: Yay

[2007/12/08 10:18] Dewey Jung: did i miss anyone to join elven?

[2007/12/08 10:18] Zotarah Shepherd: I increased my draw distance to take a pic of the sim and reset it back to 64 since I was lagging and screen freezing.

[2007/12/08 10:19] Zotarah Shepherd: Shopping is one of the more fun things to do in SL.

[2007/12/08 10:19] Dewey Jung: draw distance is a setting in

[2007/12/08 10:19] Zotarah Shepherd: But to spend your Lindens wisely it is a good idea to know what is out there.

[2007/12/08 10:20] Zotarah Shepherd: In the begining I spent Lindens on things I could have gotten for free

[2007/12/08 10:20] Zotarah Shepherd: So the first thing to know is that there are MANY freebies out there.

[2007/12/08 10:21] Zotarah Shepherd: A friend of mine collects freebies.

[2007/12/08 10:21] Zotarah Shepherd: I have note cards for you of freebie places and of some of the better places to shop in SL

[2007/12/08 10:22] Zotarah Shepherd: Another thing is you can make some things easily - clothes and furniture etc

[2007/12/08 10:22] Zotarah Shepherd: So one good thing to collect is textures

[2007/12/08 10:23] Zotarah Shepherd: You can get a mountain of those at the Ivory Tower of Prims.

[2007/12/08 10:23] Zotarah Shepherd: And many nice ones at Textures R Us

[2007/12/08 10:24] Zotarah Shepherd: Also to learn about building in SL and get some more free things go to the College of Scripting and Music.

[2007/12/08 10:25] Zotarah Shepherd: Since we just had a lesson in Photos - It is a good idea to save the photos your outfits come with or to take photos of the outfits you make

[2007/12/08 10:26] Zotarah Shepherd: I use that to plan what I will wear.

[2007/12/08 10:26] Zotarah Shepherd: When you shop it is also a good idea to Force your Sun to NOON.

[2007/12/08 10:26] Zotarah Shepherd: You can see colors and details better.

[2007/12/08 10:26] Dewey Jung: world menu

[2007/12/08 10:26] Dewey Jung: force sun

[2007/12/08 10:27] Zotarah Shepherd: Thanks Dewey

[2007/12/08 10:27] Zotarah Shepherd: When you are shopping for freebies remember to not clutter your inventorw - like I did - with things you don't need.

[2007/12/08 10:28] Dewey Jung: "need" is relative in SL

[2007/12/08 10:28] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2007/12/08 10:28] TeresaMarie Wobbit: i'm curious. Like what?

[2007/12/08 10:28] Zotarah Shepherd: I have over 15000 items and it takes forever to download everything.

[2007/12/08 10:28] TeresaMarie Wobbit: Oohhh.

[2007/12/08 10:28] Dewey Jung: that's a LOT

[2007/12/08 10:28] Dewey Jung: i have like 8500

[2007/12/08 10:28] Zotarah Shepherd: Also you can put things in prims and leave them on your land.

[2007/12/08 10:29] Zotarah Shepherd: Hehehe Yes I am a recovering Freebie queen

[2007/12/08 10:29] TeresaMarie Wobbit: Once you have items in your inventory, an you delete them?

[2007/12/08 10:29] Zotarah Shepherd: You can delete them yes.

[2007/12/08 10:29] Dewey Jung: they stay in your trash until you purge it

[2007/12/08 10:30] Blu Heron: don't forget to purge your trash

[2007/12/08 10:30] Blu Heron: :)

[2007/12/08 10:30] Bill Friis: Right click -- Delete.

[2007/12/08 10:30] TeresaMarie Wobbit: good to know. thanks

[2007/12/08 10:30] Zotarah Shepherd: But I have heard stories about deleting too many things at once. LL does not like that because each thing has a number.

[2007/12/08 10:30] Bronte Alcott: Or if they are transfer, you can give them to others or hold a yard sale

[2007/12/08 10:31] Zotarah Shepherd: It is like hitting every garage sale in town and buying lots of junk - why do that?

[2007/12/08 10:31] Zotarah Shepherd: Also sorting your inventory becomes a nightmare

[2007/12/08 10:31] Zotarah Shepherd: Heheh yes

[2007/12/08 10:31] Zotarah Shepherd: Before you go anywhere Look at the SLExchange.

[2007/12/08 10:32] Zotarah Shepherd: Do you know about that?

[2007/12/08 10:32] TeresaMarie Wobbit: No.

[2007/12/08 10:32] Jeff Kurka: no

[2007/12/08 10:32] Misha Writer: do you delete from system trash or is there an SL trash?

[2007/12/08 10:32] Zotarah Shepherd: You can buy things like a catelog online but not have to go to laggy sims

[2007/12/08 10:33] Bill Friis: Open SL inventory -- File -- Empty trash.

[2007/12/08 10:33] Zotarah Shepherd: Not sure what you mean. When you delete something it is not really gone until you purge your trash

[2007/12/08 10:33] TeresaMarie Wobbit: i have yet to spend much time on SL. Is it bad form to stay in the same clothes?

[2007/12/08 10:33] Bronte Alcott: You need to empty your trash

[2007/12/08 10:33] Blu Heron: sl trash

[2007/12/08 10:33] Bronte Alcott: You won't see your inventory number go down until you do

[2007/12/08 10:33] Zotarah Shepherd: You can restore something you deleted from your trash too

[2007/12/08 10:34] Bronte Alcott: items in the trash are still in inventory

[2007/12/08 10:34] Zotarah Shepherd: Right Bronte

[2007/12/08 10:34] Zotarah Shepherd: I have trashed something and said Oh my I still need that!

[2007/12/08 10:34] Zotarah Shepherd: So I just go in and Restore it.

[2007/12/08 10:35] Zotarah Shepherd: When you go shopping you also need to know about Pose stands.

[2007/12/08 10:35] Zotarah Shepherd: It is also good to have one on your land.

[2007/12/08 10:36] Zotarah Shepherd: The pose stands hold your AV still so you can adjust things like hair jewelry clothes.

[2007/12/08 10:37] Zotarah Shepherd: When you look at your AV after dressing take a long view also.

[2007/12/08 10:38] Zotarah Shepherd: So amny AVs I see have hair that looks like bald spots from a distance but when I get closer it looks fine.

[2007/12/08 10:38] Cosette Hugo: How do you do a pose stand?

[2007/12/08 10:38] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes Cosette?

[2007/12/08 10:39] Zotarah Shepherd: First you get one and then you rez it to the ground. many shops have free ones with the clothes you buy

[2007/12/08 10:40] Zotarah Shepherd: I am just going on here. Are there any questions before we move on?

[2007/12/08 10:41] Zotarah Shepherd: What are good things to buy first to start your wardrobe?

[2007/12/08 10:41] Zotarah Shepherd: Well as in RL life start with basics.

[2007/12/08 10:41] Dewey Jung: underwear

[2007/12/08 10:41] Dewey Jung: socks

[2007/12/08 10:41] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2007/12/08 10:41] Zotarah Shepherd: Your skin, shape eyes hair

[2007/12/08 10:42] Bill Friis: hats.

[2007/12/08 10:42] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes It is always good to wear underware even if no one sees them

[2007/12/08 10:42] Zotarah Shepherd: Anyone know why?

[2007/12/08 10:42] Dewey Jung: you might be in an accident and have to go to the hospital

[2007/12/08 10:42] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2007/12/08 10:42] Bill Friis: hehe

[2007/12/08 10:42] Zotarah Shepherd: Hahahaa

[2007/12/08 10:42] Dewey Jung: what will the doctors say?

[2007/12/08 10:43] Zotarah Shepherd: Well if you have on underware you will not have to worry when changing clothes.

[2007/12/08 10:43] Zotarah Shepherd: Most places are not private in SL

[2007/12/08 10:43] Bill Friis: Also, some are sneaky with their cameras.

[2007/12/08 10:44] Zotarah Shepherd: If you have a high skybox and a AV detector or your minimap is on you are pretty safe.

[2007/12/08 10:44] Dewey Jung: (i just changed the music, sorry for that if you are listening)

[2007/12/08 10:44] Zotarah Shepherd: Also it is good to have an animation override for your walk

[2007/12/08 10:45] Misha Writer: looks good but what is it?

[2007/12/08 10:45] Zotarah Shepherd: Find a walk you like. I can give you LMs for a shop where you can try out different walks.

[2007/12/08 10:45] Bronte Alcott: say a little more, Zotarah about AOs

[2007/12/08 10:46] Dewey Jung: AO = animation overrider

[2007/12/08 10:46] Zotarah Shepherd: Ok you can Search for places that sell AOs

[2007/12/08 10:46] Zotarah Shepherd: Thanks

[2007/12/08 10:46] Dewey Jung: it overrides the default walk, sit, jump, fly, etc.

[2007/12/08 10:46] Bronte Alcott: you can also get free ones

[2007/12/08 10:46] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes

[2007/12/08 10:46] Zotarah Shepherd: There are some walks in your library too

[2007/12/08 10:47] Zotarah Shepherd: Also I could be using gestures instead of typing

[2007/12/08 10:47] Zotarah Shepherd: Instead I silenced typing and Animations

[2007/12/08 10:47] Bill Friis still likes noisy typing.

[2007/12/08 10:48] Zotarah Shepherd: The place I like best for walks is in Aqua

[2007/12/08 10:48] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes you don't know if I am typing or if my screen froze

[2007/12/08 10:48] Zotarah Shepherd: Some of my friends have commented on this.

[2007/12/08 10:50] Zotarah Shepherd: To disable typing if you want to - Client>Debug Settings> see the list and choose PlayTyping Anim and then choose False.

[2007/12/08 10:51] Zotarah Shepherd: To know about shoping you can read the Style magazines available at amny places in SL - they are free

[2007/12/08 10:52] Bronte Alcott: will provide you with a compendium of all of the many fashion blogs, including several devoted exclusively to free items

[2007/12/08 10:52] Zotarah Shepherd: Fro good quality clothes look for clean edges, good detail and unique or hand drawn textures

[2007/12/08 10:52] Zotarah Shepherd: Thanks Bronte *smiles*

[2007/12/08 10:53] Zotarah Shepherd: Oh BTW to silence typing if you are in a meeting put a slash before you type /

[2007/12/08 10:53] Bronte Alcott: listings of sales with the slurls (sl map coodinates) are often listed

[2007/12/08 10:54] Zotarah Shepherd: And to tell about your actions put a slash /me

[2007/12/08 10:54] Zotarah Shepherd smiles and waves to

[2007/12/08 10:54] Bill Friis looks at his watch.

[2007/12/08 10:54] Zotarah Shepherd: Oh my yes

[2007/12/08 10:54] Zotarah Shepherd: Would you like to go shopping now?

[2007/12/08 10:54] Bill Friis: Yes.

[2007/12/08 10:54] Cosette Hugo: Sure

[2007/12/08 10:55] Blu Heron: :)))!!!

[2007/12/08 10:55] TeresaMarie Wobbit: sure, for free stuff. :)

[2007/12/08 10:55] Zotarah Shepherd: You want to look like an experienced AV not a new one. If you have an early date and see a nice looking AV it is probably an ALt

[2007/12/08 10:56] Bronte Alcott: that isn't quite clear

[2007/12/08 10:56] Zotarah Shepherd: Ok I will take you to some free places first then

[2007/12/08 10:56] Misha Writer: sorry - have to leave now - and I've been in SL 10 months and spent just L$1 !!

[2007/12/08 10:56] Zotarah Shepherd: What isn't clear?

[2007/12/08 10:56] Desdemona Enfield also wonder what Zotarah meant... Dating your own alt?

[2007/12/08 10:56] Zotarah Shepherd: Wow Misha great!

[2007/12/08 10:56] Bronte Alcott: early date, nice looking AV, prolly and alt

[2007/12/08 10:57] Bill Friis: There is a word for that, Des.

[2007/12/08 10:57] Zotarah Shepherd: Right Bronte

[2007/12/08 10:57] Dewey Jung: lol she means the born date

[2007/12/08 10:57] Misha Writer: will a transcript be available afterwards?

[2007/12/08 10:57] Dewey Jung: yes, misha

[2007/12/08 10:57] Dewey Jung: on my blog

[2007/12/08 10:57] Dewey Jung:

[2007/12/08 10:57] Desdemona Enfield: Here I thought you meant a date in the afternoon.

[2007/12/08 10:57] Zotarah Shepherd: Your rez date shows on your profile

[2007/12/08 10:57] Zotarah Shepherd: Hehehe

[2007/12/08 10:57] Misha Writer: tx & bye all

[2007/12/08 10:57] Bronte Alcott: I know

[2007/12/08 10:57] TeresaMarie Wobbit: Bye1

[2007/12/08 10:57] Desdemona Enfield: bye Misha

[2007/12/08 10:57] Bill Friis: Adios, Misha

[2007/12/08 10:57] Bronte Alcott: but does everyone here understand what an alt is?

[2007/12/08 10:57] mobile chair: Unable to find specified agent to request permissions.

[2007/12/08 10:57] Cosette Hugo: NO

[2007/12/08 10:57] TeresaMarie Wobbit: no

[2007/12/08 10:58] Bill Friis: Alternate avatar.

[2007/12/08 10:58] Desdemona Enfield: You can have more than one SL identity.

[2007/12/08 10:58] Bronte Alcott: and why a well dressed av with a recent rez date is probably an alt

[2007/12/08 10:58] Zotarah Shepherd: You can make a copy of the chat log Ctrl a then Ctrl C then paste it to a notecard or in word.

[2007/12/08 10:58] Bill Friis: Born yesterday, but knows how to shop.

[2007/12/08 10:58] Zotarah Shepherd: I sometimes crash when I TP

[2007/12/08 10:58] Bronte Alcott: right

[2007/12/08 10:58] Bronte Alcott: an alternate avatar

[2007/12/08 10:59] Bronte Alcott: created by an experienced sl user

[2007/12/08 10:59] Zotarah Shepherd: LL does not like Alts but you need one if say you are going to the teen grid

[2007/12/08 10:59] Bronte Alcott: who knows where all of the good items are

[2007/12/08 10:59] Desdemona Enfield: to mess around.

[2007/12/08 10:59] Zotarah Shepherd: First let me give you my notecard if you did not get one in the last workshop

[2007/12/08 11:00] Bronte Alcott: I could use a notecard, Zotarah

[2007/12/08 11:01] FreeView Flatscreen TV: Help documentation is available at:

[2007/12/08 11:01] Bronte Alcott: thanks

[2007/12/08 11:01] Zotarah Shepherd: Got it ?

[2007/12/08 11:01] Bill Friis: Yes

[2007/12/08 11:01] Zotarah Shepherd: Does everyone have one?

[2007/12/08 11:01] TeresaMarie Wobbit: yes. Thank you.

[2007/12/08 11:01] Jeff Kurka: yes

[2007/12/08 11:01] Cosette Hugo: yes

[2007/12/08 11:01] DocL Brandenburg: yes

[2007/12/08 11:01] Zotarah Shepherd: One note Freebie places can be laggy so set your preferences as low as possible.

[2007/12/08 11:02] Zotarah Shepherd: Good anyone not get one?

[2007/12/08 11:02] Jeff Kurka: what do you mean by that Zotarah?

[2007/12/08 11:02] Zotarah Shepherd: Be sure you have a good place to call home if you lag or freeze to much

[2007/12/08 11:03] TeresaMarie Wobbit: I have to leave. Thanks for the workshop. I've learned lots.

[2007/12/08 11:03] Bronte Alcott: BTW, there are a lot of sales going on now, advent events with free gifts each day

[2007/12/08 11:03] Blu Heron: Zotarah, I know you are focusing your presentation on shopping for clothes, but if anyone wants to shop for quality household items....

[2007/12/08 11:03] Zotarah Shepherd: oh do you h=know how to unpack boxes?

[2007/12/08 11:03] Bronte Alcott: lots of free things in advance of the holidays

[2007/12/08 11:03] Bill Friis: I also must go. Clock insists. Much thanks. Adios.

[2007/12/08 11:03] Blu Heron: this is my favorite place...

[2007/12/08 11:03] Zotarah Shepherd: Ok Bill

[2007/12/08 11:03] Bronte Alcott: bye, Bill

[2007/12/08 11:04] Blu Heron: FURNITURE @Del Sol Open Market , Del Sol (117, 195, 29)

[2007/12/08 11:04] Zotarah Shepherd: Thanks

[2007/12/08 11:04] Bronte Alcott: great place, Ble

[2007/12/08 11:04] Bronte Alcott: Blu

[2007/12/08 11:04] Zotarah Shepherd: Sazbos is a quality place for furniture but very very primmy

[2007/12/08 11:05] Zotarah Shepherd: You don't want to use up all your prims on your land or rental place

[2007/12/08 11:06] Desdemona Enfield: Your land, if you have it, has a limit to the mumber of primitive shapes it can contain. Some furniture consists of many primitive shapes.

[2007/12/08 11:06] Jeff Kurka: does this affect how many people can be on your land?

[2007/12/08 11:06] Blu Heron: very true Des

[2007/12/08 11:06] Dewey Jung: av's aren't prims

[2007/12/08 11:06] Blu Heron: I quickly learned that...

[2007/12/08 11:07] Desdemona Enfield: Small land parcels have allocations in the 100s of prims. So a chair made of 100 prims is expensive in terms of allocation.

[2007/12/08 11:07] Dewey Jung: but there are limits to av's too

[2007/12/08 11:07] Blu Heron: and had to rent a larger place with more prims ;)

[2007/12/08 11:07] Desdemona Enfield: No, peopel wandering on all allowed to go over the limit.

[2007/12/08 11:07] Zotarah Shepherd: The more prims you have on your land the more lag you will have usually

[2007/12/08 11:07] Desdemona Enfield: are allowed^

[2007/12/08 11:07] Zotarah Shepherd: There is a lag meter in help

[2007/12/08 11:08] Zotarah Shepherd: Do you all know how to use the landmarks in the Notecard?

[2007/12/08 11:08] Desdemona Enfield: Prim based lag is an region wide effect. It is unlikely that the prims on a small parcel would be a problem themselves.

[2007/12/08 11:08] Cosette Hugo: yes

[2007/12/08 11:09] Zotarah Shepherd: There is more information about lag at the College of Scripting

[2007/12/08 11:09] Desdemona Enfield: Bear in mind that the term 'lag' means many different types of effects. So reading about lag can be confusing.

[2007/12/08 11:09] Dewey Jung: ( i didn't know about the lag meter: :0))

[2007/12/08 11:10] Desdemona Enfield: (it is quite new)

[2007/12/08 11:10] Desdemona Enfield: The lag meter even makes recommendations for reducing lag.

[2007/12/08 11:10] Zotarah Shepherd: I know it is after 11 those who want to go to the freebie places - please open to the freebies part in my shopping landmarks card.

[2007/12/08 11:10] Blu Heron: I miss the packet loss and bandwidth indicators that we used to have

[2007/12/08 11:10] Desdemona Enfield: I miss them too.

[2007/12/08 11:11] Zotarah Shepherd: You can still see those Blu

[2007/12/08 11:11] Desdemona Enfield has to log back into RL.

[2007/12/08 11:11] Blu Heron: where do I see them?

[2007/12/08 11:11] Zotarah Shepherd: What's RL hehehe

[2007/12/08 11:11] Desdemona Enfield: Thank you Zotorah.. thank you Dewey.

[2007/12/08 11:11] Desdemona Enfield: My dream world.

[2007/12/08 11:11] Dewey Jung: bye des!

[2007/12/08 11:12] Bronte Alcott: Thanks, Zotarah

[2007/12/08 11:12] Desdemona Enfield: very good presentations, by the way.

[2007/12/08 11:12] Bronte Alcott: Thanks, Des

[2007/12/08 11:12] Zotarah Shepherd smiles

[2007/12/08 11:13] Zotarah Shepherd: Would you like to go to a freebie place now or on your own?

[2007/12/08 11:13] Blu Heron: I'm going to have to leave, too...thanks everyone...and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

[2007/12/08 11:13] Dewey Jung: zotarah, i'm gonna bow out of the freebie field trip

[2007/12/08 11:13] Zotarah Shepherd: I can also take you to Aqua for AOs

[2007/12/08 11:13] Zotarah Shepherd: Ok Dewey Thank you

[2007/12/08 11:13] DocL Brandenburg: aos sounds good

[2007/12/08 11:14] Zotarah Shepherd: We will let you know when our next workshop will be

[2007/12/08 11:15] Zotarah Shepherd: If you want to go to the AO place say yes if you want to fo to the Freebie place say Free

[2007/12/08 11:16] DocL Brandenburg: yes

[2007/12/08 11:16] Avigail Lindman: i'm gonna pass today Zotarah

[2007/12/08 11:17] Zotarah Shepherd: Ok Avigail

[2007/12/08 11:17] Zotarah Shepherd: Anyone who would like help feel free to IM me

[2007/12/08 11:18] Dewey Jung: okay, i need to head out

[2007/12/08 11:18] Dewey Jung: thanks zotarah!

[2007/12/08 11:18] Dewey Jung: and thank you docl and jeff for coming!

[2007/12/08 11:18] Avigail Lindman: Dewey, Zothara thanks for the info

[2007/12/08 11:18] Zotarah Shepherd: You're welcome Dewey

[2007/12/08 11:18] Bronte Alcott: thanks and happy holidays everyone

[2007/12/08 11:18] Zotarah Shepherd: You're welcome Avigail

[2007/12/08 11:18] Avigail Lindman: bye everyone

[2007/12/08 11:18] Zotarah Shepherd: Happy holidays

here's the notecard I distributed for the workshop:

SL SNapSHots,
How to take pictures in Second LIfe
by Dewey Jung 12-8-07



A. What to do with snapshots?
--capture memories
--create textures for prims
--create slideshows

B. The Snapshot Panel (Snapshot button at bottom of screen or Ctrl-Shft-S (on a Mac: Cmd-Shft-S)
--can set to automatically take a snapshot with current settings
--can set to include interface

C. Postcard
--sends a snapshot to an email address with an invitation to join SL and a SLURL to current position

D. Snapshots to disk (Ctrl-` (upper left of keyboard; on a Mac: Cmd-`)
--storing and naming your snapshots
--files are saved as bitmaps (.bmp)
--can be uploaded (see below)

E. Snapshots to Inventory (L$10)
--skips step of saving to hard drive; doesn't give you a copy on your disk
--automatically names your snapshot with the location you took it
--puts snapshot into folder called "Photo Album"

F. Uploading textures from disk to inventory (L$10):
--File memnu, or Ctrl-U (on a Mac: Cmd-U)
--gives you opportunity to name and describe
--puts into Texture folder
--to see after it uploads, go to "recent items" in your inventory

G. Freeze Frame (snapshot preview)
--on Snapshot panel
--lets you see what you've taken before you upload or save to disk

H. Better use of your camera
--Disabling constraints
--Alt-click to zoom on a spot
--Alt-ctrl-click (on a Mac: alt-cmd-click) to rotate around a spot
--Alt-ctrl-shift-click (on a Mac: alt-cmd-shift-click) to pan relative to a spot
--Ctrl-8 and Ctrl-0 (on a Mac: Cmd-8 and Cmd-0) zoom in and out
--Ctrl-9 (on a Mac: Cmd-9) zoom to normal.

I. Turning off the shutter sound on snapshot to disk
--Show client menu (Ctrl-Alt-D or if it doesn't work add a Shft; on a Mac: Opt-Ctrl-D); this is useful for other settings as well
--Click (put X by) Quiet Snapshots to Disk

J. High-Resolution snapshots
--Client menu, Click Hi-Res Snapshot (this results in HUGE files, useful for cropping)

K. Compressing snapshots
--on Client menu, can also "Compress Snapshots to Disk" which produces a *.j2c (JPEG 2000 compression) file, 1/10th the size

L. Bulk upload
--allows you to upload a series of snapshots all at once
--does not let you rename (although you can do that later by right-clicking on image in texture folder and choosing rename)

M. Previewing in odd ways
--when uploading from disk, can see what texture will look like as various items

N. Using a Freeview
--an image and video viewer
--allows you to share multiple images (or streamed video) with an audience
--to load snapshots, you "edit" the "contents" of the freeview and drag your images into the contents
--images are ordered "alphabetically"

O. Alternative palettes
--on Snapshot panel, for snapshot to disk, you can choose "color, "depth" or "matte" (see this for more:

Some useful URLs:

Second LIfe Wiki:
Advance Video Tutorial on Snapshots:
How to send a postcard: