Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dewey Builds a Couch, Version 1.0

As I said in my previous post, I'm learning how to create videos to help teach teacher and others how to use Second Life.

The latest version is much more complete than the previous one. For one thing, there is a narration. For another, I've solved the problem of having instant messages and group notices intrude on the video. For a third, the clarity and resolution is much better.

I created this version using Windows Media Encoder, which allowed me to record the audio at the same time as I recorded the video.

I got some help from my SL friend Entropy Kuhn, who has very few SL friends and no SL groups. By using his account to do the filming, we were uninterrupted. Plus, he was able to do the building, while I focused on narrating. :-)

Windows Media Encoder creates WMV files. I uploaded the 350MB WMV file to, which automatically converted the file to the Flash format, which is how it is embedded here.

(UPDATE: Hmmmm, it appears the conversion into FLA format is still "pending", so it's embedded here as WMV, and it isn't running very quickly. Plus, it's too big for the column on the blog. So still have some work to do. LATER UPDATE: The video definitely is too big not only for the column on the blog page, but to be played at anything approaching real-time rate.)

I'm currently using EO Video (evaluation version) to convert this into a Quicktime file, so I can play it in Second Life. I'll let you know how that goes.....

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