Saturday, May 03, 2008

ELVEN Communication Workshop Held Today

This is just a transcript...I will put photos up here later.

[2008/05/03 8:18] Dewey Jung: (You can change the settings of “voice” so that you hear the speaker from your avatar’s position, which means that what you are looking at with your camera will not affect the volume…but I don’t recommend that.)

[2008/05/03 8:19] Dewey Jung: If you can’t hear me well, you might want to come closer to me.

[2008/05/03 8:19] Dewey Jung: Okay, let’s start:

[2008/05/03 8:19] Katrina Riederer: yes

[2008/05/03 8:19] You: can everyone hear me?

[2008/05/03 8:19] Mairenn Morgwain: yes

[2008/05/03 8:19] Babette Vuckovic: yes

[2008/05/03 8:19] Evus Alter: yes

[2008/05/03 8:20] Dewey Jung: On behalf of the ELVEN Institute and the Alliance Info Archipelago, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our Educators Workshop on communication.

[2008/05/03 8:20] Dewey Jung: I’m Dewey Jung, the director of the ELVEN institute

[2008/05/03 8:20] Dewey Jung: in real life, I’m a professor at National-Louis university in Chicago

[2008/05/03 8:20] Dewey Jung: i teach technology in education and philosophy of education

[2008/05/03 8:20] Dewey Jung: The ELVEN Institute is the brain child of conversations between Puglet Dancer of the Alliance Library System and myself about involving pre-K through 12 teachers and librarians in Second Life.

[2008/05/03 8:21] Dewey Jung: ELVEN is an acronym that means “Educators and Librarians in Virtual ENvironments”.

[2008/05/03 8:21] Dewey Jung: We created the ELVEN Institute Advisory Board and began planning our mission, goals, and physical presence in Second Life.

[2008/05/03 8:21] Dewey Jung: Luckily for us, the Alliance Library System had space on Cybrary City II and we were given some space here.

[2008/05/03 8:22] Dewey Jung: With our board in place, the first order of business was to define our mission.

[2008/05/03 8:22] Dewey Jung: We defined this as "to assist preK-12 educators and librarians to envision, construct, and use engaging virtual learning environments in order to demonstrate and document their value in increasing student achievement and growth. "

[2008/05/03 8:22] Dewey Jung: To achieve this, we seek to collaborate with other institutions, to conduct professional development and research, and to collect and disseminate best practices and useful tools related to prek-12 learning environments.

[2008/05/03 8:22] Dewey Jung: We have been working together for about 25 months now and have had, we believe, an impact on the presence of educators and librarians.

[2008/05/03 8:23] Dewey Jung: Other pre K - 12 groups have been formed and we now have more people interested in and involved in pre K - 12 education in Second Life.

[2008/05/03 8:24] Dewey Jung: In the course of our discussions, we realized that many of us came into Second Life with no skills in using a 3D environment.

[2008/05/03 8:24] Dewey Jung: We had to learn from scratch how to move, to dress, to build, and, yes, to teach in a new environment.

[2008/05/03 8:25] Dewey Jung: Like our students, we jumped in without learning the basics.

[2008/05/03 8:25] Dewey Jung: The ELVEN Institute decided to try to remedy this and the workshop you are attending today is our attempt to help you learn the basics.

[2008/05/03 8:25] Dewey Jung: we are conducting at least one workshop each month, usually on the first Saturday. Next month’s workshop will be on June 7 and will cover appearance and shopping.

[2008/05/03 8:25] Dewey Jung: You can see a schedule for our workshops at

[2008/05/03 8:25] Dewey Jung: Also, be sure to join the ELVEN group before you leave here today, so you will get notices of upcoming events. I’ll tell you how to do that later, if you don’t know.

[2008/05/03 8:25] Dewey Jung: Any questions before we begin?

[2008/05/03 8:26] Rocky Vallejo is Online

[2008/05/03 8:26] Katrina Riederer: no questions

[2008/05/03 8:27] Dewey Jung: As we go, if you have any questions, you can either just ask it in open Chat –especially if your question is of general interest--or you can IM one of the ELVEN staff members. Would those people please stand?

[2008/05/03 8:28] Dewey Jung: To IM them, just right-click on their avatars, and choose “Send IM”.

[2008/05/03 8:28] Dewey Jung: Okay, let’s start.

[2008/05/03 8:28] Dewey Jung: Here are the topics we’ll be discussing today:

[2008/05/03 8:28] Dewey Jung: 1. Chat

[2008/05/03 8:28] Dewey Jung: 2. IM

[2008/05/03 8:28] Dewey Jung: 3. Friends conference (IM with a group)

[2008/05/03 8:29] Dewey Jung: 4. Group IMs

[2008/05/03 8:29] Dewey Jung: 5. offline IM to email

[2008/05/03 8:29] Dewey Jung: 6. logging IM and chat

[2008/05/03 8:29] Dewey Jung: 7. chat and IM options

[2008/05/03 8:29] Dewey Jung: 8. creating a notecard

[2008/05/03 8:29] Dewey Jung: 9. and we’ll conclude with a discussion about etiquette in SL communication.

[2008/05/03 8:30] Bronte Alcott: ok, Dewey

[2008/05/03 8:30] Dewey Jung: if you will direct your attention to the view screen behind me

[2008/05/03 8:30] Dewey Jung: To see the view screen more clearly, “Alt-click” on it and then zoom in using either your mouse wheel or Ctrl-8

[2008/05/03 8:30] Dewey Jung: (btw, this is a "freeview" screen

[2008/05/03 8:30] Dewey Jung: it will show any texture and videos as well

[2008/05/03 8:30] Dewey Jung: and is available for free

[2008/05/03 8:30] Dewey Jung: but that's not my topic, today)

[2008/05/03 8:31] Dewey Jung: this slide shows my user interface

[2008/05/03 8:32] You: can everyone see the screen and hear me?

[2008/05/03 8:32] Valaina Shepherd: yes

[2008/05/03 8:32] Mairenn Morgwain: yes

[2008/05/03 8:32] Babette Vuckovic: yes

[2008/05/03 8:32] Movies1963 Beck: yes

[2008/05/03 8:32] Amanda7 Himmel: yes

[2008/05/03 8:32] Katrina Riederer: yes

[2008/05/03 8:32] Dewey Jung: you all know about the chat bar, lower part of the screen

[2008/05/03 8:32] Dewey Jung: on the very lower left is a button that toggles that bar on and off

[2008/05/03 8:33] Dewey Jung: you all know how to chat, I’m sure; you type what you want to “say,” and hit enter

[2008/05/03 8:33] Dewey Jung: in addition to hitting "enter" to send a chat

[2008/05/03 8:33] Dewey Jung: you can also press the Say button

[2008/05/03 8:33] Dewey Jung: notice that the “say” button is inactive until you type something in the chat bar

[2008/05/03 8:34] Dewey Jung: If you click the little up arrow next to the say button, you can choose to “shout” something

[2008/05/03 8:34] Dewey Jung: shouts can be heard much further away than "say": about 100 meters

[2008/05/03 8:34] Valaina Shepherd shouts: Cool

[2008/05/03 8:34] Amanda7 Himmel shouts: Yeah!

[2008/05/03 8:34] Movies1963 Beck shouts: say something

[2008/05/03 8:34] Evus Alter shouts: shout

[2008/05/03 8:34] Babette Vuckovic shouts: Good morning!

[2008/05/03 8:34] Katrina Riederer shouts: Hurray!!!

[2008/05/03 8:35] Blu Heron shouts: Hello everyone

[2008/05/03 8:35] Bronte Alcott: hey

[2008/05/03 8:35] Zotarah Shepherd: The whole sim can hear you in shout.

[2008/05/03 8:35] Bergen Aeon: yes

[2008/05/03 8:35] Zotarah Shepherd: Ka's is on

[2008/05/03 8:36] sage Tauber: sorry

[2008/05/03 8:36] Zotarah Shepherd: You can mute the ones you do not want to hear

[2008/05/03 8:37] Zotarah Shepherd: hehe yes

[2008/05/03 8:37] Evus Alter: I don't know if I am or not

[2008/05/03 8:37] Dewey Jung: shouts are good for getting someone’s attention who is beyond 20 meters away

[2008/05/03 8:37] Dewey Jung: but illegal on some sims

[2008/05/03 8:38] Dewey Jung: residential sims, mostly

[2008/05/03 8:38] Dewey Jung: to the left of the chat bar, you'll see the "local chat" button

[2008/05/03 8:38] Dewey Jung: click that

[2008/05/03 8:38] Dewey Jung: and chats appear in that window instead of in a clear box on your screen

[2008/05/03 8:38] Dewey Jung: the “local chat” button is GREAT if you are in a situation where multiple people are talking at once

[2008/05/03 8:39] Dewey Jung: to keep better track of the conversation

[2008/05/03 8:39] Dewey Jung: or to go back to if you missed something

[2008/05/03 8:39] Dewey Jung: you can also type into the bar at the bottom of the local chat window

[2008/05/03 8:39] Dewey Jung: and again, choose to “say” or “shout” it

[2008/05/03 8:39] Dewey Jung: The local chat window also allows you to click directly on a URL like this one:

[2008/05/03 8:40] Dewey Jung: which will open the URL in a browser window right in the SL viewer

[2008/05/03 8:40] Dewey Jung: Notice you can also have URLs open directly in an external browser, either by clicking the button on the lower left of the browser window, or by clicking the checkbox to the right of that button so ALL URLs open in an external browser

[2008/05/03 8:40] Zotarah Shepherd: 2 text fields are good for preparing things to say in advance

[2008/05/03 8:41] Zotarah Shepherd: For Media URLs

[2008/05/03 8:42] Valaina Shepherd: how do you have 2 text fields?

[2008/05/03 8:42] Valaina Shepherd: ah

[2008/05/03 8:42] Dewey Jung: One more thing about the chat bar….you can scroll back through the things you have previously said and say something again.

[2008/05/03 8:43] You: sl is so flakey

[2008/05/03 8:43] You: sl is so flakey

[2008/05/03 8:43] You: sl is so flakey

[2008/05/03 8:44] You: sl is so flakey

[2008/05/03 8:44] You: sl is so flakey

[2008/05/03 8:44] You: sl is so flakey

[2008/05/03 8:44] You: sl is so flakey

[2008/05/03 8:44] Katrina Riederer: Hurray!!!

[2008/05/03 8:44] Babette Vuckovic: Good morning!

[2008/05/03 8:44] Amanda7 Himmel: Yeah!

[2008/05/03 8:44] Evus Alter shouts: i'll do it

[2008/05/03 8:44] Amanda7 Himmel: Yeah!

[2008/05/03 8:44] Bergen Aeon: also copy and paste into note cards

[2008/05/03 8:44] Katrina Riederer: Hurray!!!

[2008/05/03 8:44] Blu Heron: Hello everyone

[2008/05/03 8:44] Evus Alter shouts: you did a great job

[2008/05/03 8:44] Evus Alter shouts: you did a great job

[2008/05/03 8:44] Movies1963 Beck shouts: hi

[2008/05/03 8:45] Dewey Jung: click in the chat bar, then hold down the Control button and use the up and down arrows

[2008/05/03 8:45] Dewey Jung: If you get to the beginning or ending of your chat history, you’ll hear a “thump” sound, which says there are no more lines to scroll through.

[2008/05/03 8:45] Dewey Jung: below the chat bar is the "communicate" button

[2008/05/03 8:45] Dewey Jung: if you click that, the window i am showing on the viewer appears

[2008/05/03 8:45] Dewey Jung: you know to IM someone, you can right click (or Command-click on a Mac) on them

[2008/05/03 8:46] Dewey Jung: or choose them from your "friends" list and click the IM/call button

[2008/05/03 8:46] Dewey Jung: IMs are private conversations, unlike chat

[2008/05/03 8:47] Dewey Jung: the other great thing about IMs is you can IM with someone no matter where they are in SL….whereas chat only carries 20 meters (or 100 if you shout)

[2008/05/03 8:47] Dewey Jung: friends who are online appear in bold at the top of the list in alphabetical order by first name

[2008/05/03 8:47] Valaina Shepherd: How do you know if they are online

[2008/05/03 8:48] Katrina Riederer: are off line

[2008/05/03 8:49] Bronte Alcott: haha

[2008/05/03 8:49] Katrina Riederer: you did well Dewey!!!

[2008/05/03 8:49] Katrina Riederer: does mess with the head

[2008/05/03 8:49] Bergen Aeon: busted!

[2008/05/03 8:49] Katrina Riederer giggles

[2008/05/03 8:49] Dewey Jung: friends who are offline or who have chosen to appear offline are below the online friends

[2008/05/03 8:50] Dewey Jung: Once you are in an IM with someone, you can call them on Voice by clicking the call button.

[2008/05/03 8:50] Dewey Jung: They will get a blue message on the upper right of their screen asking them if they want to accept the call. To talk, they will have to have the “talk” button on the lower right of their screen locked or pressed to talk.

[2008/05/03 8:51] Dewey Jung: Note that when you “talk” in an IM, you no longer hear the local voice chat.

[2008/05/03 8:51] Dewey Jung: So, voice IM really is only good to use if you are not participating in a local voice chat.

[2008/05/03 8:52] Katrina Riederer: can you have a voice chat with someone in another sim?

[2008/05/03 8:52] Katrina Riederer: thank you

[2008/05/03 8:52] Dewey Jung: By the way, I’ve learned that you can often get Voice to work by starting a voice IM call with someone. For some reason, it seems to “kick in” the voice function when it doesn’t seem to be working.

[2008/05/03 8:53] Dewey Jung: Okay, I want everyone to pick someone on your friends list to start a voice IM with. It can be someone here, or some of your other friends who are online. Just try it out, and after a short while, close it so you can listen better to me.

[2008/05/03 8:54] You: come back to listening to me after you've tried out the IM

[2008/05/03 8:54] You: don't forget to lock yuor "talk" button while in the voice IM

[2008/05/03 8:54] You: and dont forget to unlock it (mute your mic) when you come back

[2008/05/03 8:54] You: i'll give everyone 2 minutes

[2008/05/03 8:55] Katrina Riederer: question -- locking the talk button means a little green microphone shows up????

[2008/05/03 8:56] Amanda7 Himmel: If I don't see the green waves going out over my head, does that assure me that my mic is off?

[2008/05/03 8:56] Amanda7 Himmel: Thanks.

[2008/05/03 8:57] Avigail Lindman: that works

[2008/05/03 8:57] Evus Alter: how do I know my mike is muted?

[2008/05/03 8:57] You: okay, end your IM call

[2008/05/03 8:57] Evus Alter: yes

[2008/05/03 8:57] Mairenn Morgwain: I'm sorry I have to leave now. Thanks again

[2008/05/03 8:57] Mairenn Morgwain: thank you

[2008/05/03 8:58] Evus Alter: so if it is white is unlocked

[2008/05/03 8:58] Bergen Aeon chuckles......

[2008/05/03 8:58] Evus Alter: and we wantitunlocked?

[2008/05/03 9:00] You: everyone ready to move on?

[2008/05/03 9:00] Katrina Riederer: yup

[2008/05/03 9:00] Bronte Alcott: yes

[2008/05/03 9:00] Zotarah Shepherd: yes

[2008/05/03 9:00] Amanda7 Himmel: yes

[2008/05/03 9:00] Evus Alter: yes

[2008/05/03 9:00] Babette Vuckovic: yes

[2008/05/03 9:00] Dewey Jung: there is this thing called "friends conference" or multiple IM

[2008/05/03 9:01] Dewey Jung: it's very cool

[2008/05/03 9:01] Dewey Jung: you can IM with more than one person at a time

[2008/05/03 9:01] Dewey Jung: to have a private conversation among a group of your friends

[2008/05/03 9:02] Dewey Jung: to do that....

[2008/05/03 9:02] Dewey Jung: you open your communicate window

[2008/05/03 9:02] Dewey Jung: friends list

[2008/05/03 9:02] Dewey Jung: and then hold down the ctrl button as you select multiple people

[2008/05/03 9:02] Dewey Jung: when you have the group you want, you click the IM/Call button

[2008/05/03 9:02] Dewey Jung: a weird sound occurs, and then a "friends conference" opens up like what you see on the screen

[2008/05/03 9:03] sage Tauber: what if it's grayed out?

[2008/05/03 9:03] Evus Alter: not happening

[2008/05/03 9:03] You: hmmm, what's graayed out?

[2008/05/03 9:03] Valaina Shepherd: grayed out here too

[2008/05/03 9:04] Valaina Shepherd: oh, I did people off line

[2008/05/03 9:04] sage Tauber: so it's grayed if friends are offline?

[2008/05/03 9:04] Evus Alter: okay

[2008/05/03 9:04] Bergen Aeon: do they have to make the same selections?

[2008/05/03 9:05] Bergen Aeon: and they are all aware of that?

[2008/05/03 9:05] Zotarah Shepherd: If you exit a Friends conference you can't get back in and you can't be added once it is started.

[2008/05/03 9:06] Bronte Alcott: haha

[2008/05/03 9:06] Zotarah Shepherd: Oh wow yes!

[2008/05/03 9:06] Amanda7 Himmel: Will we be able to see everyone in the conference if it was initiated by someone else?

[2008/05/03 9:06] Dewey Jung: Note that if you start a friends conference with a group, and someone hits the “x” in the upper right of their friends conference window, then they leave the conference and can’t return to it

[2008/05/03 9:06] Avigail Lindman: haha

[2008/05/03 9:08] Bronte Alcott: that's amazing

[2008/05/03 9:08] Dewey Jung: If you lose someone from a friends conference, you have two choices:

[2008/05/03 9:09] Avigail Lindman is taking notes!

[2008/05/03 9:09] Dewey Jung: First, you can restart the conference, which is easy to do…you just close it with the “X” and then, since everyone is still highlighted in your friends list, you just click IM/Call again

[2008/05/03 9:10] Dewey Jung: Or, alternatively, you can re-add someone to a friends conference by dragging their “calling card” onto the “names” panel of the conference.

[2008/05/03 9:11] Dewey Jung: When you are in a conference, you can see who is in the conference by clicking the little blue double arrow button on the top right of the conference panel. This opens the “names” panel.

[2008/05/03 9:11] Dewey Jung: Everyone time you “friend” someone, you get a calling card.

[2008/05/03 9:12] You: hello desdemona!

[2008/05/03 9:12] Desdemona Enfield: Hi Dewey

[2008/05/03 9:12] You: we're using voice, btw, if yuo wish to follow along, but i'm also doing text of teh major ideas

[2008/05/03 9:13] Dewey Jung: You can find your calling cards in your inventory, by looking for the folder named “Calling Cards”

[2008/05/03 9:13] Dewey Jung: You will notice that the cards are (usually) in reverse order by date you friended someone, with the most recent at the top.

[2008/05/03 9:13] Dewey Jung: The calling cards of friends who are currently online are BOLD with the word (online) next to them.

[2008/05/03 9:14] Dewey Jung: To add someone to a friends conference, click and drag their calling card to the names panel.

[2008/05/03 9:14] Dewey Jung:

[2008/05/03 9:14] Dewey Jung: On e confusing thing is, you can end up with multiple “friends conference” tabs open…..

[2008/05/03 9:15] Dewey Jung: if you initiated the friends conference, the most recent one is on the LEFT

[2008/05/03 9:15] Zotarah Shepherd: One of the most embarrassing things is to type in the wrong window.

[2008/05/03 9:18] Dewey Jung: but if someone else initiated the friends conference, the most recent is on the RIGHT

[2008/05/03 9:18] Desdemona Enfield: yes

[2008/05/03 9:18] Dewey Jung: this can get confusing.

[2008/05/03 9:18] Dewey Jung: To remove the highlighting on multiple people so you can IM with just one, just click someone not in your friends conference

[2008/05/03 9:18] Katrina Riederer: very confusing!!!

[2008/05/03 9:19] Dewey Jung: or, hold down the Control button and click a highlighted person to remove them

[2008/05/03 9:20] Dewey Jung: Note that you can also have a friends conference via voice. To do that, you simply start a regular friends conference, and after hitting the IM/Call button, you click the “Call” button on the conference panel. The selected people will get a blue mess

[2008/05/03 9:20] Dewey Jung: To participate, they must have voice enabled, and their “talk button” (lower right of screen) must be either locked on, or pressed to talk.

[2008/05/03 9:20] Dewey Jung:

[2008/05/03 9:20] Dewey Jung: while we’re here, let's talk a bit about groups

[2008/05/03 9:20] Dewey Jung: your current groups are listed on the groups tab

[2008/05/03 9:20] Dewey Jung: the one in “bold” is the one that is displayed above your head (as in ELVEN Institute, which is my current label)

[2008/05/03 9:22] Dewey Jung: you can change the active group by clicking a group and then clicking the “Activate” button

[2008/05/03 9:22] Dewey Jung: or you can click “none” and activate that, to remove your label

[2008/05/03 9:22] Dewey Jung: how do you join a group?

[2008/05/03 9:22] Dewey Jung: well, you can search in “groups” by clicking the “search” button

[2008/05/03 9:24] Dewey Jung: when you find a group you want to join, you can click the “Join” button

[2008/05/03 9:25] Dewey Jung: Or, if you right-click on someone and choose "profile"

[2008/05/03 9:25] Dewey Jung: you'll get their profile, like this

[2008/05/03 9:25] Dewey Jung: it shows their groups

[2008/05/03 9:26] Dewey Jung: (or at least their public groups)

[2008/05/03 9:26] Bergen Aeon: thank you for all the useful info - I'm afraid I must go

[2008/05/03 9:26] Dewey Jung: to join a group that someone you know is in

[2008/05/03 9:26] Dewey Jung: double-click on the group name in their profile

[2008/05/03 9:26] Dewey Jung: once in a group window, i can JOIN that group, by clicking on the "join" button

[2008/05/03 9:26] Dewey Jung: not all groups allow anyone to join

[2008/05/03 9:26] Dewey Jung: if there is no "join" button, the group is invitation only

[2008/05/03 9:26] Dewey Jung: when you join a group

[2008/05/03 9:26] Dewey Jung: it becomes "activated" automatically

[2008/05/03 9:27] Dewey Jung: that means the label appears above your head

[2008/05/03 9:27] Dewey Jung: you can remove the label by activating "none"

[2008/05/03 9:27] Dewey Jung: there is an unfortunate limit of 25 groups per person

[2008/05/03 9:27] Dewey Jung: I’m at that limit now, so to join a new group I would have to leave one I’m in

[2008/05/03 9:27] Dewey Jung: okay, next topic: making a notecard

[2008/05/03 9:27] Babette Vuckovic: Any movement to increase the number of groups we can join?

[2008/05/03 9:28] Zotarah Shepherd: There was a petition to Lindens to increase the number of groups to 50

[2008/05/03 9:28] Bronte Alcott: yes

[2008/05/03 9:28] Zotarah Shepherd: That was a few months ago

[2008/05/03 9:28] Zotarah Shepherd: Some groups do not have a Join button.

[2008/05/03 9:29] Zotarah Shepherd: Some groups have a fee to join too

[2008/05/03 9:29] Dewey Jung: in your inventory (lower right of screen)

[2008/05/03 9:30] Bronte Alcott: some of the clothing designers are having join fees

[2008/05/03 9:30] Bronte Alcott: to keep from getting spam messages

[2008/05/03 9:30] Zotarah Shepherd: Some told me that a fee insures the person is really interested and not just a spammer

[2008/05/03 9:30] Bronte Alcott: yes

[2008/05/03 9:30] Bronte Alcott: discourage them

[2008/05/03 9:30] Bronte Alcott: haha

[2008/05/03 9:31] Dewey Jung: is a "create" menu

[2008/05/03 9:31] Dewey Jung: on that menu is "new note"

[2008/05/03 9:31] Dewey Jung: click that

[2008/05/03 9:31] Dewey Jung: (do it now)

[2008/05/03 9:31] Dewey Jung: a blank note window appears

[2008/05/03 9:31] Dewey Jung: you should immediately give it a name other than “new note”

[2008/05/03 9:32] Dewey Jung: by typing the new name.

[2008/05/03 9:32] Secret-Agent HUD 7.5a (WEAR ME): (localSIM) Blu Heron @ 39m

[2008/05/03 9:32] Dewey Jung: then, you can type into the new note.

[2008/05/03 9:32] Secret-Agent HUD 7.5a (WEAR ME): (localSIM) Movies1963 Beck @ 08m

[2008/05/03 9:32] Avigail Lindman: wb, Blu

[2008/05/03 9:33] Dewey Jung: you can put landmarks, other notecards, and snapshots into notecards

[2008/05/03 9:33] Zotarah Shepherd: Good for making reports of griefers.

[2008/05/03 9:34] Valaina Shepherd: can you put in folders

[2008/05/03 9:34] Dewey Jung: this is a very cool way to share information

[2008/05/03 9:34] Dewey Jung: when you click "save" the notecard appears in your inventory as "new note"

[2008/05/03 9:34] Dewey Jung: by right-clicking the "new note" and choosing "rename"

[2008/05/03 9:34] Dewey Jung: btw, inventory items usually or sorted by date created

[2008/05/03 9:34] Dewey Jung: so the most recent is at the top

[2008/05/03 9:35] Zotarah Shepherd has folders and sub and sub sub folders for notecards *grins*

[2008/05/03 9:35] You: zo is a "sub folder" queen

[2008/05/03 9:35] Zotarah Shepherd: hehehehe

[2008/05/03 9:36] Dewey Jung: you can also sort your inventory by "name" in the sort menu

[2008/05/03 9:36] Dewey Jung: if you need to find something by name

[2008/05/03 9:36] Dewey Jung: or, of course, search it

[2008/05/03 9:36] Dewey Jung: and also apply filters, in the "recent" tab, which i won't cover here

[2008/05/03 9:37] Dewey Jung: you can also create folders and sub-folders to organize them

[2008/05/03 9:37] Dewey Jung: by right-clicking an existing folder, and choosing “New Folder”

[2008/05/03 9:37] Dewey Jung:

[2008/05/03 9:37] Dewey Jung: okay, next topic: communication settings

[2008/05/03 9:37] Dewey Jung: click the edit menu

[2008/05/03 9:38] Dewey Jung: and then the tab that says "communication"

[2008/05/03 9:38] Dewey Jung: this tab is chock full of stuff

[2008/05/03 9:38] Dewey Jung: important stuff

[2008/05/03 9:38] Dewey Jung: first, you can have all your offline IMs go to email

[2008/05/03 9:38] Evus Alter: I don't have it

[2008/05/03 9:38] Babette Vuckovic: Edit, then preferences, then communication?

[2008/05/03 9:38] Evus Alter: no communication tab

[2008/05/03 9:39] Valaina Shepherd: go to properties and then communication

[2008/05/03 9:39] Blu Heron: open preferences from the edit

[2008/05/03 9:39] Valaina Shepherd: whoops preferences

[2008/05/03 9:39] Evus Alter: sorry I did not have preferences open

[2008/05/03 9:39] Zotarah Shepherd: Or Ctrl P

[2008/05/03 9:40] Dewey Jung: which is great to know that someone has contacted you while you were offline

[2008/05/03 9:40] Dewey Jung: (you can change this setting from the account page as well)

[2008/05/03 9:40] Dewey Jung: if you click "include IM in chat history", IM's will show in the history, as they do in the clear box at the bottom of the screen

[2008/05/03 9:40] Dewey Jung: i don't like to have my IMs in the chat history

[2008/05/03 9:40] Dewey Jung: because I often save the chat history for transcripts, and i don’t' want my IMs in those :-)

[2008/05/03 9:41] Dewey Jung: you can choose timestamps in IMs

[2008/05/03 9:41] Zotarah Shepherd: And too many IMs are confusing too

[2008/05/03 9:42] Dewey Jung: you can change your busy mode response

[2008/05/03 9:42] Dewey Jung: now, the logging options

[2008/05/03 9:43] Dewey Jung: CRITICALLY USEFUL

[2008/05/03 9:43] Dewey Jung: you can log everything that happens in sl

[2008/05/03 9:43] Dewey Jung: well, the text anyway

[2008/05/03 9:43] Desdemona Enfield: Each day, I create a subfolder with yesterday's date,then copy all the log files into that subfolder.

[2008/05/03 9:44] Desdemona Enfield: agreed.

[2008/05/03 9:44] Dewey Jung: (no voice logs, yet)

[2008/05/03 9:44] Babette Vuckovic: Where do these logs go and how can I access them?

[2008/05/03 9:45] Dewey Jung: notice i log IMs AND chat

[2008/05/03 9:45] Dewey Jung: with timestamps

[2008/05/03 9:45] Dewey Jung: and dates

[2008/05/03 9:45] Dewey Jung: the KEY thing here is

[2008/05/03 9:45] Dewey Jung: (well two things)

[2008/05/03 9:45] Dewey Jung: first, the logging does not start until the next time you "log" into sl

[2008/05/03 9:45] Dewey Jung: so to start the logging, you click these boxes, and THEN log out, then log back in

[2008/05/03 9:45] Desdemona Enfield: The preferences panel title communication there is a path where the logs go.

[2008/05/03 9:46] Dewey Jung: the second key thing is the "path"

[2008/05/03 9:46] Dewey Jung: you need to be able to find your logs

[2008/05/03 9:46] Dewey Jung: on a PC, they end up in an obscure folder that is usually "hidden" by default

[2008/05/03 9:46] Dewey Jung: that is, not shown in "My Computer"

[2008/05/03 9:46] Bronte Alcott: Mac too

[2008/05/03 9:46] Dewey Jung: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\SecondLife

[2008/05/03 9:46] Dewey Jung: i keep mine there, cause i'm used to it

[2008/05/03 9:47] Valaina Shepherd: Do you have all the boxes checked under Logging Options?

[2008/05/03 9:48] Dewey Jung: but you might want to change this to a path under "My Documents"

[2008/05/03 9:48] Dewey Jung: the logs are continuous from the time you start logging

[2008/05/03 9:48] Dewey Jung: every session is appended to the end

[2008/05/03 9:49] Dewey Jung: one log is called "chat.txt"

[2008/05/03 9:49] Dewey Jung: and the others are named after the specific person

[2008/05/03 9:49] Dewey Jung: (that is for IMs)

[2008/05/03 9:49] Dewey Jung: some of my IM logs are HUGE

[2008/05/03 9:49] Dewey Jung: my chat log got too big

[2008/05/03 9:49] Dewey Jung: so i copied it to a backup

[2008/05/03 9:49] Dewey Jung: and then made a new, empty file called chat.txt

[2008/05/03 9:49] Dewey Jung: all the stuff appears in the IM, and with time/date stamps, you can tell when

[2008/05/03 9:49] Dewey Jung: btw, you can tell when you FIRST Im’d someone

[2008/05/03 9:49] Dewey Jung: by looking at the "date created" on these files

[2008/05/03 9:50] Dewey Jung: while, we’re here, let’s talk a bit about text chat settings

[2008/05/03 9:50] Dewey Jung: you can change the colors of the text chat in the local chat window, or in the clear box that appears when the window is not open

[2008/05/03 9:51] Dewey Jung: that clear window is called the “chat console”

[2008/05/03 9:51] Dewey Jung: and you can control how long the chat stays in that clear window

[2008/05/03 9:53] You: you will notice that what i say is in a chat bubble

[2008/05/03 9:53] Zotarah Shepherd: I don't know anyone who uses bubble chat. Sooo cartoony

[2008/05/03 9:53] You: yes, it's cartoony

[2008/05/03 9:53] You: also, you have to be looking at someone to see the caht

[2008/05/03 9:53] Bronte Alcott: not liking this at all

[2008/05/03 9:53] You: anyway, check it out

[2008/05/03 9:53] You: just for a secton

[2008/05/03 9:53] You: second

[2008/05/03 9:53] You: then turn it off

[2008/05/03 9:53] Valaina Shepherd: ok, definitely uncheck

[2008/05/03 9:54] Babette Vuckovic: This is very odd

[2008/05/03 9:54] You: yes, definitely uncheck :-)

[2008/05/03 9:54] Zotarah Shepherd grins

[2008/05/03 9:54] Dewey Jung: Okay, last item, SL communication etiquette:

[2008/05/03 9:55] Zotarah Shepherd: Some groups are chatty and some are only for announcements.

[2008/05/03 9:57] Zotarah Shepherd snickers: I just close chatty groups if they get excessive.

[2008/05/03 9:57] Bevan Whitfield is Online

[2008/05/03 9:57] Zotarah Shepherd: Oh How to get rid of the : Type /me

[2008/05/03 9:58] You: not sure i understand the question, zo

[2008/05/03 9:58] Zotarah Shepherd: Oh if you want to say that you do something without a : you type /me

[2008/05/03 9:59] Zotarah Shepherd grins

[2008/05/03 9:59] Valaina Shepherd understands

[2008/05/03 9:59] Bronte Alcott smiles

[2008/05/03 9:59] Dewey Jung wonders why zo said that at this moment

[2008/05/03 9:59] Bronte Alcott giggles

[2008/05/03 9:59] Babette Vuckovic: Ettiquette?

[2008/05/03 9:59] Zotarah Shepherd: It is a part oc comminication

[2008/05/03 10:00] Bronte Alcott: was there more on etiquette?

[2008/05/03 10:00] Katrina Riederer: Has anyone figured out how to 'mute' a group without losing that group membership?

[2008/05/03 10:00] Bronte Alcott: did i miss anyone?

[2008/05/03 10:00] Ka Castaignede: At the beginning of your speech you mentioned ELVEN was for K-12. Are there organizations focusing on higher education?

[2008/05/03 10:00] Valaina Shepherd: that was helpful. Thanks Bronte

[2008/05/03 10:00] Evus Alter: got it

[2008/05/03 10:00] Avigail Lindman: me!

[2008/05/03 10:00] Zotarah Shepherd: There are also many ways to express in text. Graphics even.

[2008/05/03 10:01] Zotarah Shepherd: ,,,=^_^=,,,

[2008/05/03 10:01] Babette Vuckovic: I see in the local chat when it says SOMEONEW giggles

[2008/05/03 10:01] Babette Vuckovic: How do we do that?

[2008/05/03 10:01] Babette Vuckovic: Just type giggles?

[2008/05/03 10:01] Babette Vuckovic: OK

[2008/05/03 10:01] Valaina Shepherd clapping

[2008/05/03 10:02] Avigail Lindman: that's where you type the /me

[2008/05/03 10:02] Bronte Alcott: type /me giggles

[2008/05/03 10:02] Dewey Jung giggles

[2008/05/03 10:02] Katrina Riederer giggles

[2008/05/03 10:02] Bronte Alcott giggle

[2008/05/03 10:02] Babette Vuckovic: Thanks

[2008/05/03 10:02] Evus Alter: Thank you. Excellent information. I'm already taking advantadge of some of it

[2008/05/03 10:02] Valaina Shepherd: thank you very much

[2008/05/03 10:02] Zotarah Shepherd: You can also set up things to say in shortcut keys

[2008/05/03 10:02] Zotarah Shepherd: (`'•.¸(`'•.¸ * ¸.•'´)¸.•'´)

[2008/05/03 10:02] Zotarah Shepherd: You're the best!

[2008/05/03 10:02] Zotarah Shepherd: (¸.•'´(¸.•'´ * `'•.¸)`'•.¸)

[2008/05/03 10:02] Desdemona Enfield: thank you, Dewey

[2008/05/03 10:02] Bronte Alcott: yes . . . even those of us who have been around a while . . .

[2008/05/03 10:03] Amanda7 Himmel: I learned a lot. Thank you.

[2008/05/03 10:03] Bronte Alcott: thank you, Dewey

[2008/05/03 10:03] Katrina Riederer: bright eyed!!!!

[2008/05/03 10:03] Bronte Alcott: WONDERFUL!!!

[2008/05/03 10:03] You: thank yuo all

[2008/05/03 10:03] Bronte Alcott: Fabulous!

[2008/05/03 10:03] Blu Heron: thanks, Dewey!

[2008/05/03 10:03] You: for listening

[2008/05/03 10:03] Babette Vuckovic: BRAVO!

[2008/05/03 10:03] Avigail Lindman: Thanks Dewey!

[2008/05/03 10:03] Desdemona Enfield applauds

[2008/05/03 10:03] Katrina Riederer: thank you Dewey

[2008/05/03 10:03] Zotarah Shepherd: Sounds and gestures are fun

[2008/05/03 10:04] Babette Vuckovic: Where do we get more gestures than we already have?

[2008/05/03 10:04] Babette Vuckovic: Or how do we create them?

[2008/05/03 10:04] Zotarah Shepherd: From people too

[2008/05/03 10:04] Zotarah Shepherd: Sére ar alasse (Peace and joy)

[2008/05/03 10:04] Babette Vuckovic: TY

[2008/05/03 10:04] Zotarah Shepherd: ar saila, mâlon! (and wisdom, friend!)

[2008/05/03 10:05] Zotarah Shepherd: (`'•.¸(`'•.¸ * ¸.•'´)¸.•'´)

[2008/05/03 10:05] Zotarah Shepherd: ( <>•<> Happy Rezday! <>•<> )

[2008/05/03 10:05] Zotarah Shepherd: (¸.•'´(¸.•'´ * `'•.¸)`'•.¸)

[2008/05/03 10:05] Zotarah Shepherd: I steal the hearts and rearrange them

[2008/05/03 10:05] Zotarah Shepherd: hehe

[2008/05/03 10:05] Bevan Whitfield is Offline

[2008/05/03 10:05] Blu Heron: In Library folder..there are sub folders with additional gestures

[2008/05/03 10:05] Zotarah Shepherd: You can deactivate them too.

[2008/05/03 10:06] Dewey Jung: What is appropriate and not appropropriate in SL......

[2008/05/03 10:06] Zotarah Shepherd: Thank you Dewey

[2008/05/03 10:06] Desdemona Enfield: Thank you, Dewet.

[2008/05/03 10:06] Bronte Alcott: ty, Dewey

[2008/05/03 10:06] Desdemona Enfield: poof

[2008/05/03 10:06] Bronte Alcott: have a nice day

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