Monday, July 23, 2007

Developing doubts about Second Life

"Sitting in a virtual lecture hall is hardly revolutionary, even if you do it wearing wings or a cat costume....

"For K-12 educators especially, Second Life constrains any educator/student relationship because of the age regulations....

"Some people are going to be taken with the fun of flying around or visiting virtual museums, but many more are going to be put off by the “bleeding edge” aspect of constant freezes, crashes, high bandwidth demands, and the difficulty of simply moving your avatar around....

"Second Life is primarily a platform for adults to explore their sexual identity." - Sylvia Martinez on Generation YES Blog

"I would only add that the real pedagogical potential that I sense is in the ability to build, navigate, and manipulate simulations." (Howard Rheingold, in response to the above blog post.)

My comment:

This post hits home with me, especially since I have been once of those who has been trumpeting the potentially revolutionary nature of SL. It is definitely true that the main advantage of SL for educators is the collegiality, and overcoming a sense of isolation. I also “second” the point that for ANYone to rediscover the fun of learning is potentially transformative (for them, if not for the larger system).

I will just add that there are people working on the age separation issue (through one of the ELVEN Institute’s working groups, contact me–Dewey Jung–in SL for details), but the obstacles to turning SL into a true educational environment (where learning rather than sexual identity is the primary outcome) are enormous.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dedicating ELVEN

Last night, in grand style, the ELVEN Institute campus was dedicated. Dewey Jung and Puglet Dancer and a small committee (Bronte Alcott, Pia Klarr, Bill Friis, and
Desdemona Enfield) have been preparing for weeks, inviting lots of preK-12 educators and librarians, and their friends. Bill prepared a notecard with suggested "elven" semi-formal attire. Bronte and Pia planned and set out some food and drink. Dewey set up a dance floor, laser lighting (green, of course), a dance machine, and transfered a bunch of dance balls from his castle. Desdemona built a rail around the ELVEN roof
(so Puglet wouldn't fall off). Puglet and Dewey prepared speeches. And Dewey created the beuatiful plaque at the top of this blog post, to be affixed to the front of the ELVEN building.

A little before 6 pm SLT, folks began to gather on the ELVEN roof. The guest list at the end of this post shows more or less the order of everyone's arrival. (Dewey wasn't first, but he doesn't know who arrived in what order before he got there. Desdemona had set up some of her special chairs, and a podium. Bronte had made signs describing ELVEN and its mission, and Dewey had prepared a Freeview with a photo of ELVEN and the dedication plaque.

Around 6:30, people began IMing Dewey and others that they could not get into CYbrary City, where ELVEN is located, because the "sim" was full. Fortunately, Lorelei Junot, the director of innovation for Alliance Library Systems, and the person who runs the INformation Archipelago, and a member of the ELVEN Board of Directors, was present, and after a request from Dewwy, she increased the sim limit to 60 from 40. About 45 people gathered for the start of the formal ceremonies.

Puglet spoke first, talking about the history of ELVEN and thanking those responsible for the origins of the Institute. She kept her remarks brief, aware that Dewey was likely to speak at much greater length, and not wanting to impinge too far on the patience of the assembled crowd. She then introduced Dewey.

Dewey also thanked Puglet and Lorelie, and the assembled guests, as well as Bronte and Pia, and emphasized Desdemona's key role in building the ELVEN campus. He described the major partners in the ELVEN, which are National-Louis University in Chicago and the Alliance Library System in Western Illinois, and spelled out the ELVEN mission. His remarks were interspersed with banter with the crowd, making the speech, if somewhat longer than Puglet's, somewhat more fun.

(Dewey sat "on" the podium, by mistake, but decided to stay there for his speech, calling it his "throne." The assembled crowd agreed that Dewey looked more like the ELVEN king than a mere director. (A portion of the transcript of the event is included below, encompassing the formal speeches of Puget and Dewey.)

Following the unveiling of the plaque, Dewey switched the music to a more festive beat, and the party began. Celebrants continued a fine banter, about their clothing, the fine setting, staffs, rods, and pockets, and without question a good time was had by all. During the dancing, about 30 additional people showed up, each staying for as short or as long as they liked. Dancing continued until after 10 pm SLT, an event duration of more than 4 hours.

Additional pictures of the dancing are available on Flickr, at

Transcript of the formal part of the occasion

Dewey Jung why doesn't everyone take a seat
Desdemona Enfield: to the east is a dance fllor.
Knowclue Kidd: too bad
Knowclue Kidd: okay
Dewey Jung we have a little formal ceremony we'd like to gdo
MaryLee Sewell: Whoa Blu--you look dashing!
Bill Friis: Dewey, is this a party or a lecture?
Dewey Jung do
Puglet Dancer: Hi katrina
Dewey Jung welcome victoria bury!
Dewey Jung hey kat!
Victoria Bury: Hello
Dewey Jung welcome
Dewey Jung please, take a seat everyone
Vickster Volare: pleased to be here dewey...
Dewey Jung don't you push me, pugwah
Puglet Dancer: lol
Rebecca Hynes: Leyali lets see if we can find a seat

Bill Friis: hehe
Zam Boyle: sorry Katrina (lag)
Puglet Dancer: can'tget on podium
Puglet Dancer: grrrr
Dewey Jung pug
Leyali Bode: Ok
Dewey Jung right-click on it
Dewey Jung choose sit here
Zam Boyle: no voice chat: sounds strange now :)
Dewey Jung welcome zam
Zam Boyle: ty Dewey Jung :)
Gwynna Cleanslate: Is there usually voice chat?
Dewey Jung not on this sim, i don't think
Dewey Jung but it's a'comin!
Bill Friis: Not yet.
Dewey Jung welcome hannah
Dewey Jung welcome isabellaG
You cannot currently invite anyone to your location because the region is full. Try again later.
Dewey Jung lol the region is "full"
Dewey Jung just tried to TP someone
Dewey Jung they can't get in

You cannot currently invite anyone to your location because the region is full. Try again later.
Bill Friis: We need an overflow.
MaryLee Sewell: Tell them to fly in:)
Bill Friis: Won't work.
Bentley Noel: there is an empty seat up here someone!
Puglet Dancer: omg
Puglet Dancer: full
Puglet Dancer: love it
Gwynna Cleanslate: Boy I wish I could have had a sim like this when I was teaching poetry on AOL
Dewey Jung sim has 40 people
IsabellaG Despres: hi
Dewey Jung seems like a conservative "full" number
Bill Friis: These educators love a party.
Puglet Dancer: see lots more ppl coming on
MaryLee Sewell: Don't get to dress up very often
IsabellaG Despres: hi
Dewey Jung lorelei, can we increase the number of people allowed on the sim?
Jojash McMillan: Hi Isabella, you made it :)
IsabellaG Despres: hi jojsh
Lor Fredriksson: I think the sim is full
Lor Fredriksson: can't TP someone here
Gwynna Cleanslate: I never knew sims could be full.
Gwynna Cleanslate: I'm learning a lot already!

LillyoftheSea Starr: Can you TP Macs?
Blu Heron: 40 is about the limit...
Bill Friis: Limits are usually 40 or 70.
Dewey Jung no one leave, please, just to make room for some other bloke
Lyr Lobo: you can if you have control of the Estate menu, Dewey
Desdemona Enfield: Meeting are often held on the corners of 4 sims to get around sim limits.
Blu Heron: but i've heard some sims have had up to 100
Dewey Jung early bird gets the worm
Bill Friis: Yup. Macs TP fine.
Blu Heron: don't know how they did it
Dewey Jung you can tp in with a mac
Dewey Jung but not a pc?
Zotarah Shepherd: It looks like about 5 people are on the sim but not at this event
LillyoftheSea Starr: Oh there you are! I tried to TP you but you're still not on my friends list!
Dewey Jung zotarah, go ask them to leave or come party
Desdemona Enfield: Send people with guns (joke)
Dewey Jung lol des
Puglet Dancer: lol des
Bill Friis: NO, No. Macs and PCs TP the same.
Gwynna Cleanslate: Hmm .. that gun guy was here earlier ..
Shadow Fugazi: send lawyers, guns and money
Dewey Jung figured that bill
Dewey Jung was a little suriprsed

Etdoc Sungsoo: wow there are a lot of people here
Lorelei Junot: ok I have raised the prim limit from 40 to 60
Bill Friis: Usually OK. But not into this crowd.
Dewey Jung oh yeah, that guy with the watermelon gun
Lorelei Junot: they should be able to get here now
Dewey Jung i banned him
Macsmom Alcott: HEY
Lyr Lobo: if you visit the World menu option and the Region/Estate menu, it is set to 40.0 right now... you can increase it up to 100, but if you exceed 57 or so, better not have many scripted items... at 100, people have a hard time moving on a decoratd sim
Gwynna Cleanslate: Good idea
Desdemona Enfield has a bra gun.
Puglet Dancer: thanks Lorelei
Macsmom Alcott: You look nice Kristy
Dewey Jung loreliei, thanks!
Dewey Jung we don't need prims, thuogh, we need people
Dewey Jung :-)
Lyr Lobo grins at LOrelei
Lyr Lobo: it is good to be the Queen *winks*
Shadow Fugazi: should we remove our scripted parts?
Bill Friis: Desdemona!
Lor Fredriksson: oops
Bentley Noel: this is quite popular tonite

Lor Fredriksson: looking good
Lor Fredriksson: where's krisy?
Zam Boyle: for enabling the voice chat you have to have the first look client for voice chat
Bentley Noel: hey doc!
Lyr Lobo: I'll furl my wings and put up someof the dragonets *smiles*
Dewey Jung welcome, etdoc!
Knowclue Kidd: can we voice chat on this sim with the client?
Jill Noel: nah, there you are
Gwynna Cleanslate: I can go wingless and barefoot .. does that help?
Bill Friis: No.
Bentley Noel: seat still available by me
Gwynna Cleanslate: (I have no idea what scripted means)
Desdemona Enfield: The killers are animation overriders.
Bill Friis: That was no to both questions.
Dewey Jung welcome, jill
Jill Noel: thanks dewey
Bill Friis: Scripted objects do interesting things.
Lyr Lobo smiles at Bill
Dewey Jung i just removed my AO
Lorelei Junot: voice is being enabled on all the islands over the next few weeks
Zam Boyle: Hoooo!
Puglet Dancer: me too
Jill Noel: yes zam
Jill Noel: Hoooo!

Puglet Dancer: no more ao
Desdemona Enfield: If scripting is an issue, people might consider switchingoff their animation overriders.
Knowclue Kidd: awesome
Jill Noel: Hoooo!
Dewey Jung okay, all, please turn off your AOs
Dewey Jung it will decrease LAG
Dewey Jung and make us all look more like newbies
Gwynna Cleanslate: What are AO?
Puglet Dancer: lol
Puglet Dancer: that's true
Brae Flanagan: whats an AO and how?
Dewey Jung okay, everyone, please have a seat
Bill Friis: I got no AO.
Dewey Jung if you don't know what AO is, you don't have one
Dewey Jung "animation overrider"
Dewey Jung there are plenty of seats up front
Brae Flanagan: ok
Bill Friis: Makes you move like a cool kid.
Puglet Dancer: It is my sincere pleasure to welcome all of you to the dedication of the ELVEN Institute and to get this party started.
Dewey Jung oh, i guess puglet is starting

Bill Friis: Huzzah!
Puglet Dancer: yep
Farley Scarborough claps
Gwynna Cleanslate: /applause
Dewey Jung i'll shut up then
Desdemona Enfield claps
Brae Flanagan clapping
Puglet Dancer: i think it's about time
Jill Noel: claps
Puglet Dancer: and please do Dewey
Puglet Dancer: lol
Jill Noel: /bling off
Dewey Jung yes, let's begin
Puglet Dancer: First off, I am Puglet Dancer, chair of the ELVEN Institute Board of Advisors. In real life, I am Barbara Galik, Executive Director of Bradley UniversityĆ¢€™s Cullom-Davis Library and President of the Alliance Library System Board of Directors.
Susan Lightfoot is Offline
Bill Friis: Alliance Library System, cultural center of the future.
Puglet Dancer: We will hold speeches to a minimum and since we all know Dewey can be a bit long winded, I'll be very brief
Dewey Jung pffft!
Gwynna Cleanslate: /chortle
Bill Friis: hehe
Puglet Dancer: tee hee
Farley Scarborough grins

Brae Flanagan: lol
Puglet Dancer: I want to thank everybody who has been involved in this project but especially Dewey Jung for his dedication, Lorelei Junot for her support, and Desdemona Enfield for this fabulous building and campus she designed and built.
Gwynna Cleanslate: Huzzah
Desdemona Enfield is Offline
mobile chair: Unable to find specified agent to request permissions.
Puglet Dancer: We would not be here today if it were not for these critical players.
Dewey Jung critical, yes, we are
Dewey Jung :-)
Puglet Dancer: I also want to thank the Board of the ELVEN Institute for their diligent and hard work and for the hours spent in meetings and on committees.
Puglet Dancer: I am delighted Lorelei could join us tonight and want to redcotgnize her for all of her assistance
Dewey Jung yay lorelei!
Lorelei Junot: thanks. I think it is a terrific organization :)
Puglet Dancer: I'd also like to recognize the board members and the members of the ELVEN pre-K - 12 Working group who have joined us tonight
Dewey Jung YAY DES!
Dewey Jung Applause!!
Puglet Dancer: Bronte Alcott
mobile chair: Unable to find specified agent to request permissions.

Dewey Jung chat lag
Dewey Jung :-)
Puglet Dancer: Brae Flanagan
Puglet Dancer: Blu Heron
Puglet Dancer: Knowclue Kidd
Puglet Dancer: ZotarahShepherd
Bill Friis: Chat Lag is on the board?
mobile chair: Unable to find specified agent to request permissions.
Puglet Dancer: Bill Friis
Dewey Jung lol Bill!
Desdemona Enfield: She shows up al all the parties.
Puglet Dancer: Desdemona Enfield
Puglet Dancer: Macsmommm Alcott
Lovely Encore is Online
Puglet Dancer: MaryLee Sewell
Puglet Dancer: hmmmm
Puglet Dancer: anybody else out there???
Dewey Jung kristy is on the working group
Dewey Jung lyr is on the board
Puglet Dancer: oops
Puglet Dancer: Lyr lobo
Lyr Lobo smiles
Puglet Dancer: Kristy
mobile chair: Unable to find specified agent to request permissions.
Puglet Dancer: Pia Klaar
Puglet Dancer: Kathy Dryburgh
Dewey Jung hell, everyone is here
Dewey Jung :-)

Puglet Dancer: i hope i got everybody who i shere
Puglet Dancer: and now
Dewey Jung everyone who is here, is here
Puglet Dancer: without futher ado
Puglet Dancer: i'd like to introduce
Puglet Dancer: Dewey Jung, Director of the ELVEN Institue
Puglet Dancer: and king elf
Brae Flanagan clapping
Enchanting Martini: claps
Gwynna Cleanslate: applause
Desdemona Enfield whistles.
Rebecca Hynes: clapping
Gwynna Cleanslate: /clap
Dewey Jung lol
Bentley Noel: : )
Lyr Lobo grins
Dewey Jung "sit here" it said
Dewey Jung so i did
Lavender737 DeCuir: :)
Puglet Dancer: lol
Dewey Jung this is perfect
Bill Friis: Good man.
Dewey Jung a throne for the king
Dewey Jung :-)

Desdemona Enfield: We bow before the king.
Bill Friis: hehe
Dewey Jung des, watch yourself
Dewey Jung lovely, thanks for coming
Dewey Jung okay, i need to get this speak easy thing going
Lovely Encore: Thank you for inviting me! :)
Dewey Jung if i can
Dewey Jung it will keep me less long winded
Lovely Encore: so sorry jedda
Puglet Dancer: good luck
Puglet Dancer: lol
Dewey Jung since i know none of you want to hear me extemporize
Dewey Jung: Thank you, Puglet. And thank you all for coming to this special occasion:
Dewey Jung is it coming in green for y'all?
Gwynna Cleanslate: It is
Bill Friis: Yup.
Puglet Dancer: yep
Dewey Jung perfect
Macsmom Alcott: It WAS
Dewey Jung green for elven
Bill Friis: Appropriate.
MaryLee Sewell: Yes
Dewey Jung: The dedication of the ELVEN Institute campus!
Dewey Jung: I'm Dewey Jung, director of the ELVEN Institute. In real life, I'm Craig Cunningham, associate professor of technology in education at National-Louis University in Chicago.
Dewey Jung welcome een
Dewey Jung see, i can talk during my own speech
Dewey Jung this is perfect
Dewey Jung i can comment on myself
Bill Friis: No!
Puglet Dancer: geezzzz
Dewey Jung bill, mind!
Puglet Dancer: we have dewey stereo
Dewey Jung i'm the king
Dewey Jung: I will keep my remarks brief so we can get to the real activity of the night.....PARTY!
Desdemona Enfield: It's good to be king, too.
Dewey Jung well, that canned dewey,he'll be brief
Dewey Jung: ELVEN arose from several conversations among Lorelei Junot of the Alliance Library System, Puglet Dancer of Bradley University, and myself.
Bill Friis: I like the green text better.
Puglet Dancer: better to be queen

Dewey Jung pug, you are my queen, tonight
Puglet Dancer: yeah the green text is much better
Dewey Jung een, come on down
Puglet Dancer: awwww
Dewey Jung you are making me nervous
Puglet Dancer: 'thanks dewey
Desdemona Enfield: We can isnore all but the green. Great Idea.
Dewey Jung des, pfft!
Puglet Dancer: yeah
Dewey Jung ignore at your peril, subjects!
Dewey Jung: We were talking about the lack of groups interested in, or dedicated to, the needs of prek-12 educators and librarians.
Puglet Dancer: good thing Des
Dewey Jung really, loreilei and puglet and i talk about these thigns
Dewey Jung: National-Louis University (NLU) works closely with the Chicago Public Schools and with teachers and school librarians throughout the Chicagoland region.
Dewey Jung: We've recently resurrected our dormant prorgram in school librarianship.
mobile chair: Unable to find specified agent to request permissions.
Bill Friis: Good for you.
Dewey Jung thinks, damn, typo
BrianA Corleone is Offline
Dewey Jung: The Alliance LIbrary System (ALS) includes a number of school libraries throughout its region in Western Illinois.
Dewey Jung: When Cybrary City II was in the planning stages, Lorelei asked me if I would like to rent part of the island for the work I do with teachers.
Dewey Jung welcome yuu
Dewey Jung welcome zandy
Dewey Jung: Soon, it became clear that we shared a mission of working with school librarians, and that an institute that would help school librarians and other educators would serve both the ALS and the NLU missions.
Yuu Nakamichi smiles and waves
Dewey Jung didn't see you earlier, lillyofthesea, hi
Dewey Jung: So ALS offered this 4096 plot to set up such an Institute, with the first year's rent paid by ALS. And I asked Puglet to put together an advisory board, which she did.
Dewey Jung and a mighty fine board it is
LillyoftheSea Starr: Hi dewey
Dewey Jung: I asked Desdemona Enfield, our guest of honor tonight, to serve as an unpaid technical director for three months. She agreed, and built us this building and the rest of the beautiful campus.
Dewey Jung: [Applause!]
Dewey Jung yay des!
Gwynna Cleanslate: Wow ... it's so terrific too
Desdemona Enfield: ty
Brae Flanagan clapping
Puglet Dancer: yeaaahhh
Puglet Dancer: dessss
Ilene Pratt: Great work!
Desdemona Enfield blushes.
Lyr Lobo claps
Dewey Jung des is my favorite techie
Pia Klaar: great job
Dewey Jung well, one of my favorites
Dewey Jung: The campus is designed to serve the ELVEN mission, which is:
Puglet Dancer: des is wonderful
Dewey Jung: assist preK-12 educators and librarians to envision, construct, and use engaging virtual learning environments
Puglet Dancer: love these chairs
Dewey Jung: in order to demonstrate and document their value in increasing student achievement and growth.
Dewey Jung: Toward this end, the Institute seeks to collaborate with other institutions,
Gwynna Cleanslate: That's a mission I can get behind.
Dewey Jung: to conduct professional development and research,
Dewey Jung: and to collect and disseminate best practices and useful tools related to prek-12 learning environments.
Dewey Jung: And now, we officially dedicate this campus, and will proudly display this plaque on the building's cornerstone!
Isa Goodman is Online
Dewey Jung so behind me on the viewer is the plaque
Dewey Jung that we'll put on the cornerstone
Dewey Jung i don't exactly know where that is
Dewey Jung anyone?
Dewey Jung (dont' say: on the corner)
Desdemona Enfield: The building floats on smoke.
Enchanting Martini: *grins
Bill Friis: What, on an edge?
Puglet Dancer: drats
Puglet Dancer: that's what i was going to say
Desdemona Enfield: There is a flag.
Dewey Jung you are too predictable, pug
Dewey Jung yes, theer IS a flag
Puglet Dancer: hey hey
Dewey Jung shall we salute it?
Puglet Dancer: am not!
Desdemona Enfield: On that turns with the wind.
Dewey Jung yes, a beautiful flag that turns with the wind
Bill Friis salutes.
Dewey Jung check it ouf if you haven't
Puglet Dancer: why don't we put it on the front of rthe building
Lyr Lobo smiles
Dewey Jung puglet, that's perfect!
Puglet Dancer: to the right as you enter
Dewey Jung (see, she's not just a pretty av)
Dewey Jung: [Applause!]
Puglet Dancer: nope
Bill Friis: Small print on a flag?
Farley Scarborough grins

Dewey Jung: I'd like to thank Bronte Alcott and Pia Klaar, as well as Desdemona and Puglet, for their work preparing for this party.
Knowclue Kidd: whoot!
Gwynna Cleanslate: Here heare .. a wonderful party
Dewey Jung oh, and an anonymous lady who helped me to place the dance balls
Gwynna Cleanslate: Fantastic buffet!
Desdemona Enfield: Great wine
Dewey Jung: Now, enjoy!
Gwynna Cleanslate: for those who have the balls to dance...
Dewey Jung:
Dewey Jung: SpeakEasy HUD detaching...
Desdemona Enfield rolls eyes
Gwynna Cleanslate: I'm sorry, did I say that aloud?
Dewey Jung okay, i'm done
Puglet Dancer: lol
Dewey Jung time to party
Puglet Dancer: yep
Dewey Jung shall i change the music?
mobile chair: Unable to find specified agent to request permissions.
Knowclue Kidd: let's party
Dewey Jung this is a bit.....ummmmmm....ohmmmmmmish
Dewey Jung let's dance!
Puglet Dancer: we can meditate first
Knowclue Kidd: only if you want us to dance
Puglet Dancer: clear our minds
Gwynna Cleanslate: Congratulations, and many thanks, ELVEN board
Puglet Dancer: and then PARRY
Lavender737 DeCuir: congrats
Puglet Dancer: PARTY
Desdemona Enfield looks for her rapier.
Dewey Jung i rather tlike the somber mood
Bill Friis: Get ready to crash this sim!
Gwynna Cleanslate: I was going to say, Pug, I forgot my epee!
MaryLee Sewell: Thanks for the vision and the party Dewey-Pug et al
Enchanting Martini: laughs
Dewey Jung elven is aborn!
Puglet Dancer: lol
Puglet Dancer: YES
MaryLee Sewell: Much better!
Enchanting Martini: Congrats!!!!!!!!
Dewey Jung how's that for a transtion?
Puglet Dancer: Thanks!!!!
Desdemona Enfield: very smooth
Enchanting Martini: WOOTTTT!!!
Lyr Lobo smiles
Puglet Dancer: hey randal
Puglet Dancer: how are ya
Dewey Jung oh, and please, spread the word about elven

ELVEN Dedication Party 7-15-07 Guest List

0. Dewey Jung
1. Puglet Dancer
2. Lyr Lobo
3. Lor Fredriksson
4. Pia Klaar
5. Bronte Alcott
6. MaryLee Sewell
7. Drac Ferraris
8. Gwynna Cleanslate
9. Desdemona Enfield
10. Lyr Lobo
11. Ilene Pratt
12. Leyali Bode
13. Rebecca Hynes
14. Will Collas
15. Lavender737 DeCuir
16. Jojash McMillan
17. Kathy Dryburgh
18. Butch Dae
19. Greylin Fairweather
20. Bentley Noel
21. Farley Scarborough
22. Tek Zeno
23. Enchanting Martini
24. Bill Friis
25. Knowclue Kidd
26. Lorelei Junot
27. Blu Heron
28. Shadow Fugazi
29. Brae Flanagan
30. Vickster Volare
31. Victoria Bury
32. Rebecca Hynes
33. Katrina Riederer
34. Zam Boyle
35. IsabellaG Despres
36. LillyoftheSea Starr
37. Zotarah Shepherd
38. Etdoc Sungsoo
39. Macsmom Alcott
40. Jill Noel
41. Lovely Encore
42. Jedda Jewell
43. Een Maculate
44. Yuu Nakamichi
45. Randal Hudson
46. Casidhe Brissot
47. Lorax Forager
48. Isa Goodman
49. Beth Kohnke
50. Evie Mikazuki
51. Joelle Lustre
52. Lily Liwei
53. Kwai Kyong
54. Abbey Zenith
55. Bronia Vanalten
56. BrianA Corleone
57. Kyle Thorn
58. Sammy Frederix
59. Rhonda McMahon
60. North Lamar
61. Leslie Mimistrobell
62. NPTR33 Falta
63. Rocky Vallejo
64. Abbey Zenith

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Can one be too connected?

Notice the little widget I recently added to the sidebar of this blog, down the right hand side. It's a little thingie called "Show Yourself" which allows you to place, in one convenient spot, all the various ways that people can connect to you. Some people have lists much longer than mine. Some people are connecting in all of the following ways (thanks to Lynette Radio for the image):

Some people think that being connected in so many different ways is simple overload...too much. Why have a "facebook" account when you have a "myspace" account? Why be connected on AOL Instant Messanger (AIM) when you have gChat on gMail? These are good questions. For me, it's a matter of trying them out, learning how they work, so that I can pass along my knowledge to my students. Because, in the final analaysis, I'm here to learn about all the ways to connect, so that I can help others learn what are GOOD ways to connect. And I suspect many of my over-connected friends are consultants, faculty members, and others who help others to connect.

So can one be connected too much? Sure! But being connected in lots of ways isn't necessarily too much.