Saturday, February 02, 2008

ELVEN hosts workshop on basic building in SL

No wonder I was tired when it was over. I made 583 separate chat entries, not to mention the IMs I fielded during the workshop. The open-face egg and bacon sandwich that my wife made for me a few minutes before it started was still sitting, forgotten and untouched, on the desk in front of me. I guess I was engaged. As were most of the participants, from the looks of things. I had fun, too. I bet there's a strong correlation between the teacher having fun and the students learning something. (Or at least having fun themselves.)

This morning, ELVEN hosted a Basic Building workshop, the fourth in our series of workshops for new educators and librarians in SL. (For more on the first, see this previous post; for more on the second, see this one. The third was about griefing, conducted by Zotarah Shepherd. Because I wasn't there--having to teach at the time in first life--I didn't do a post on it.) I think this morning's workshop went very well. We had at least six ELVEN staff members helping out (Avigail Lindman, Blu Heron, Bronte Alcott, Katrina Reiderer, and ToryLynn Writer--who just came to see what was up), and at least 21 people who were primarily there to learn about building:
  • LadyDarkness Nestler
  • Zonar Beerbaum
  • Moz McGinnis
  • Cyberlily Beresford
  • Neleh Wycliffe
  • Arwen Nishi
  • Laoshi Peccable
  • BlueBerry Jenkins
  • Kofi Unknown
  • Rhonwen Beresford
  • Ebliu Maktoum
  • Tutti Barbosa
  • Iona Igaly
  • Izmir Serevi
  • Sue Trefoil
  • Misha Writer
  • Shadowcat Silverspar
  • Chrystyan Thor
  • Sunflower Randt
  • Jeff Kurka
  • Cleo Easterman
I think there were some others who didn't show up in the Chat log because they didn't say anything. Some people had to leave early, and some people came late, but I got the impression that everyone was successful in building a basic couch:

I ended up not using the video I'd spent so much time making (more on how that ended up in another post), although I handed out a notecard with a link to the final product (with the suggestion that they watch later if they want a refresher). I did, however, use the complete 350 MB wmv version to make the screen shots I used for the workshop (such as the image of the couch just above). Also, having spent all that time working on the video helped me to remember all the important steps and details in the workshop. At times, I found myself "hearing" my own voice from the video in my head as I thought about what to say next.

(This reminds me, yet again, of what I consider the first principle of effective teaching: PREPARE! I find that when I prepare thoroughly for a lesson, I always teach well; when I don't, it's a crap shoot whether the lesson goes well or not. There is, of course, the danger of OVER-preparing....but I rarely do THAT!)

An aside: When I insert an image into Blogger, no matter where my cursor is, the image appears at the TOP of the post edit box, meaning I have to scroll up, get it, and then scroll back down to where I want to put it. This is a pain. I don't think it should happen, and it's not mentioned here. Anyone else have this problem? There must be a better way.....I just did some looking around, and Sue Blimely recommends using Picasa (Google's image application) to bulk upload I'm seeing if I can achieve the same result using Flickr, so as I write, I'm uploading all my images from the session--both the slides I prepared beforehand from the video, and the snapshots I took during the workshop--to a Flickr set. (I use the Flickr Upload tool, which makes it very easy to bulk upload images.) Let's see if that makes image insertion easier. (Maybe I need to look into using a blogging client....)

ELVEN chose to center this workshop around the building of this couch because (1) it seemed easy enough for newbies and (2) it involves multiple concepts in building, including positioning, rotation, sizing, a variety of parameters, texturing, and selecting textures. Plus, it has a loose link to education....since I built it originally for my classroom, where I needed something with low prims. In retrospect, it seems like a perfect choice, given our two hour time frame...nearly all participants, even the most "new" of the "newbies," was successful in creating it by the time the workshop ended. And, it offered some more advanced participants the opportunity to explore some more advanced procedures and concepts, such as pose balls, using their own textures, and naming objects.

Another aside: There seems to be a distinction between the word "newbie," which I have just used, and the word "noob" or "noobie", which seems to have a pejorative connotation. Anyone have a different sense of whether there's a connotative difference?

Geez, I took a lot of snapshots during the workshop....they are still uploading to Flickr. Of course, these are large files....I take "high resolution" snapshots, which are almost 20 MB each in BMP form, and I haven't bothered to convert them to JPG format. Flickr did object to the size of them, and is converting them to smaller images as it uploads them. Shoulda converted them first...oh well.

Thinking over the workshop, and rereading the transcript, I see only a few things I might have done differently. I started out with some Groundhog Day banter, including some images and a couple of cartoons...

...which fostered some participant banter about Groundhog Day and the "fact" that Punxatawny Phil didn't see his shadow (and some random interjections about the awesome Bill Murray movie), upon which one participant said "This is boring," and, I suppose, it was a little trite, but also might have helped some people to relax.

(I never really know how much "preliminary" stuff is appropriate. I personally don't like to just dive right in, especially since some people inevitably arrive late, and I didn't know the crowd at all, and wanted to get them used to the presentation screen, etc. Well, I prolly could have stuck with one groundhog image and one cartoon. :-))

The other thing I think I would have done differently is remove the green Elven chairs--built by ELVEN technical director Desdemona Enfield--from the room before we began, or at least made sure I had permission to remove them after we started. They definitely got in the way. I tried to "remove" them using the menu on the chair rezzer, but that didn't work, either because someone was sitting on one of them, or because I didn't have rights. Then, I deleted the rezzer (but not the chairs), leaving me powerless over what to do next. Anyway, they weren't TOO much in the way.

Okay, now the images have all uploaded to Flickr, and can be seen here. Let's see if I can easily insert them into specific spots in this post. My plan is to have (some of) the slides that I used interspersed where they belong (and LEFT justified) with (some of) the snapshots of what was going on interspersed and RIGHT justified.

Nope, doesn't work. When I put the URL into the Add Image dialog box, the image still appears at the top of the post. What if I just "paste" the image in? Nope. Hmm, there has GOT to be a better way to put these images in. I suppose I could use HTML, and just put the tags in, but that seems awkward, especially since the HTML of the Transcript is all "Microsoftized" with "span" tags, etc.

I guess what I'm going to do is "Add Image" and add a bunch all at once, then cut and paste them to where they go. Hmm...the limit seems to be five at a time. But, adding them from Flickr is DEFINITELY quicker than uploading them.... (added all the "left justified" images)...

Well, well. I just discovered that if you click on "All Sizes" on the Flickr photo page, you get a thing at the bottom of the page that includes the HTML code necessary to put the photo into another page. Let me see if I can use that to insert the snapshots I took during the workshop.... Well, I can just paste the HTML into the "Compose" tab, but got to use a Medium version.


If you wish to skip the preliminaries, click here.

[2008/02/02 7:43] Dewey Jung: hi ismir!

[2008/02/02 7:46] Blu Heron: good morning, all!

[2008/02/02 7:46] Avigail Lindman: Morning Blu!

[2008/02/02 7:46] LadyDarkness Nestler: good morning, did I need to pre-register?

[2008/02/02 7:47] Avigail Lindman: Morning Dewey

[2008/02/02 7:47] Zonar Beerbaum: hello

[2008/02/02 7:47] Blu Heron: hi avigail, Dewey

[2008/02/02 7:47] Dewey Jung: no need to preregister

[2008/02/02 7:47] Dewey Jung: i think we'lll have room

[2008/02/02 7:47] LadyDarkness Nestler: great

[2008/02/02 7:47] Dewey Jung: hi zonar, avi, blu

[2008/02/02 7:47] Zonar Beerbaum: howdy

[2008/02/02 7:47] LadyDarkness Nestler: I just now saw your listing and realized it would be starting soon

[2008/02/02 7:47] Avigail Lindman: Good morning LadyDarkness, Zonar

[2008/02/02 7:48] LadyDarkness Nestler: good morning

[2008/02/02 7:48] Moz McGinnis: Good morning, all :)

[2008/02/02 7:48] Avigail Lindman: Morning Moz

[2008/02/02 7:48] Moz McGinnis: Morning, Avigail.

[2008/02/02 7:49] Dewey Jung: hi moz, welcome to elven

[2008/02/02 7:49] Dewey Jung: avi, would you tell people to click the sign to geta notecard, as they come in?

[2008/02/02 7:49] Moz McGinnis: Thank you, Dewey! I'm pleased to be here

[2008/02/02 7:50] Dewey Jung: welcome, everyone!

[2008/02/02 7:51] Dewey Jung: things seem a bit laggy this morning

[2008/02/02 7:52] LadyDarkness Nestler: they were really bad last night

[2008/02/02 7:52] LadyDarkness Nestler: they must still be having problems

[2008/02/02 7:52] Dewey Jung: well, at least the region is up

[2008/02/02 7:52] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/02/02 7:52] Avigail Lindman: Hi Katrina

[2008/02/02 7:53] Dewey Jung: gmonging katrina

[2008/02/02 7:53] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/02/02 7:53] Dewey Jung: i mean, gmorning, katrina

[2008/02/02 7:53] Katrina Riederer: A Happy Good Morning to you Dewey

[2008/02/02 7:54] mobile chair: Unable to find specified agent to request permissions.

[2008/02/02 7:54] Dewey Jung: welcome, shadowcat

[2008/02/02 7:54] Dewey Jung: there's a sign over by the entrance that has a notecard

[2008/02/02 7:54] Dewey Jung: click the sign to get one

[2008/02/02 7:54] Cyberlily Beresford: Hi everyone. I don't know what happened to my hair!

[2008/02/02 7:54] Cyberlily Beresford: I arrived, but my hair didn't. Frustrating!

[2008/02/02 7:54] Neleh Wycliffe: I don't know what happened to my pants

[2008/02/02 7:54] Dewey Jung: things are a bit laggy, cyberlily, don't worry too much about it

[2008/02/02 7:54] Cyberlily Beresford: LOL

[2008/02/02 7:55] Dewey Jung: we're all friends problem!

[2008/02/02 7:55] Cyberlily Beresford: As long as I have a head!

[2008/02/02 7:55] Dewey Jung: you don't even need THAT!

[2008/02/02 7:55] Moz McGinnis: Too funny.

[2008/02/02 7:56] Dewey Jung whispers "you don't have any brains in your head, anyway, cyberlily...and neither do any of us"

[2008/02/02 7:56] Cyberlily Beresford: If I only had a brain...

[2008/02/02 7:56] Dewey Jung: wow, everything is going SLLLLOOOOOW

[2008/02/02 7:56] Cyberlily Beresford: It

[2008/02/02 7:57] Cyberlily Beresford: It's almost like we're frozen.

[2008/02/02 7:57] Dewey Jung: we'll prolly start a few minutes late, to make sure everyone can get here

[2008/02/02 7:58] Dewey Jung: gmorning laoshi

[2008/02/02 7:58] Arwen Nishi: hi all

[2008/02/02 7:58] Moz McGinnis: Yeah, I got bumped off and came back with a few less attachments :)

[2008/02/02 7:58] Laoshi Peccable: good morning

[2008/02/02 7:58] Dewey Jung: hellow arwen, neleh, blueberry, kofi


[2008/02/02 7:58] Neleh Wycliffe: good morning

[2008/02/02 7:58] BlueBerry Jenkins: Hey, there.

[2008/02/02 7:59] Kofi Unknown: hi

[2008/02/02 7:59] Dewey Jung: g'morning

[2008/02/02 8:00] Dewey Jung: welcome, rhonwen

[2008/02/02 8:00] Cyberlily Beresford: It's like half of us are shadows!

[2008/02/02 8:00] Dewey Jung wonders if the influences of lord of the rings are evident here

[2008/02/02 8:00] Rhonwen Beresford: thx, dewey

[2008/02/02 8:00] Rhonwen Beresford: hi all

[2008/02/02 8:00] Cyberlily Beresford: Building should be interesting.

[2008/02/02 8:00] Arwen Nishi: :-)

[2008/02/02 8:01] Dewey Jung: yeah, well, we'll do our best

[2008/02/02 8:01] Dewey Jung: if anyone is wearing anything with scripts, could you please remove that?

[2008/02/02 8:02] Dewey Jung: this includes things like xcite parts, radars, huds


[2008/02/02 8:02] Dewey Jung: gmorning ebliu

[2008/02/02 8:03] Dewey Jung: ladydarkness is having a fit

[2008/02/02 8:03] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/02/02 8:03] LadyDarkness Nestler: lol

[2008/02/02 8:03] Ebliu Maktoum: restless leg syndrome

[2008/02/02 8:03] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/02/02 8:03] Dewey Jung: so i just did a quick "appearance/close" and most people's textures have come into view

[2008/02/02 8:03] Dewey Jung: you might try that as well

[2008/02/02 8:04] LadyDarkness Nestler: what is up with this?

[2008/02/02 8:04] Dewey Jung: if you don't like the gray

[2008/02/02 8:04] Cyberlily Beresford: appearance/close

[2008/02/02 8:04] Cyberlily Beresford: Sob...still no hair

[2008/02/02 8:04] Dewey Jung: it means, right-click on yourself, choose "appearance" and then "close"

[2008/02/02 8:04] Dewey Jung: it's a way of tricking sl into loading yoru textures

[2008/02/02 8:04] Neleh Wycliffe: yes my pants are back

[2008/02/02 8:05] Dewey Jung: not only yours, but others

[2008/02/02 8:05] Dewey Jung: well, okay, let's get started

[2008/02/02 8:05] Dewey Jung: thank you for coming

[2008/02/02 8:05] Dewey Jung: this is the elven institute

[2008/02/02 8:05] Dewey Jung: i'm the director, dewey jung

[2008/02/02 8:05] Dewey Jung: in rl or fl i am a professor at national-louis university in chicago

[2008/02/02 8:05] Dewey Jung: where i teach technology in education and other things

[2008/02/02 8:06] Dewey Jung: ELVEN is a partnership between my university and the alliance library system of peoria, il

[2008/02/02 8:06] LadyDarkness Nestler: whew! glad that's over

[2008/02/02 8:06] Neleh Wycliffe: my home town

[2008/02/02 8:06] Dewey Jung: i'm glad, too, ladydarkness

[2008/02/02 8:07] Dewey Jung: peoria is actually a pretty nice town

[2008/02/02 8:07] Dewey Jung: anyway

[2008/02/02 8:07] Dewey Jung: our mission is to help prek-12 educators and librarians to use SL

[2008/02/02 8:07] Dewey Jung: most of the elven staff and advisors are either prek-12 educators or teacher/librarian educatos

[2008/02/02 8:08] Dewey Jung: several of our staff are here this morning to help out

[2008/02/02 8:08] Dewey Jung: you can ask them questions if you have them

[2008/02/02 8:08] Dewey Jung: stand up, staffers

[2008/02/02 8:08] Dewey Jung: in the back, greeting latecomers is avigail lindman

[2008/02/02 8:08] Dewey Jung: there's blu heron

[2008/02/02 8:08] Blu Heron: the wolf ;)

[2008/02/02 8:09] Dewey Jung: you can use IMs to ask either of them questions, or just ask them outloud

[2008/02/02 8:09] Dewey Jung: this is gonna be pretty informal, and hands'on

[2008/02/02 8:09] Tutti Barbosa: Hello everyone, is there a way to turn off everyone's names floating above their heads?


[2008/02/02 8:09] Dewey Jung: yes, there is

[2008/02/02 8:09] Dewey Jung: edit menu

[2008/02/02 8:09] Dewey Jung: preferences

[2008/02/02 8:09] Dewey Jung: general tab

[2008/02/02 8:09] Dewey Jung: you'll see three choices

[2008/02/02 8:09] Dewey Jung: i suggest "temporarily"

[2008/02/02 8:10] Iona Igaly: Thanks!

[2008/02/02 8:10] Dewey Jung: wow, great turnout this morning

[2008/02/02 8:10] Tutti Barbosa: ty

[2008/02/02 8:10] Dewey Jung: please direct your attention to the screen in front of the room

[2008/02/02 8:10] Dewey Jung: it would be helpful if you could adjust your camera so you can see the screen

[2008/02/02 8:11] Dewey Jung: i use the "camera controls" panel, which is available on the "view" menu

[2008/02/02 8:11] Dewey Jung: i keep it on my screen almost all the time, along with the movement panel

[2008/02/02 8:11] Dewey Jung: another great camera trick is to alt-click on something

[2008/02/02 8:11] Dewey Jung: if you alt-click on the screen, it will make it your focus, and you can easily then zoom in on it

[2008/02/02 8:12] Dewey Jung: ctrl-0 is a great way to zoom in

[2008/02/02 8:12] Dewey Jung: ctrl-8 zooms out

[2008/02/02 8:12] Dewey Jung: and ctrl-9 sets your view to nromal

[2008/02/02 8:12] Dewey Jung: i use a combination of shortcut keys and the panels

[2008/02/02 8:12] Dewey Jung: LOL, any of you members of "real life education in second life"

[2008/02/02 8:13] Dewey Jung: they seem to be offering a similar class!

[2008/02/02 8:13] Dewey Jung: Just got this IM on their group:

[2008/02/02 8:13] Dewey Jung: Class in Basic Building : Starts at 8:30AM PST for one hour : Charge free : If you just want to get a quick introduction to building then this is the class for you. Click on the link to be taken to the Training centre. Bring your friends along too!


[2008/02/02 8:13] Dewey Jung: before you leave here today, please be sure to get an invitation to the ELVEN group, from myself or Avigail Lindman

[2008/02/02 8:13] Izmir Serevi: when is this class?

[2008/02/02 8:14] Dewey Jung: "this" class is now

[2008/02/02 8:14] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/02/02 8:14] Izmir Serevi: :)

[2008/02/02 8:14] Dewey Jung: what do you mean, izmir

[2008/02/02 8:14] Rhonwen Beresford: lol

[2008/02/02 8:14] Dewey Jung: everybody looking at the screen?

[2008/02/02 8:14] Izmir Serevi: Class in Basic Building

[2008/02/02 8:14] Dewey Jung: the slides may take a few minutes to come in; i'll try to go slowly

[2008/02/02 8:15] Dewey Jung: well, izmir, the OTHER class on basic building is at 8:30 pst

[2008/02/02 8:15] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/02/02 8:15] Tutti Barbosa: Do you mean the green screen?

[2008/02/02 8:15] Izmir Serevi: ok

[2008/02/02 8:15] Izmir Serevi: thx

[2008/02/02 8:15] Dewey Jung: happy ground hog's day, everyone

[2008/02/02 8:15] Moz McGinnis: yay!

[2008/02/02 8:15] LadyDarkness Nestler: you too

[2008/02/02 8:15] Katrina Riederer smiles

[2008/02/02 8:16] Cyberlily Beresford: Cute!

[2008/02/02 8:16] Izmir Serevi: yeah, there was this movie last night

[2008/02/02 8:16] Izmir Serevi: Bill Murray

[2008/02/02 8:16] Avigail Lindman: did we get a shadow?

[2008/02/02 8:16] LadyDarkness Nestler: no shadow

[2008/02/02 8:16] Dewey Jung: good question, avi

[2008/02/02 8:16] Dewey Jung: no shadow? means 6 more weeks

[2008/02/02 8:16] LadyDarkness Nestler: that's what they said

[2008/02/02 8:16] Avigail Lindman: :(

[2008/02/02 8:16] LadyDarkness Nestler: :-)

[2008/02/02 8:16] Sue Trefoil: this is boring

[2008/02/02 8:16] Dewey Jung: i personally don't mind winter

[2008/02/02 8:17] Dewey Jung: as long as it doesn't rain


[2008/02/02 8:17] Moz McGinnis: Love this weather :) love the rain as long as we're good with floods and mudslides.

[2008/02/02 8:17] Dewey Jung: these bilboards with ipod sillouettes are all over chicago

[2008/02/02 8:17] Dewey Jung: so this one was funny to me

[2008/02/02 8:17] Moz McGinnis: hehe

[2008/02/02 8:18] Dewey Jung: okay, enough on ground hogs

[2008/02/02 8:18] Rhonwen Beresford: lol

[2008/02/02 8:18] Dewey Jung: this is a simple couch

[2008/02/02 8:18] Dewey Jung: we're gonna build one of these today

[2008/02/02 8:18] Dewey Jung: and along the way, we're gonna learn some things about building

[2008/02/02 8:18] Dewey Jung: i built this couch for my classroom in sl

[2008/02/02 8:18] Dewey Jung: because i needed something with low prims that would allow a lot of people to sit on it

[2008/02/02 8:19] Dewey Jung: what's a "prim"

[2008/02/02 8:19] Dewey Jung: a "prim" is a "primitive object"

[2008/02/02 8:19] Dewey Jung: everything in SL is built from prims

[2008/02/02 8:19] Dewey Jung: everything

[2008/02/02 8:19] Dewey Jung: prims can be very small, or pretty big

[2008/02/02 8:20] Dewey Jung: there are some tricks for making really tiny prims for jewelry and stuff; but we're not gonna cover that today

[2008/02/02 8:20] Dewey Jung: we're going to focus on regular-size prims

[2008/02/02 8:20] Dewey Jung: so, as I go, i want you to try things out

[2008/02/02 8:20] Dewey Jung: if you want to build a couch along with me, i welcome that

[2008/02/02 8:21] Dewey Jung: what i suggest is placing yourselves around the room, close enough to hear me

[2008/02/02 8:21] Dewey Jung: you will prolly want to stand up

[2008/02/02 8:21] Dewey Jung: find some space aruond the edges

[2008/02/02 8:21] Dewey Jung: i'm gonna take away the chairs

[2008/02/02 8:22] Dewey Jung: ya'll better stand up

[2008/02/02 8:22] Dewey Jung: it's gonna be a nasty fall on your but

[2008/02/02 8:22] Dewey Jung: arwen?

[2008/02/02 8:22] Dewey Jung: blu?

[2008/02/02 8:22] Dewey Jung: on yer feet!

[2008/02/02 8:22] LadyDarkness Nestler: lol he just sat down

[2008/02/02 8:22] Dewey Jung: yeah, i know

[2008/02/02 8:22] Dewey Jung: maybe he wants to fall

[2008/02/02 8:22] LadyDarkness Nestler: I think so

[2008/02/02 8:22] Dewey Jung: okay, last warning....

[2008/02/02 8:22] Dewey Jung: 1

[2008/02/02 8:22] Dewey Jung: 2

[2008/02/02 8:22] Avigail Lindman: let um drop :)

[2008/02/02 8:22] Dewey Jung: 3

[2008/02/02 8:23] Dewey Jung: lol

[2008/02/02 8:23] Dewey Jung: darn

[2008/02/02 8:23] Dewey Jung: won't remove 'em without them standing up

[2008/02/02 8:23] Dewey Jung: blu?

[2008/02/02 8:23] Dewey Jung: arwen?

[2008/02/02 8:24] Blu Heron: i can sit, but I can't move

[2008/02/02 8:24] Blu Heron: gomnna try to relog

[2008/02/02 8:24] Dewey Jung: okay, well, the chairs won't go away

[2008/02/02 8:24] Dewey Jung: can everyone hear me?

[2008/02/02 8:24] Katrina Riederer: yes

[2008/02/02 8:24] Ebliu Maktoum: no

[2008/02/02 8:24] Neleh Wycliffe: I just hear music

[2008/02/02 8:24] Iona Igaly: yes

[2008/02/02 8:24] Rhonwen Beresford: yes

[2008/02/02 8:24] Avigail Lindman: yup

[2008/02/02 8:24] Tutti Barbosa: do you mean voice audio

[2008/02/02 8:25] Tutti Barbosa: no

[2008/02/02 8:25] Ebliu Maktoum: I don't hear anything

[2008/02/02 8:25] Dewey Jung: no, i mean "read" me

[2008/02/02 8:25] Neleh Wycliffe: Ok, shut it off

[2008/02/02 8:25] Ebliu Maktoum: just typing

[2008/02/02 8:25] Moz McGinnis: I don't see voice audio enabled on you Dewey,

[2008/02/02 8:25] Tutti Barbosa: i can read the chat

[2008/02/02 8:25] Dewey Jung: i'm not speaking

[2008/02/02 8:25] Misha Writer: reading loud & clear

[2008/02/02 8:25] Laoshi Peccable: aok

[2008/02/02 8:25] LadyDarkness Nestler: lol he just needs to know that everyone is close enough to read him

[2008/02/02 8:25] Cyberlily Beresford: I can read you.

[2008/02/02 8:26] Moz McGinnis: yeah, reading fine :)

[2008/02/02 8:26] Kofi Unknown: roger

[2008/02/02 8:26] Dewey Jung: okay, this is what we're gonna build

[2008/02/02 8:26] Shadowcat Silverspar: I can read you

[2008/02/02 8:26] Dewey Jung: this is a "torus"

[2008/02/02 8:26] Dewey Jung: or a donut

[2008/02/02 8:27] Dewey Jung: with some parts cut out

[2008/02/02 8:27] Dewey Jung: namely, it's half a donut

[2008/02/02 8:27] Dewey Jung: with a "path" cut in the other half

[2008/02/02 8:27] Dewey Jung: and some textures applied to it

[2008/02/02 8:27] Dewey Jung: it's ONE prim

[2008/02/02 8:27] Dewey Jung: if you look all the way in the front of the room, you'll see another torus

[2008/02/02 8:28] Dewey Jung: it's a little different

[2008/02/02 8:28] Dewey Jung: because it spirals

[2008/02/02 8:28] Dewey Jung: but it's still a torus

[2008/02/02 8:28] Dewey Jung: basically, a cylinder that is curved

[2008/02/02 8:29] Dewey Jung: okay, bye spiral

[2008/02/02 8:29] Dewey Jung: okay, so you can see on the screen the basic "edit create" panel

[2008/02/02 8:30] Dewey Jung: you get it by clicking the "build" button on the bottom of your screen

[2008/02/02 8:30] Chrystyan Thor: ok thanks

[2008/02/02 8:30] Tutti Barbosa: ok

[2008/02/02 8:30] Dewey Jung: stop me if you have qeustions, please

[2008/02/02 8:30] Rhonwen Beresford: got it

[2008/02/02 8:30] Dewey Jung: i want everyone to follow along

[2008/02/02 8:30] Dewey Jung: you can see that the build button has some options

[2008/02/02 8:30] Dewey Jung: these aer all the basic types of prims

[2008/02/02 8:31] Rhonwen Beresford: does the cursor always change to a wand in build?

[2008/02/02 8:31] Dewey Jung: yes, in this mode, the cursor changes to a wand

[2008/02/02 8:31] Rhonwen Beresford: k, thx

[2008/02/02 8:31] Dewey Jung: if you click on the other tools,you will see the cursor changes

[2008/02/02 8:32] Dewey Jung: there's a "focus" tool, a "move" tool, and "edit" tool, a "create" tool, and a tool with land options

[2008/02/02 8:32] Dewey Jung: the "create" tool is the one that comes up first when you click the "build" button

[2008/02/02 8:32] Dewey Jung: now, to create an object, you click and drag the wand cursor on the ground


[2008/02/02 8:32] Dewey Jung: thus

[2008/02/02 8:33] Dewey Jung: go ahead and do that

[2008/02/02 8:33] Dewey Jung: the initial shape may be a block or something else

[2008/02/02 8:33] Tutti Barbosa: can we do any shape?

[2008/02/02 8:33] Dewey Jung: to change the initial shape, clock on the "object" tab just below the create panel

[2008/02/02 8:34] Tutti Barbosa: or did you want us to do a particular shape?

[2008/02/02 8:34] Dewey Jung: if you don't see the "object" tab, click the "more" button

[2008/02/02 8:34] Dewey Jung: the "object" tab allows you to change the type of object


[2008/02/02 8:35] Dewey Jung: now, use the object tab to change it to a torus

[2008/02/02 8:35] Kofi Unknown: whoops

[2008/02/02 8:35] Kofi Unknown: sorry

[2008/02/02 8:35] Dewey Jung: if you loose the object, just right -click it and choose "edit"

[2008/02/02 8:35] Dewey Jung: i mean, lose the object

[2008/02/02 8:35] Dewey Jung: someone made their object "physical"

[2008/02/02 8:35] Dewey Jung: that's why it fell down

[2008/02/02 8:36] Dewey Jung: it makes "gravity" apply

[2008/02/02 8:36] Dewey Jung: everyone with me?


[2008/02/02 8:36] Rhonwen Beresford: yes

[2008/02/02 8:36] Tutti Barbosa: yes

[2008/02/02 8:36] Ebliu Maktoum: no

[2008/02/02 8:36] Zonar Beerbaum: yepp

[2008/02/02 8:36] Laoshi Peccable: yes

[2008/02/02 8:36] Moz McGinnis: mmhm

[2008/02/02 8:36] Dewey Jung: ebliu, what's up?

[2008/02/02 8:36] Misha Writer: I have a torus

[2008/02/02 8:37] Ebliu Maktoum: where are we

[2008/02/02 8:37] Sue Trefoil: yes

[2008/02/02 8:37] Dewey Jung: we just created an object, ebliu

[2008/02/02 8:37] Dewey Jung: and made it a torus

[2008/02/02 8:37] Ebliu Maktoum: got that

[2008/02/02 8:37] Dewey Jung: click on the "object" tab

[2008/02/02 8:37] Dewey Jung: use the drop-down box there to change it to a torus

[2008/02/02 8:37] Ebliu Maktoum: k

[2008/02/02 8:37] Dewey Jung: BEAUTIFUL

[2008/02/02 8:37] Dewey Jung: i see lotsa toruses

[2008/02/02 8:37] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/02/02 8:38] Dewey Jung: now, before we go on, look at the object tab

[2008/02/02 8:38] Dewey Jung: i want you to notice that there are a lot of parameters on there

[2008/02/02 8:38] Dewey Jung: it looks complicated

[2008/02/02 8:38] Dewey Jung: it's not

[2008/02/02 8:38] Dewey Jung: once you understand the parameters, you can use the object tab to adjust your object

[2008/02/02 8:39] Dewey Jung: you can also manipulate it with your "hands" so to speak

[2008/02/02 8:39] Dewey Jung: the best way to learn the parameters is to manipulate the object with your hands and watch what happens to the parameters

[2008/02/02 8:39] Dewey Jung: now, you are gonna have to reach into your memory and dredge up "coordinate systems"

[2008/02/02 8:40] Dewey Jung: you know, the cartesian plane?

[2008/02/02 8:40] Dewey Jung: x and y axes?

[2008/02/02 8:40] Dewey Jung: with z added, because we are in 3D

[2008/02/02 8:40] Dewey Jung: x,y, and z are dimensions

[2008/02/02 8:40] Dewey Jung: z is hieght from the ground

[2008/02/02 8:40] Dewey Jung: x and y are distance from the "origin" of the region

[2008/02/02 8:41] Dewey Jung: look at the top center of your screen

[2008/02/02 8:41] Dewey Jung: you'll see a little black oval with x, y and z numbers

[2008/02/02 8:41] Dewey Jung: notice that those numbers correspond to numbers you see on your object panel

[2008/02/02 8:42] Dewey Jung: if you are in ordinary edit mode, with the arrows on the object such as on the screen, x y and z are positions

[2008/02/02 8:42] Dewey Jung: notice ALSO that the colors of the arrows correspond to the colors of x, y, and z in teh top center of your screen

[2008/02/02 8:42] Dewey Jung: the arrows on the object are also handles

[2008/02/02 8:42] Rhonwen Beresford: thk heavens--i'd never remember

[2008/02/02 8:42] Shadowcat Silverspar: thats cool

[2008/02/02 8:43] Dewey Jung: if you point to an arrrow, it lights up

[2008/02/02 8:43] Dewey Jung: and you can move the object with the arrow

[2008/02/02 8:43] Dewey Jung: be careful

[2008/02/02 8:43] Dewey Jung: you can easily move it too far

[2008/02/02 8:43] Dewey Jung: out of sight

[2008/02/02 8:43] Dewey Jung: as you move the object, the parameters change

[2008/02/02 8:44] Dewey Jung: the x, y, z at the top of yoru screen are there, because when you move things, your edit panel disappears

[2008/02/02 8:44] Dewey Jung: but the numbers at the top of your screen stay as long as you are in "build" mode

[2008/02/02 8:44] Moz McGinnis: oh fab :)

[2008/02/02 8:44] Dewey Jung: any questions so far?

[2008/02/02 8:45] Dewey Jung: hearing none, i'll go on

[2008/02/02 8:45] Dewey Jung: now, zoom into your object a bit

[2008/02/02 8:45] Dewey Jung: you can alt-click on it

[2008/02/02 8:45] Cyberlily Beresford: That's fun!

[2008/02/02 8:45] Dewey Jung: if you have a mouse wheel, you can zoom with the mouse wheel

[2008/02/02 8:46] Dewey Jung: alt-click and then zoom in

[2008/02/02 8:46] Dewey Jung: use ctrl-0 if you don't have a mouse wheel

[2008/02/02 8:46] Dewey Jung: get close

[2008/02/02 8:46] Dewey Jung: see the arrows?

[2008/02/02 8:46] Cyberlily Beresford: Yes

[2008/02/02 8:46] Dewey Jung: notice there are some other little tabs there

[2008/02/02 8:46] Rhonwen Beresford: yes

[2008/02/02 8:46] Laoshi Peccable: yes

[2008/02/02 8:46] Neleh Wycliffe: yes

[2008/02/02 8:46] Izmir Serevi: yes

[2008/02/02 8:46] Rhonwen Beresford: yes

[2008/02/02 8:46] Moz McGinnis nods

[2008/02/02 8:46] Dewey Jung: you will see a pair of triangles that are green/blue

[2008/02/02 8:46] Dewey Jung: and red/green

[2008/02/02 8:46] Dewey Jung: and red/blue

[2008/02/02 8:47] Dewey Jung: you will probably only see two of them

[2008/02/02 8:47] Zonar Beerbaum: gotcha

[2008/02/02 8:47] Rhonwen Beresford: i've got red/blue and blue/green

[2008/02/02 8:47] Dewey Jung: if you rotate your view around (alt-ctrl-click and move your mouse) you will see the third

[2008/02/02 8:47] Misha Writer: see all 3 - they're in different planes

[2008/02/02 8:48] Dewey Jung: the little pair of triangles are handles that you can drag to move the object in two dimensions at once

[2008/02/02 8:49] Dewey Jung: while keeping the other constant

[2008/02/02 8:49] Rhonwen Beresford: wow

[2008/02/02 8:49] Dewey Jung: so if i drag blue/red, then the Y parameter is held constant

[2008/02/02 8:49] Dewey Jung: i'm basically moving it freely in a ploane

[2008/02/02 8:49] Dewey Jung: plane

[2008/02/02 8:49] Dewey Jung: either the x,y plane, or y.z, or x,z

[2008/02/02 8:49] Tutti Barbosa: how do you drag two parameters at the same time?

[2008/02/02 8:50] Dewey Jung: the little pairs of triangles, tutti

[2008/02/02 8:50] Dewey Jung: you see them along with the arrows

[2008/02/02 8:50] Dewey Jung: click and drag them

[2008/02/02 8:50] Rhonwen Beresford: beautiful, but only one pair seems to move anything

[2008/02/02 8:50] Dewey Jung: don't you all wish we had this to learn about cartesian coordinates when we were in school?

[2008/02/02 8:50] Tutti Barbosa: but if i drag the green arrow, only one axis is changed, how do i do two?

[2008/02/02 8:51] Dewey Jung: look at the PAIRS of triangles

[2008/02/02 8:51] Rhonwen Beresford: oh, yes

[2008/02/02 8:51] Tutti Barbosa: in the front

[2008/02/02 8:51] Moz McGinnis: absolutely Dewey

[2008/02/02 8:51] Dewey Jung: they are floating off at the corners of the object

[2008/02/02 8:51] Dewey Jung: triangles with two colors

[2008/02/02 8:51] Tutti Barbosa: ok

[2008/02/02 8:51] Dewey Jung: you can see them on my screen

[2008/02/02 8:51] Arwen Nishi: then a grid appears

[2008/02/02 8:51] Dewey Jung: well, the grid is optional

[2008/02/02 8:51] Dewey Jung: you have turned it on at some point, in the edit/preferences

[2008/02/02 8:51] Tutti Barbosa: is this true for only X and Y

[2008/02/02 8:52] Dewey Jung: no, in the edit panel

[2008/02/02 8:52] Dewey Jung: there's a check-box that says "use grid"

[2008/02/02 8:52] Cyberlily Beresford: I like the grid - it's helpful.

[2008/02/02 8:52] Dewey Jung: the grid also "snaps" your movement

[2008/02/02 8:52] Dewey Jung: in 1/2 meter increments

[2008/02/02 8:53] Dewey Jung: it's helpful if you are trying to align one object to anotehr

[2008/02/02 8:53] Dewey Jung: so, everyone get the triangle-pair handles?

[2008/02/02 8:53] Rhonwen Beresford: yes

[2008/02/02 8:53] Ebliu Maktoum: yes

[2008/02/02 8:53] Kofi Unknown: yes

[2008/02/02 8:53] Izmir Serevi: yes

[2008/02/02 8:53] Moz McGinnis: mmmhmm

[2008/02/02 8:53] Laoshi Peccable: yes

[2008/02/02 8:53] Misha Writer: lost them

[2008/02/02 8:53] Neleh Wycliffe: ys

[2008/02/02 8:53] Zonar Beerbaum: yep

[2008/02/02 8:54] Dewey Jung: you can always get them back by right-clicking the object and choosing edit

[2008/02/02 8:54] Sue Trefoil: my hole is too small

[2008/02/02 8:54] Arwen Nishi: lol

[2008/02/02 8:54] Dewey Jung: um, sue, we're not there yet

[2008/02/02 8:54] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/02/02 8:54] Dewey Jung: okay, time to make a bigger donut

[2008/02/02 8:54] Dewey Jung: oh, wit

[2008/02/02 8:54] Dewey Jung: wait

[2008/02/02 8:54] Dewey Jung: rotation

[2008/02/02 8:54] Tutti Barbosa: yes

[2008/02/02 8:55] Dewey Jung: you can rotate your object one of three ways

[2008/02/02 8:55] Dewey Jung: the easiest is, click the "rotate" radio button on the edit panel

[2008/02/02 8:55] Dewey Jung: you get three circles around your object

[2008/02/02 8:55] Dewey Jung: red, green, and blue

[2008/02/02 8:56] Dewey Jung: you can click and drag a circle to rotate the object in that direction

[2008/02/02 8:56] Dewey Jung: everyone got that?

[2008/02/02 8:56] Rhonwen Beresford: yes

[2008/02/02 8:56] Ebliu Maktoum: yes

[2008/02/02 8:56] Dewey Jung: hey torylynn

[2008/02/02 8:56] Misha Writer: no circles

[2008/02/02 8:56] Neleh Wycliffe: yes

[2008/02/02 8:56] Laoshi Peccable: yes

[2008/02/02 8:57] Sunflower Randt: yes

[2008/02/02 8:57] ToryLynn Writer: hey Dewey.. how is the workshop going?

[2008/02/02 8:57] Zonar Beerbaum: yep

[2008/02/02 8:57] Tutti Barbosa: yes

[2008/02/02 8:57] Dewey Jung: misha, make sure the "rotate" radio box is checked

[2008/02/02 8:57] Dewey Jung: well, tory, you see everyone is engaged and building


[2008/02/02 8:57] ToryLynn Writer: I do! I'm so impressed!

[2008/02/02 8:58] Misha Writer: radio checked but no circles

[2008/02/02 8:58] Dewey Jung: okay misha, right-click on your object again

[2008/02/02 8:58] Dewey Jung: then click the radio button again

[2008/02/02 8:58] Dewey Jung: okay, second way to rotate

[2008/02/02 8:59] Dewey Jung: click the "position" button

[2008/02/02 8:59] Dewey Jung: you get the arrows again

[2008/02/02 8:59] Dewey Jung: now, hold down your CONTROL button

[2008/02/02 8:59] Dewey Jung: you will see that the circles appear

[2008/02/02 8:59] Dewey Jung: hold down the control button while clicking and dragging the circles

[2008/02/02 8:59] ToryLynn Writer: pretty color Moz ;)

[2008/02/02 8:59] Jeff Kurka: cool...neat trick

[2008/02/02 8:59] Neleh Wycliffe: yes

[2008/02/02 8:59] Moz McGinnis: :)

[2008/02/02 9:00] Dewey Jung: there are other shortcut keys which i'll mention when they come up

[2008/02/02 9:00] Laoshi Peccable: great

[2008/02/02 9:00] Dewey Jung: third way to rotate

[2008/02/02 9:00] Dewey Jung: this is fun

[2008/02/02 9:01] Dewey Jung: on the object tab

[2008/02/02 9:01] Dewey Jung: find the control labelled "rotation" (degrees)

[2008/02/02 9:01] Dewey Jung: you see z, y, and z, with little up and down arrows and numbers there

[2008/02/02 9:01] Dewey Jung: x, y, and z rather

[2008/02/02 9:02] Dewey Jung: those numbers are degrees of rotation relative to those axes

[2008/02/02 9:02] Dewey Jung: now, more basic math

[2008/02/02 9:02] Dewey Jung: a CIRCLE has 360 degrees

[2008/02/02 9:02] Dewey Jung: half is 180

[2008/02/02 9:02] Dewey Jung: a quarter is 90

[2008/02/02 9:02] LadyDarkness Nestler: sorry folks, dealing with a phone call and a 6 year old, I've missed too much, thank you for the opportunity though

[2008/02/02 9:02] Dewey Jung: okay, ladydarkness, see you another time

[2008/02/02 9:03] Rhonwen Beresford: bye ladydarkness

[2008/02/02 9:03] LadyDarkness Nestler: bye everybody :-)

[2008/02/02 9:03] Bronte Alcott: bye, LadyDarkness

[2008/02/02 9:03] Dewey Jung: and 270 for 3/4 of a circle

[2008/02/02 9:03] Jeff Kurka: Dewey can you undo the last edit made to an object when editing it?

[2008/02/02 9:04] Dewey Jung: those numbers, 0, 90, 180, 270, and 360, are your friends

[2008/02/02 9:04] Dewey Jung: yes, sometimes ctrl-z will undo the last thing

[2008/02/02 9:04] Dewey Jung: sometimes it won't

[2008/02/02 9:04] Jeff Kurka: I notice the undo option is not available

[2008/02/02 9:04] Jeff Kurka: ok thanks

[2008/02/02 9:04] Dewey Jung: so, you can type numbers into the boxes, or use the up and down arrows to change the numbers

[2008/02/02 9:05] Dewey Jung: use the tab key to move between the fields

[2008/02/02 9:05] Dewey Jung: and the shift-tab key to move back

[2008/02/02 9:05] Dewey Jung: put 0 into all three


[2008/02/02 9:05] Dewey Jung: you'll see the object return to the rotation state at which it started

[2008/02/02 9:05] Dewey Jung: now put 90 into the y parameter

[2008/02/02 9:05] Dewey Jung: leave the others at 0

[2008/02/02 9:06] Sunflower Randt: should we type thes numbers starting with Z, then Y and A?

[2008/02/02 9:06] Dewey Jung: you'll see the hold pointing up

[2008/02/02 9:06] Dewey Jung: no, just the numbers

[2008/02/02 9:06] Sunflower Randt: sorry, the last one should be X?

[2008/02/02 9:06] Dewey Jung: OR use the up and down arrows next to each number

[2008/02/02 9:06] Zonar Beerbaum: my part went to lost and found

[2008/02/02 9:06] Dewey Jung: hmmmm

[2008/02/02 9:06] Dewey Jung: we do have "return" turned on

[2008/02/02 9:06] Tutti Barbosa: Dewey, someone told me that Z is always inputted first, is this true?

[2008/02/02 9:07] Zonar Beerbaum: got it back out

[2008/02/02 9:07] Dewey Jung: tutti, they can be input in any order

[2008/02/02 9:07] Dewey Jung: if your object goes to lost and found, just drag it back out from your inventory

[2008/02/02 9:07] Zonar Beerbaum: gotcha

[2008/02/02 9:07] Dewey Jung: it's because we don't like people leaving stuff around this region

[2008/02/02 9:08] Dewey Jung: okay, get your torus pointing up (hole pointing up)

[2008/02/02 9:08] Tutti Barbosa: why would someone's object go to lost and found?

[2008/02/02 9:08] Dewey Jung: tutti, because we have "auto-return" on this region

[2008/02/02 9:08] Dewey Jung: that way people can't litter

[2008/02/02 9:08] Zonar Beerbaum: good housekeeping

[2008/02/02 9:08] Dewey Jung: okay, now, we're gonna "size" our object

[2008/02/02 9:09] Dewey Jung: again, you can do this by dragging handles or by putting numbers into fields

[2008/02/02 9:09] Dewey Jung: to turn on the size handles, click the "stretch" radio button

[2008/02/02 9:09] Dewey Jung: OR, hold down "ctrl-shift"

[2008/02/02 9:09] Dewey Jung: again, the handles are green, blue, and red

[2008/02/02 9:10] Dewey Jung: now, notice on the top of the edit panel, there is a box which says "stretch both sides"

[2008/02/02 9:10] Dewey Jung: i suggest you click that, to make your changes symetrical

[2008/02/02 9:11] Dewey Jung: don't make it too big

[2008/02/02 9:11] Dewey Jung: we'll run out of space

[2008/02/02 9:11] Dewey Jung: but make it big enough to sit on

[2008/02/02 9:12] Dewey Jung: you may notice your hole is too small

[2008/02/02 9:12] Dewey Jung: there is a "hole size" parameter

[2008/02/02 9:12] Dewey Jung: make "y" smaller to make the hold bigger

[2008/02/02 9:12] Tutti Barbosa: what dimension sizes are you thinking the size should be?

[2008/02/02 9:13] Dewey Jung: well, i made mine about 3.5 meters

[2008/02/02 9:13] Tutti Barbosa: I mean x, y, and z dimesions

[2008/02/02 9:14] Dewey Jung: the x y z for "size" are in meters

[2008/02/02 9:14] Dewey Jung: when you are sizing, the x y and z on top/center of your screen reflect the size

[2008/02/02 9:14] Dewey Jung: they reflect position when editing position

[2008/02/02 9:14] Dewey Jung: and rotation when editing rotation

[2008/02/02 9:14] Dewey Jung: handy, huh?

[2008/02/02 9:15] Rhonwen Beresford: v nice

[2008/02/02 9:15] Izmir Serevi: 3.5 meters?

[2008/02/02 9:15] Izmir Serevi: not too high?


[2008/02/02 9:15] Dewey Jung: 3.5 meters is prolly too high

[2008/02/02 9:15] Dewey Jung: my "x" is about 1 meter

[2008/02/02 9:15] Tutti Barbosa: i don't know what 3.5 meters means...where would I see that in the panel

[2008/02/02 9:16] Tutti Barbosa: is it the hole size?

[2008/02/02 9:16] Izmir Serevi: 1 mt. sounds reasonable

[2008/02/02 9:16] Dewey Jung: the numbers for "size" and "position" are all meters

[2008/02/02 9:16] Dewey Jung: the numbers for rotation are degrees

[2008/02/02 9:16] Dewey Jung: it says so right on the panel, in parentheses

[2008/02/02 9:17] Izmir Serevi: i like meters! :)

[2008/02/02 9:17] Dewey Jung: i like meters too

[2008/02/02 9:17] Tutti Barbosa: what do you want us to do with our torus

[2008/02/02 9:17] Dewey Jung: americans are fools for not adopting the metric system

[2008/02/02 9:17] Dewey Jung: we're getting there, tutti

[2008/02/02 9:17] Iona Igaly: I've lost control of my torus!

[2008/02/02 9:17] Izmir Serevi: :)

[2008/02/02 9:17] Dewey Jung: iona, what's happening?

[2008/02/02 9:18] Iona Igaly: I can't seem to select it to edit

[2008/02/02 9:18] Dewey Jung: you trying to select someone elses, iona?

[2008/02/02 9:18] Iona Igaly: all fields are blank

[2008/02/02 9:18] Iona Igaly: let me try again

[2008/02/02 9:18] Dewey Jung: you can always just rez another one

[2008/02/02 9:19] Iona Igaly: that's what i'll do, but can i delete this one?


[2008/02/02 9:19] Iona Igaly: or does it just litter?

[2008/02/02 9:19] Dewey Jung: well, it will go away in 20 minutes

[2008/02/02 9:19] Iona Igaly: thx

[2008/02/02 9:19] Dewey Jung: okay, next step

[2008/02/02 9:19] Dewey Jung: cutting the torus

[2008/02/02 9:19] Dewey Jung: cuts are called "paths" in sl

[2008/02/02 9:20] Dewey Jung: look carefully at your object tab

[2008/02/02 9:20] Dewey Jung: btw, you can read it better if you click on it

[2008/02/02 9:20] Dewey Jung: darkens the background

[2008/02/02 9:20] Jeff Kurka: another handy bit of info

[2008/02/02 9:20] Dewey Jung: there are a BUNCH of object-specifc parameters

[2008/02/02 9:20] Dewey Jung: whcih change depending on whcih object you are editing


[2008/02/02 9:21] Tutti Barbosa: mine just dissappeared !??

[2008/02/02 9:22] Dewey Jung: tutti, i bet you typed 3.5 in the "position" field

[2008/02/02 9:22] Dewey Jung: it moved the object to the corner of the region

[2008/02/02 9:22] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/02/02 9:22] Tutti Barbosa: i didn't type 3.5 anywhere I was waiting for you to tell me where

[2008/02/02 9:22] Jeff Kurka: gone out the wall :)

[2008/02/02 9:22] Dewey Jung: did you get a message that it went to your lost and found, tutti?

[2008/02/02 9:22] Dewey Jung: hi bronte! glad you made it!

[2008/02/02 9:23] Tutti Barbosa: no, nothing about lost and found

[2008/02/02 9:23] Dewey Jung: so two parameters we care about now

[2008/02/02 9:23] Dewey Jung: path cut

[2008/02/02 9:23] Dewey Jung: and profile cut

[2008/02/02 9:23] Dewey Jung: oh, i'm sorry, i misspoke before

[2008/02/02 9:23] Dewey Jung: "path" doesn't mean cut

[2008/02/02 9:23] Izmir Serevi: where are those "cut" options?

[2008/02/02 9:23] Dewey Jung: "path" means the path taken by the object, in this case the circle

[2008/02/02 9:23] Dewey Jung: they are under "building block type" on the object tab of the edit panel, izmir

[2008/02/02 9:24] Izmir Serevi: thanks

[2008/02/02 9:24] Dewey Jung: path cut andprofile cut have "B" for beginning, and "E" for end

[2008/02/02 9:24] Zana Kohime is Online

[2008/02/02 9:24] Dewey Jung: think of your entire circle as being "1" in size

[2008/02/02 9:25] Dewey Jung: if you think of a clock, it starts at 12, and goes ONE time around to the 12

[2008/02/02 9:25] Dewey Jung: or, from 0 to 1

[2008/02/02 9:25] Dewey Jung: so you can "cut" your path anywhere between 0 and 1

[2008/02/02 9:25] Dewey Jung: and the "cut" has a beginning and an end

[2008/02/02 9:25] Dewey Jung: increase the "E" for path cut to .25

[2008/02/02 9:25] Dewey Jung: no, sory

[2008/02/02 9:25] Dewey Jung: increase the "B" to 2.5

[2008/02/02 9:26] Dewey Jung: .25

[2008/02/02 9:26] Dewey Jung: (okay, dewey, slow down)

[2008/02/02 9:26] Blu Heron: yes you probably need to move closer again

[2008/02/02 9:26] Dewey Jung: if your "B" is .250 and your "E" is 1.00 then your "path" with be 3/4 of the way around

[2008/02/02 9:27] Dewey Jung: 3/4 = .75 :-)

[2008/02/02 9:27] Dewey Jung: adjust your "B" and "E" parameters so that the path is .500 long

[2008/02/02 9:27] Dewey Jung: that is, "E" minus "B" = .500


[2008/02/02 9:27] Dewey Jung: NICE moz!

[2008/02/02 9:27] Kofi Unknown: why does mine looks stretched, unlike yours dewey

[2008/02/02 9:28] Kofi Unknown: it too flat in the x direction

[2008/02/02 9:28] Dewey Jung: well, koffe, your y and z sizes must be different

[2008/02/02 9:28] Dewey Jung: make y and z size the same, both 3.5

[2008/02/02 9:28] Kofi Unknown: ahh, thanks


[2008/02/02 9:28] Izmir Serevi: so, b = 0.25 and e=0.75 would be fine?

[2008/02/02 9:29] Dewey Jung: perfect, izmir

[2008/02/02 9:29] Dewey Jung: or 0 and .500

[2008/02/02 9:29] Dewey Jung: or .2 and .7

[2008/02/02 9:29] Izmir Serevi: great! right in front of you :)

[2008/02/02 9:29] Dewey Jung: or .5 and 1

[2008/02/02 9:29] Dewey Jung: okay, now we're gonna do a "profile" cit

[2008/02/02 9:30] Dewey Jung: cut

[2008/02/02 9:30] Dewey Jung: the "profile" is the circle on the edges of your cut torus

[2008/02/02 9:30] Dewey Jung: right now, the profile runs from 0 to 1

[2008/02/02 9:30] Dewey Jung: a complete circle

[2008/02/02 9:31] Rhonwen Beresford: my profile got flattened - how can i fix it?

[2008/02/02 9:31] Dewey Jung: increase the "B" to .250

[2008/02/02 9:31] Dewey Jung: rhonwen, what were you adjusting?

[2008/02/02 9:31] Rhonwen Beresford: i just changed the b profile to .250

[2008/02/02 9:31] Dewey Jung: izmir, i suggest make your "size" bigger

[2008/02/02 9:32] Dewey Jung: rhonwen, what's your "e" on the profile cut?

[2008/02/02 9:32] Rhonwen Beresford: 1.00

[2008/02/02 9:32] Dewey Jung: hmmm

[2008/02/02 9:32] Dewey Jung: let me find you

[2008/02/02 9:32] Rhonwen Beresford: i'm upfront btwn screen & podium

[2008/02/02 9:33] Dewey Jung does not see rhonwen

[2008/02/02 9:33] Sunflower Randt: What sizes ? You just said: make y and z size the same, both 3.5

[2008/02/02 9:33] Tutti Barbosa: what does path and cut mean?

[2008/02/02 9:33] Rhonwen Beresford: way up front, to left of screen

[2008/02/02 9:33] Rhonwen Beresford: next to kofi

[2008/02/02 9:34] Dewey Jung: ah, rhonwen

[2008/02/02 9:34] Dewey Jung: see you now

[2008/02/02 9:34] Rhonwen Beresford: ah, dewey

[2008/02/02 9:34] Dewey Jung: try adjusting your "hole"


[2008/02/02 9:34] Rhonwen Beresford: perfect

[2008/02/02 9:34] Rhonwen Beresford: i had too much hole

[2008/02/02 9:34] Tutti Barbosa: Dewey, does mine look ok

[2008/02/02 9:34] Dewey Jung: next question?


[2008/02/02 9:35] Rhonwen Beresford: ty

[2008/02/02 9:35] Dewey Jung: tutti, where are you?

[2008/02/02 9:35] Izmir Serevi: something is wrong with mine

[2008/02/02 9:35] Tutti Barbosa: to your left by the wall

[2008/02/02 9:35] Dewey Jung: found ya, tutti

[2008/02/02 9:35] Tutti Barbosa: I have a black t-shirt and blue pants on

[2008/02/02 9:35] Dewey Jung: your looks like it has a "twist"

[2008/02/02 9:35] Dewey Jung: tutti, make sure "twist" is 0 and 0

[2008/02/02 9:36] Dewey Jung: top shear is also 0 and 0

[2008/02/02 9:36] Dewey Jung: taper is 0 and 0

[2008/02/02 9:36] Dewey Jung: radius is 0 and revolutions is 1

[2008/02/02 9:36] Izmir Serevi: how about mine?

[2008/02/02 9:36] Dewey Jung: izmir, make yours bigger

[2008/02/02 9:37] Dewey Jung: size should be z and y 3.5

[2008/02/02 9:37] Dewey Jung: x 1.0


[2008/02/02 9:37] Dewey Jung: someone in the back added light to theiters, it looks cool!

[2008/02/02 9:37] Dewey Jung: to theirs^

[2008/02/02 9:37] Izmir Serevi: and then?

[2008/02/02 9:38] Dewey Jung: okay, izmir, profile cut, b = .250

[2008/02/02 9:38] Izmir Serevi: yes

[2008/02/02 9:38] Dewey Jung: remember you have to hit "tab" or "enter" to make a parameter "take"

[2008/02/02 9:38] Dewey Jung: izmir, that's the path cut

[2008/02/02 9:39] Dewey Jung: we need a bigger building

[2008/02/02 9:39] Izmir Serevi: oh ok

[2008/02/02 9:39] Dewey Jung: :-)


[2008/02/02 9:39] Dewey Jung: got to get des to give me a way to get rid of these chairs

[2008/02/02 9:39] Izmir Serevi: got it

[2008/02/02 9:39] Izmir Serevi: thanks Dewey

[2008/02/02 9:39] Dewey Jung: okay, any questions before we move to textures?

[2008/02/02 9:40] Sunflower Randt: how about profile cut, E

[2008/02/02 9:40] Dewey Jung: the profile cut is for the "seat" you want B to be .250 and E to be 1.00

[2008/02/02 9:41] You have offered friendship to Arwen Nishi

[2008/02/02 9:41] Shadowcat Silverspar: is there a way to slice a bit off it so you end up with a flat back?

[2008/02/02 9:42] Dewey Jung: hmmm, i don't know shadowcat

[2008/02/02 9:42] Dewey Jung: i would figure you could do it by making y and z different, shadowcat

[2008/02/02 9:43] Shadowcat Silverspar: OK will try later, =)

[2008/02/02 9:43] Dewey Jung: okay, textures

[2008/02/02 9:44] Dewey Jung: click your "texture" tab

[2008/02/02 9:45] Dewey Jung: cool, sue!

[2008/02/02 9:45] Dewey Jung: you can either change the color or the texture

[2008/02/02 9:45] Dewey Jung: the plywood texture is the "default"

[2008/02/02 9:46] Rhonwen Beresford: hi dewey

[2008/02/02 9:47] Rhonwen Beresford: i crashed right after you said ok textures

[2008/02/02 9:47] Dewey Jung: click the textures tab, rhonwen

[2008/02/02 9:47] Rhonwen Beresford: got it


[2008/02/02 9:47] Dewey Jung: we haven't gotten very far

[2008/02/02 9:47] Dewey Jung: plywood means "under construction"

[2008/02/02 9:47] Dewey Jung: click the plywood "sample" box on the texture tab

[2008/02/02 9:47] Dewey Jung: there are two places to find textures

[2008/02/02 9:48] Dewey Jung: in your own texture folder, for things you have uploaded

[2008/02/02 9:48] Dewey Jung: and in the "Library" texture folder

[2008/02/02 9:48] Dewey Jung: scroll all the way down to get to the "library"

[2008/02/02 9:48] Dewey Jung: click the litte white triangle next to it to open it

[2008/02/02 9:48] Dewey Jung: it's called a "twistie" btw

[2008/02/02 9:48] Dewey Jung: then click the "twistie" by the textures folder

[2008/02/02 9:49] Dewey Jung: you've got LOTS of choices here!

[2008/02/02 9:49] Dewey Jung: do some experimenting

[2008/02/02 9:49] Dewey Jung: but i suggest you try a "wood" texture

[2008/02/02 9:49] Dewey Jung: find the "wood" folder

[2008/02/02 9:49] Dewey Jung: click the twistie

[2008/02/02 9:49] Dewey Jung: and click each one to see what you'll get

[2008/02/02 9:50] Dewey Jung: i like "bubinga"

[2008/02/02 9:50] Dewey Jung: or "cherry"

[2008/02/02 9:50] Dewey Jung: find the one you want and click "select"

[2008/02/02 9:51] Dewey Jung: it might take a few minutes for it to rez on all the surfaces

[2008/02/02 9:51] Dewey Jung: if it doesn't rez completely, just select the texture again

[2008/02/02 9:51] Rhonwen Beresford: love bubinga

[2008/02/02 9:52] Ebliu Maktoum: how do you get just the sitting part a different texture


[2008/02/02 9:52] Dewey Jung: that's the next step, ebliu

[2008/02/02 9:52] Ebliu Maktoum: k

[2008/02/02 9:52] Dewey Jung: on the edit panel is a radio button that says "select texture"

[2008/02/02 9:53] Dewey Jung: you will see little white targets on the textures that are currently selected

[2008/02/02 9:53] Dewey Jung: (that is, all of them)

[2008/02/02 9:53] Dewey Jung: to select just one, just click on it

[2008/02/02 9:53] Tutti Barbosa: I don't have a wood folder

[2008/02/02 9:54] Dewey Jung: to select more than one, click on a second while holding down the "shift" key

[2008/02/02 9:54] Shadowcat Silverspar: How do you colour just the sitting area?

[2008/02/02 9:54] Dewey Jung: tutti, you in your library folder?

[2008/02/02 9:54] Dewey Jung rewinds a minute or two

[2008/02/02 9:54] Dewey Jung: on your edit panel, is a radio button for "select texture"

[2008/02/02 9:54] Dewey Jung: click it

[2008/02/02 9:55] Dewey Jung: you will see that little white "targets" are on all of your surfaces

[2008/02/02 9:55] Dewey Jung: to select just one surface, click on it

[2008/02/02 9:55] Dewey Jung: to select a second, hold down the shift key and click on another

[2008/02/02 9:55] Neleh Wycliffe: Thanks again. have a great day everyone

[2008/02/02 9:56] Sue Trefoil: how can I sit on the seat and not the back of the couch?

[2008/02/02 9:56] Dewey Jung: well sue, that's an issue that i have faced as well

[2008/02/02 9:56] Sunflower Randt: I can't see that little white "targets"

[2008/02/02 9:56] Dewey Jung: one option is to add sit poses

[2008/02/02 9:57] Iona Igaly: ah!

[2008/02/02 9:57] Dewey Jung: i see them, shadowcat

[2008/02/02 9:57] Cyberlily Beresford: Why am I sittingon the top of the couch instead of the seat?

[2008/02/02 9:57] Dewey Jung: they look kinda whispy

[2008/02/02 9:57] Sunflower Randt: I cliked the select texture.

[2008/02/02 9:57] Dewey Jung: all of yours are selected at first, sunflower

[2008/02/02 9:57] Dewey Jung: click on one surface to select just it

[2008/02/02 9:57] Dewey Jung: the sit on the right spot thing is solvable, but no easily

[2008/02/02 9:58] Dewey Jung: i don't mind people sitting on the back of the couch

[2008/02/02 9:58] Dewey Jung: allows more people to sit there

[2008/02/02 9:58] Dewey Jung: :-)


[2008/02/02 9:58] Dewey Jung: has to do with WHERE you right-click to sit

[2008/02/02 9:58] Dewey Jung: and what angle you are looking at

[2008/02/02 9:58] Dewey Jung: i don't know the definitive answer

[2008/02/02 9:58] Dewey Jung: so after you have selected one texture

[2008/02/02 9:58] Dewey Jung: go to the texture select tool again

[2008/02/02 9:59] Dewey Jung: find library, fabric, green fabric (or whatever) and select

[2008/02/02 10:00] Dewey Jung: if you look at the big couches along the side walls that were here when you arrived, you will see pose balls on them

[2008/02/02 10:00] Dewey Jung: i can give you some "free" sit pose balls if you want them

[2008/02/02 10:00] Ebliu Maktoum: yes, thanks

[2008/02/02 10:00] Jeff Kurka: sure

[2008/02/02 10:00] Rhonwen Beresford: yes please

[2008/02/02 10:00] Izmir Serevi: yes

[2008/02/02 10:00] Iona Igaly: please,

[2008/02/02 10:00] Moz McGinnis: Yes, ty Dewey.

[2008/02/02 10:00] Cyberlily Beresford: Please I would love one!

[2008/02/02 10:01] Dewey Jung: just right click these and choose "more" and then "take copy"

[2008/02/02 10:01] Izmir Serevi: right-click on what>

[2008/02/02 10:02] Rhonwen Beresford: i'm not getting take copy when i click more

[2008/02/02 10:02] Abbey Zenith is Online

[2008/02/02 10:02] Dewey Jung: okay, try again

[2008/02/02 10:02] Dewey Jung: i just made them so anyone can copy

[2008/02/02 10:02] Rhonwen Beresford: nope take copy is greyed out

[2008/02/02 10:03] Dewey Jung: i'm talking about the pose balls above my head

[2008/02/02 10:03] Moz McGinnis: still no copy Dewey

[2008/02/02 10:03] Rhonwen Beresford: yes, the ones everyone is pointing at

[2008/02/02 10:03] Ebliu Maktoum: I was able to copy the blue one

[2008/02/02 10:03] Dewey Jung: hmm, okay, i'll just give them to you all

[2008/02/02 10:03] Rhonwen Beresford: ty

[2008/02/02 10:03] Zonar Beerbaum: yes, thanks

[2008/02/02 10:04] Tutti Barbosa: Dewey, where would I find the pose balls.

[2008/02/02 10:04] Dewey Jung: above my head, tutti

[2008/02/02 10:04] Dewey Jung: are you sure you can't take a copy?

[2008/02/02 10:04] Dewey Jung: try again

[2008/02/02 10:04] Dewey Jung: there's a blue one and a red one

[2008/02/02 10:04] Ebliu Maktoum: when we get them where did they go

[2008/02/02 10:04] Dewey Jung: into your "objects" folder

[2008/02/02 10:04] Cyberlily Beresford: I can't find a Take Copy option.

[2008/02/02 10:04] Dewey Jung: you can see them if you go to your inventory, recent items

[2008/02/02 10:04] Dewey Jung: okay, i'll just hand them out

[2008/02/02 10:04] Izmir Serevi: i cannot either

[2008/02/02 10:04] Iona Igaly: All I get is "wear"

[2008/02/02 10:05] Tutti Barbosa: I can't take a copy

[2008/02/02 10:05] Moz McGinnis: yeah, no copy still Dewy, maybe becaue we're all tryin g to copy same time?

[2008/02/02 10:05] Rhonwen Beresford: i got one after i clicked touch first

[2008/02/02 10:05] Moz McGinnis: ty !

[2008/02/02 10:05] Ebliu Maktoum: thank you

[2008/02/02 10:05] Izmir Serevi: thanks

[2008/02/02 10:06] Izmir Serevi: how do we take the couch that we created with us?

[2008/02/02 10:06] Bronte Alcott: ty, Dewey

[2008/02/02 10:06] Moz McGinnis: I'm loving this bench, Dewy. Perfect for us peeps who live in round houses :)

[2008/02/02 10:06] Tutti Barbosa: ok got it

[2008/02/02 10:06] Dewey Jung: yes, of course you can take yours with

[2008/02/02 10:06] Dewey Jung: just right-click it and choose "take"


[2008/02/02 10:06] Izmir Serevi: cool

[2008/02/02 10:06] Tutti Barbosa: why does my couch keep going back to inventory

[2008/02/02 10:06] Rhonwen Beresford: once we have the pose ball in inventory, how to we put it on the couch?

[2008/02/02 10:06] Dewey Jung: LOL

[2008/02/02 10:06] Izmir Serevi: Thanks a lot, Dewey, this was really helpful

[2008/02/02 10:06] Shadowcat Silverspar: Name it first

[2008/02/02 10:06] Dewey Jung: i just accidentally "wore" a pose ball

[2008/02/02 10:07] Cyberlily Beresford: What do we do with the pose ball?

[2008/02/02 10:07] Tutti Barbosa: Dewey, what do we do with the pose ball now

[2008/02/02 10:07] Rhonwen Beresford: thanks shadowcat

[2008/02/02 10:07] Dewey Jung: and lost my hair

[2008/02/02 10:07] Moz McGinnis: Dewey, erm your head has a poseball :

[2008/02/02 10:07] Ebliu Maktoum: lol


[2008/02/02 10:07] Moz McGinnis: hehehe

[2008/02/02 10:07] Cyberlily Beresford: Now I feel better. (This isn't my correct hair, but it will do.)

[2008/02/02 10:07] Moz McGinnis: LOL

[2008/02/02 10:07] Moz McGinnis: Mine is too scripted so I went to prim :)

[2008/02/02 10:08] Dewey Jung: i'm sure i missed someone

[2008/02/02 10:08] Dewey Jung: i handed out two pose balls

[2008/02/02 10:08] Ebliu Maktoum: thank you very much, very helpful

[2008/02/02 10:08] Dewey Jung: "fountain pose ball" and "chair sit 2"

[2008/02/02 10:08] Iona Igaly: Thanks very much!

[2008/02/02 10:08] Dewey Jung: if you didn't get both, let me know

[2008/02/02 10:08] Cyberlily Beresford: Thanks!

[2008/02/02 10:08] Izmir Serevi: anything else today?

[2008/02/02 10:08] Zonar Beerbaum: not me yet.

[2008/02/02 10:08] Moz McGinnis: Thanks, Dewey. I look forward to more classes here.

[2008/02/02 10:08] Cyberlily Beresford: How do I use the pose balls?

[2008/02/02 10:09] Dewey Jung: well, i have to be honest

[2008/02/02 10:09] Moz McGinnis: Is there a list of upcomings?

[2008/02/02 10:09] Ebliu Maktoum: will we get messages about other workshops

[2008/02/02 10:09] Dewey Jung: using the pose balls is a bit complicated

[2008/02/02 10:09] Cyberlily Beresford: Oh, okay.

[2008/02/02 10:09] Dewey Jung: basically, you rez it

[2008/02/02 10:09] Dewey Jung: then, while STILL keeping the edit panel open, you sit on it

[2008/02/02 10:09] Dewey Jung: then you move it to where you want it

[2008/02/02 10:09] Moz McGinnis: :)

[2008/02/02 10:09] Dewey Jung: then "stand up"

[2008/02/02 10:09] Dewey Jung: if you want it to stay with the couch, you can link it to the couch

[2008/02/02 10:10] Dewey Jung: we'll cover all of this at a subsequent workshop

[2008/02/02 10:10] Rhonwen Beresford: dewey, thank you

[2008/02/02 10:10] Ebliu Maktoum: k

[2008/02/02 10:10] Rhonwen Beresford: this was great

[2008/02/02 10:10] Ebliu Maktoum: good think

[2008/02/02 10:10] Rhonwen Beresford: can't wait for the next workshop

[2008/02/02 10:10] Ebliu Maktoum: thing

[2008/02/02 10:10] Cyberlily Beresford: That would be wonderful! I feel that I've learned a lot today.

[2008/02/02 10:10] Jeff Kurka: Thanks Dewey

[2008/02/02 10:10] Dewey Jung: thank you all for coming!

[2008/02/02 10:10] Izmir Serevi: Thanks

[2008/02/02 10:10] Rhonwen Beresford: i only got the fountain pose ball

[2008/02/02 10:10] Dewey Jung: make sure you accept our elven group invite

[2008/02/02 10:10] Moz McGinnis: Thank you, Dewey.

[2008/02/02 10:10] Rhonwen Beresford: could you please send me the other?

[2008/02/02 10:10] Cyberlily Beresford: This would be great for teaching math, wouldn't it.

[2008/02/02 10:10] Izmir Serevi: bye bye

[2008/02/02 10:10] Rhonwen Beresford: and English

[2008/02/02 10:10] Moz McGinnis: Did we get an invite yet, Dewey to the group?

[2008/02/02 10:10] Dewey Jung: avi might invite you

[2008/02/02 10:10] Laoshi Peccable: Thanks-bye

[2008/02/02 10:10] Dewey Jung: or i might

[2008/02/02 10:11] Dewey Jung: yes, cyberlilly

[2008/02/02 10:11] Zonar Beerbaum: fun course, Dewey.

[2008/02/02 10:11] Dewey Jung: i used to teach math, can you tell?

[2008/02/02 10:11] Cyberlily Beresford: I'll bet you were a great teacher!

[2008/02/02 10:11] Cyberlily Beresford: I was lousy at math.

[2008/02/02 10:11] Bronte Alcott: are

[2008/02/02 10:11] Dewey Jung: i sucked

[2008/02/02 10:11] Moz McGinnis: LOL :) Is there a donation ar for the Institute.

[2008/02/02 10:11] Dewey Jung: it's why i went into teacher education

[2008/02/02 10:11] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/02/02 10:11] Cyberlily Beresford: lOL

[2008/02/02 10:11] Cyberlily Beresford: :)

[2008/02/02 10:11] Ebliu Maktoum: lol

[2008/02/02 10:11] Moz McGinnis: Ah, well, more of us need to learn how to teach.

[2008/02/02 10:11] Dewey Jung: this was fun

[2008/02/02 10:12] Dewey Jung: no, we don't take donations

[2008/02/02 10:12] Cyberlily Beresford: Even when things went wrong!

[2008/02/02 10:12] Moz McGinnis: Oh ok.

[2008/02/02 10:12] Dewey Jung: just spread the word and invite others to join us

[2008/02/02 10:12] Cyberlily Beresford: Thanks, I will.

[2008/02/02 10:12] Rhonwen Beresford: oops one last quesiton - how do i save this beautiful creation?

[2008/02/02 10:12] Moz McGinnis: We certainly will.

[2008/02/02 10:12] Ebliu Maktoum: will do

[2008/02/02 10:12] Cyberlily Beresford: I put my couch in my inventory.

[2008/02/02 10:12] Dewey Jung: you right click it, choose "take"

[2008/02/02 10:12] Rhonwen Beresford: i've renamed it in the general tab

[2008/02/02 10:12] Dewey Jung: it will go into your object tab

[2008/02/02 10:12] Sunflower Randt: I am not sure if my ball just touch, not go into the surface of my couch.

[2008/02/02 10:12] Rhonwen Beresford: great ty

[2008/02/02 10:12] Iona Igaly: thank you, Dewey. Bye!

[2008/02/02 10:13] Dewey Jung: you can only adjust the balls by sitting on them, sunflower

[2008/02/02 10:13] Cyberlily Beresford: Thanks, I think I'll explore a little.

[2008/02/02 10:13] Dewey Jung: thanks for coming, everyone

[2008/02/02 10:13] Cyberlily Beresford: So long, everyone!

[2008/02/02 10:13] Dewey Jung: sue, lol


[2008/02/02 10:13] Dewey Jung: nice way to use the chair

[2008/02/02 10:13] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/02/02 10:13] Cyberlily Beresford: Love the flowering trees!

[2008/02/02 10:13] Kofi Unknown is Offline

[2008/02/02 10:14] Zonar Beerbaum: bye all

[2008/02/02 10:14] Moz McGinnis: Finally rezzed in :)


[2008/02/02 10:14] Shadowcat Silverspar: When I changed the colour, all of it changer. can you just change the seat bit?

[2008/02/02 10:14] Sunflower Randt: Thank you, Dewey, and Avigail. I really like your class.

[2008/02/02 10:15] Rhonwen Beresford: bye and thanks again

[2008/02/02 10:15] Dewey Jung: thanks, all!

[2008/02/02 10:15] Dewey Jung: shadowcat, it's about selecting the right texture first

[2008/02/02 10:15] Dewey Jung: see, this pose ball needs adjustment

[2008/02/02 10:16] Shadowcat Silverspar: yes

[2008/02/02 10:16] Dewey Jung: avi, wake up!

[2008/02/02 10:16] Dewey Jung: it's easiest to adjust while you are sitting on it


[2008/02/02 10:16] Shadowcat Silverspar: Cool

[2008/02/02 10:17] Dewey Jung: tutti, got it?

[2008/02/02 10:18] Bronte Alcott: treat it like any other object

[2008/02/02 10:18] Bronte Alcott: click on it, edit

[2008/02/02 10:18] Dewey Jung: edit first, shadow

[2008/02/02 10:18] Dewey Jung: sit on it while it's being edited

[2008/02/02 10:18] Dewey Jung: then move it

[2008/02/02 10:18] Bronte Alcott: and you can raise and lower it

[2008/02/02 10:18] Shadowcat Silverspar: Thanks I had fun

[2008/02/02 10:19] Shadowcat Silverspar: I think I will go home and practice

[2008/02/02 10:19] Dewey Jung: i had fun too

[2008/02/02 10:19] Bronte Alcott: you can click on it even while you are sitting on it and raise and lower it with you on it

[2008/02/02 10:19] Shadowcat Silverspar: Hehe

[2008/02/02 10:19] Shadowcat Silverspar: I keeped getting my skirt.

[2008/02/02 10:20] Rhonwen Beresford: bye all


[2008/02/02 10:20] Dewey Jung: bye rhonwen

[2008/02/02 10:20] Bronte Alcott: good

[2008/02/02 10:20] Moz McGinnis: See you soon Rhonwen, that'smy updated card.

[2008/02/02 10:20] Moz McGinnis: Oh, no that isn't LOL

[2008/02/02 10:20] Rhonwen Beresford: got the card

[2008/02/02 10:20] Rhonwen Beresford: thanks

[2008/02/02 10:20] Moz McGinnis: I'll send you one in your profile LOL

[2008/02/02 10:20] Bronte Alcott: can you find it under me?

[2008/02/02 10:21] Bronte Alcott: you should be able to click on it, edit and raise both the pose ball and my av

[2008/02/02 10:21] Shadowcat Silverspar: If you put the sit balls into the center, Will they still work if you sit on the couch?


[2008/02/02 10:21] Dewey Jung: they can be invisible

[2008/02/02 10:22] Dewey Jung: but if they are INSIDE the couch, you won't be able to click on them

[2008/02/02 10:22] Dewey Jung: some furniture uses invisible "pads" to sti on

[2008/02/02 10:23] Sunflower Randt: Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend.

[2008/02/02 10:23] Shadowcat Silverspar: How do you make them invisable?

[2008/02/02 10:23] Sunflower Randt: Bye everyone.

[2008/02/02 10:23] Dewey Jung: texture tab, transparency

[2008/02/02 10:23] Moz McGinnis: Thanks again, Dewey. Be seeing you :)

[2008/02/02 10:23] Dewey Jung: bye moz

[2008/02/02 10:23] Shadowcat Silverspar: OK

[2008/02/02 10:24] Dewey Jung: hi cleo

[2008/02/02 10:24] Cleo Easterman: hi

[2008/02/02 10:24] Dewey Jung: why you scooting around, cleo?


[2008/02/02 10:25] Shadowcat Silverspar: I have to go now, see you next time. Buy.

[2008/02/02 10:30] Dewey Jung: how goes it msiha?

[2008/02/02 10:30] Dewey Jung: you appear to have built a couch

[2008/02/02 10:30] Blu Heron: Dewey, this is Misha's very first building

[2008/02/02 10:30] Dewey Jung: good work, misha!


[2008/02/02 10:31] Dewey Jung: thanks for helping, blu

[2008/02/02 10:31] Dewey Jung: how do you think it went?

[2008/02/02 10:31] Blu Heron: yw, dewwey

[2008/02/02 10:32] Blu Heron: yes, Misha..

[2008/02/02 10:32] Blu Heron: if you take it into your inventory...

[2008/02/02 10:32] Blu Heron: then you can rez it agin and work on it in a sandbox...

[2008/02/02 10:32] Blu Heron: and you will always have this original object in your inventory

[2008/02/02 10:33] Bill Friis: Howdy, folks. Looks like a lot of new couches here.

[2008/02/02 10:33] Avigail Lindman: Hey Bill!


[2008/02/02 10:34] Dewey Jung: hey bill!

[2008/02/02 10:34] Dewey Jung: you missed a lot of building fun this morning

[2008/02/02 10:34] Bill Friis: And I am sorry I did. Building is a blast.

[2008/02/02 10:34] Bill Friis: How did the participants do?


[2008/02/02 10:34] Blu Heron: did Misha leave?...and leave his object here?

[2008/02/02 10:34] Dewey Jung: i dunno where msiha went

[2008/02/02 10:34] Avigail Lindman: Gotta go

[2008/02/02 10:34] Dewey Jung: all of a sudden, poof

[2008/02/02 10:34] Blu Heron: maybe he crashed..

[2008/02/02 10:34] Dewey Jung: by avi, thanks!

[2008/02/02 10:34] Avigail Lindman: good to see you Blu, Bronte and Bill

[2008/02/02 10:35] Blu Heron: was having lag

[2008/02/02 10:35] Avigail Lindman: Bye Dewey

[2008/02/02 10:35] Blu Heron: bye avi

[2008/02/02 10:35] Bronte Alcott: you too Avi

[2008/02/02 10:35] Bronte Alcott: take care

[2008/02/02 10:35] Bill Friis: Poof is a common method of saying goodbye in SL.

[2008/02/02 10:35] Dewey Jung: well, i think it was successful

[2008/02/02 10:35] Avigail Lindman: thanks bill

[2008/02/02 10:35] Dewey Jung: nearly everyone was able to build a couch

[2008/02/02 10:35] Avigail Lindman: for you...

[2008/02/02 10:35] Avigail Lindman: Poof!

[2008/02/02 10:35] Dewey Jung: a few people left early

[2008/02/02 10:35] Dewey Jung: i didn't hear any complaints

[2008/02/02 10:35] Dewey Jung: although a few people had trouble building and reading what i had to say

[2008/02/02 10:36] Dewey Jung: might be a reason to use voice in teh future

[2008/02/02 10:36] Dewey Jung: bronte, YOU are the sweetest

[2008/02/02 10:36] Dewey Jung: letting tutti bury you like that

[2008/02/02 10:36] Blu Heron: well, I'm going to 'poof'....bye, all!

[2008/02/02 10:37] Dewey Jung: thanks blu!

[2008/02/02 10:37] Dewey Jung: see you soon

[2008/02/02 10:38] Dewey Jung: bron, it's a trick pose ball


[2008/02/02 10:38] Dewey Jung: just so you know

[2008/02/02 10:38] Bronte Alcott: what???

[2008/02/02 10:39] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/02/02 10:39] Bronte Alcott: well, I kept adjusting it


[2008/02/02 10:39] Bronte Alcott: sometimes they take patience

[2008/02/02 10:39] Dewey Jung: watch what happens when you are sitting on it

[2008/02/02 10:39] Bronte Alcott: it disappears

[2008/02/02 10:39] Tutti Barbosa: how do you attach the sit balls to the couch ... is it like linking?

[2008/02/02 10:39] Dewey Jung: no, while you are stiting on it

[2008/02/02 10:40] Dewey Jung: lol

[2008/02/02 10:40] Dewey Jung: yes, it's linking, tutti

[2008/02/02 10:40] Tutti Barbosa: ok

[2008/02/02 10:40] Bronte Alcott: haha

[2008/02/02 10:40] Bronte Alcott: must be one of your lectures, Dewey

[2008/02/02 10:40] Dewey Jung: okay, kids, i gotta go

[2008/02/02 10:40] Dewey Jung: pffft, bronte

[2008/02/02 10:40] Dewey Jung: YOU have never BEEN to one of my "lectures"

[2008/02/02 10:40] Tutti Barbosa: bye Dewey

[2008/02/02 10:41] Bronte Alcott: bye Dewey

[2008/02/02 10:41] Bronte Alcott: this was a great class, btw

[2008/02/02 10:41] Dewey Jung: thanks, i thought so too

[2008/02/02 10:43] Tutti Barbosa: shouldn't the sit balls work with just a click (not right click?)

[2008/02/02 10:43] Dewey Jung: nope

[2008/02/02 10:43] Dewey Jung doesn't know of any sit balls that work on just a click

[2008/02/02 10:43] Tutti Barbosa: I can just sit anywhere without a sit ball

[2008/02/02 10:53] Dewey Jung: bye all

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