Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dewey Jung builds a couch, Beta version

I am experimenting with using machinima (machine...cinema; basically, videos made in virtual environments such as Second Life) to teach teachers and others how to use Second Life more effectively.

On Saturday, I attended a workshop led by HVX Silverstar on SL machinima. It was extremely helpful! Go to this link if you want lots of information and tips for beginning to make SL machinima. Thanks, HVX!!

This is an early draft of a video I'm going to make to use for a workshop on February 2, 2008 at ELVEN. See http://elveninstitute.org/workshops.html for more details on the workshop, or to register.

I created this video by capturing the Second Life window with Windows Media Encoder, then uploaded the result to http://blip.tv. Unfortunately, this is in WMV format, and so can't be streamed in SL. Next I'm going to use SL's own "native" video capture tool, and clean up the interface a bit.

Dewey Jung builds a couch.

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