Sunday, March 02, 2008

ELVEN Institute holds workshop on "Presenting in Second Life"


Transcript (with photos interspersed)

To see Avigail Lindman's slides on using a Notecard Giver, click here.

[2008/03/01 8:03] Dewey Jung: good mornign everyone!

[2008/03/01 8:03] Computer Jewell: Good morning

[2008/03/01 8:03] Bill Friis: Morning, Dewey.

[2008/03/01 8:03] Catherine Soderstrom: Good morning!

[2008/03/01 8:03] Tortellini Freschi: good morning

[2008/03/01 8:03] Cal Kjeller: Hi

[2008/03/01 8:03] Kallisto Ihnen: Good Morning!

[2008/03/01 8:03] DonMugur Enzo: hello

[2008/03/01 8:04] Myrtis Pikkara: Mornin'

[2008/03/01 8:04] DonMugur Enzo: carl ..

[2008/03/01 8:04] Cyrus Hush: Good morning!

[2008/03/01 8:04] DonMugur Enzo: from were you have buy your laptop ?

[2008/03/01 8:04] Dewey Jung: if you aren't a member of the ELVEN institute in-world group I suggest yuo join; IM me and let me know if you wish to be invited


[2008/03/01 8:04] Cal Kjeller: Dewey. I have a choice screen for a flatscreen tv popup. What Should I do with it?

[2008/03/01 8:05] GinaMarie Latte: will this be a text chat presentation or audio?

[2008/03/01 8:05] Dewey Jung: we're gonna use text

[2008/03/01 8:06] Dewey Jung: great turnout this morning!

[2008/03/01 8:07] Computer Jewell: For a saturday!!1

[2008/03/01 8:07] Dewey Jung: for a saturday MORNING!

[2008/03/01 8:07] Avigail Lindman: Morning Zotarah

[2008/03/01 8:07] Dewey Jung: again, if you aren't a member of our in-world group, let me know and I'll add you

[2008/03/01 8:08] Dewey Jung: it isn't high traffic, but we annouce meetings and send transcripts

[2008/03/01 8:08] Zotarah Shepherd: Morning Avigail

[2008/03/01 8:08] Dewey Jung: hi zo!

[2008/03/01 8:08] Zotarah Shepherd: Hi Dewey

[2008/03/01 8:08] Bronte Alcott: hi, Zotarah!

[2008/03/01 8:09] Professor Merryman: I announced it to ISTE and Real Educators


[2008/03/01 8:09] Zotarah Shepherd: My system crashed so I hope I will be ok for a while. I have to remove some bad memory.

[2008/03/01 8:09] Dewey Jung: thanks, prof!

[2008/03/01 8:09] Bill Friis: I have some bad memories I would like to get rid of.

[2008/03/01 8:09] Bronte Alcott: haha

[2008/03/01 8:09] Zotarah Shepherd: hahaha Bill

[2008/03/01 8:09] Professor Merryman: IM me Bill ;-)

[2008/03/01 8:10] Professor Merryman: I have some also

[2008/03/01 8:10] Dewey Jung: Welcome to the campus of the ELVEN Institute!

[2008/03/01 8:10] Dewey Jung: we're gonna begin

[2008/03/01 8:10] Dewey Jung: !

[2008/03/01 8:10] Dewey Jung: We're a group of educators and librarians who seek to help prek-12 educators and librarians to better use SL and other virtual environments.

[2008/03/01 8:11] Dewey Jung: I'm Dewey Jung, the Director.

[2008/03/01 8:11] Dewey Jung: In First Life, I'm a professor of technology in education in Chicago.

[2008/03/01 8:11] Dewey Jung: There are several other ELVEN staff members here this morning. They are...

[2008/03/01 8:12] Dewey Jung: mostly wearing elven tshirts like mind

[2008/03/01 8:12] Dewey Jung: mine, rather

[2008/03/01 8:12] Dewey Jung: bronte alcott, avigail lindman (in the back), zotarah shepherd, blue heron, bill friis

[2008/03/01 8:12] Dewey Jung: feel free to IM any of them if you need extra support during the workshop

[2008/03/01 8:13] Dewey Jung: we've become a pretty tight-knit group

[2008/03/01 8:13] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/03/01 8:13] Dewey Jung: Our workshops are pretty informal affairs. Please feel free to interrupt us at any time to ask questions or make comments.

[2008/03/01 8:13] Dewey Jung: you can move the chairs around using your arrow keys

[2008/03/01 8:13] Dewey Jung: but it would be better to play with that later :-)

[2008/03/01 8:13] Bronte Alcott: and we have a demo in progress

[2008/03/01 8:14] Dewey Jung: ELVEN has a weekly meeting, on Sundays at 5 pm SLT, here.

[2008/03/01 8:14] Dewey Jung: We also are conducting workshops at least once a month, and are planning a mentoring program for "newbie" educators and librarians.

[2008/03/01 8:14] Dewey Jung: Please accept our invitation to join the group if you are interested in this work, or want notifications of our workshops.

[2008/03/01 8:15] Dewey Jung: This morning, we are going to be learning more about presenting in Second Life.

[2008/03/01 8:15] Dewey Jung: We're going to be using TEXT CHAT, rather than voice, for this presentation. Theer will be a transcript of the session available later today.

[2008/03/01 8:15] Dewey Jung: i'll send the transcript to the ELVEN group; you can also find it later on my blog, at

[2008/03/01 8:16] Dewey Jung: If you look up at the screen to my left, you will see an agenda for the workshop.

[2008/03/01 8:16] Sloan Skjellerup: oops

[2008/03/01 8:16] Dewey Jung: lol, please dont' play with the chairs during the workshop

[2008/03/01 8:16] Jeremiah Wuyts: what is the event today?

[2008/03/01 8:16] Dewey Jung: there will be plenty of time for that later

[2008/03/01 8:17] Dewey Jung: our workshop today is on presenting in sl

[2008/03/01 8:17] Sloan Skjellerup: I hit sit only, sorry

[2008/03/01 8:17] Dewey Jung: Does everyone have the folder of tools?

[2008/03/01 8:17] Cal Kjeller: No

[2008/03/01 8:17] Bill Friis: No

[2008/03/01 8:17] Dewey Jung: oh, we haven't handed the folder out yet

[2008/03/01 8:17] Myrtis Pikkara: no

[2008/03/01 8:17] Sloan Skjellerup: no

[2008/03/01 8:17] Dewey Jung: avi?

[2008/03/01 8:18] Zotarah Shepherd: No

[2008/03/01 8:18] GinaMarie Latte: no

[2008/03/01 8:18] Cyrus Hush: No

[2008/03/01 8:18] Kallisto Ihnen: no

[2008/03/01 8:18] Bill Friis: hehe

[2008/03/01 8:18] Zotarah Shepherd: hahaha

[2008/03/01 8:18] Sloan Skjellerup: that'll splain that then

[2008/03/01 8:18] Avigail Lindman: All you need to do is click on onw of the ELVEN bags at the fron or back of the room

[2008/03/01 8:18] mobile chair: Unable to find specified agent to request permissions.

[2008/03/01 8:18] Avigail Lindman: you will be given a folder of tools and info

[2008/03/01 8:18] Bill Friis: Ooooo. I have tools.

[2008/03/01 8:19] Dewey Jung: avi, can you move the back in the front closer to me?

[2008/03/01 8:19] Dewey Jung: i mean the bag in the front

[2008/03/01 8:19] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/03/01 8:20] Dewey Jung: so, right-click the bag, choose touch, and you'll be given a folder

[2008/03/01 8:20] Avigail Lindman: or just touch!

[2008/03/01 8:20] Turterelle Cuttita: i have it

[2008/03/01 8:20] Dewey Jung: okay, just click it; cool!

[2008/03/01 8:21] Cyrus Hush: I have it

[2008/03/01 8:21] shamblesguru Voom: slow

[2008/03/01 8:21] Dewey Jung: If not, you can get one by clicking on the little white bag near the entrance to this room, in the back.

[2008/03/01 8:21] Dewey Jung: The easiest way to find the folder in your inventory is to click the inventory button (lower right of your SL screen) and then click the "Recent Items" tab.

[2008/03/01 8:21] Dewey Jung: it will say "ELVEN Presentation Tools Tote"

[2008/03/01 8:21] Dewey Jung: a folder with a bunch of stuff in it

[2008/03/01 8:21] Dewey Jung: worth the price of admission to this workshop, that's for sure!

[2008/03/01 8:22] Bill Friis: Agreed.

[2008/03/01 8:22] shamblesguru Voom: I have empty folders ... drat

[2008/03/01 8:22] Dewey Jung: the contents might take a bit to come in, shambles

[2008/03/01 8:22] Eleonora Porta: :)

[2008/03/01 8:22] Dewey Jung: let's all thank avigail for putting this folder together

[2008/03/01 8:22] Cal Kjeller: Thanks!

[2008/03/01 8:22] Bill Friis: Brava, Avigail.

[2008/03/01 8:23] Tortellini Freschi: thanx

[2008/03/01 8:23] Dewey Jung: please, wait until we get to each tool before you start playign with it!

[2008/03/01 8:23] Zotarah Shepherd: Thank you Avi

[2008/03/01 8:23] Blu Heron: thanks, Avi!!!

[2008/03/01 8:23] Sloodle Toolbar v1.3 prototype #5 ( Kallisto Ihnen claps.

[2008/03/01 8:23] Sloan Skjellerup: Thank you avigail

[2008/03/01 8:23] Turterelle Cuttita: Ty Avigail

[2008/03/01 8:23] Cyrus Hush: Thanks Ave...

[2008/03/01 8:23] shamblesguru Voom: Drat ... downloaded new viewer today ....


[2008/03/01 8:23] Dewey Jung: always a mistake, shambles :-)

[2008/03/01 8:23] sunflower Aichi: ????

[2008/03/01 8:23] sunflower Aichi: hiii

[2008/03/01 8:23] xsunflower: ????

[2008/03/01 8:23] shamblesguru Voom: Shoot me .... please!

[2008/03/01 8:23] xsunflower: hiii

[2008/03/01 8:24] Dewey Jung: Now, if you'll direct your attention to the screen on my left, you'll see an agenda for today.


[2008/03/01 8:24] Sloan Skjellerup: shamblesguru .. Melons or Snowballs?

[2008/03/01 8:24] Dewey Jung: (I think i said that :-))

[2008/03/01 8:24] Dewey Jung: You'll also find this agenda in a notecard called "Presenting in SL ELVEN Workshop (3-1-08) in the folder we gave you.

[2008/03/01 8:24] Dewey Jung: So we're going to focus on three major tools this morning: the SpeakEASY HUD, which makes it easy to deliver information via text chat.....

[2008/03/01 8:25] Dewey Jung: (I'm using one now, btw; the green text is in the SpeakEASY)

[2008/03/01 8:25] Dewey Jung: a Notecard Giver, which makes it easy to distribute information via notecards...

[2008/03/01 8:25] Dewey Jung: and the Freeview, which allows you to display images or even streamed video to an audience.

[2008/03/01 8:26] Dewey Jung: the screen i'm using is a Freeview, btw

[2008/03/01 8:26] Dewey Jung: we are practicing what we preach this morning

[2008/03/01 8:26] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/03/01 8:26] Dewey Jung: We will discuss some of the pro's and con's of using voice instead of text.

[2008/03/01 8:26] Dewey Jung: or text instead of voice!

[2008/03/01 8:27] Dewey Jung: We'll also talk a little bit at the end about other tools.

[2008/03/01 8:27] Dewey Jung: Before we begin, let me say that there is a lot more to presenting in Second Life than just these tools.

[2008/03/01 8:27] Dewey Jung: As always, presenting requires attention to your audience--connecting what you're saying to their interests and making it appropriate to their knoweldge level, for example.

[2008/03/01 8:28] Dewey Jung: Presenting also requires attention to how to engage your audience in doing more than just sitting.

[2008/03/01 8:28] Dewey Jung: We will try to engage you by having some of our time here today to be hands-on.

[2008/03/01 8:28] Dewey Jung: Also, it's important to use different modes for delivering information; such as text, voice, images, video, body language, objects, and activities.

[2008/03/01 8:29] Bronte Alcott: Dewey, let me add that it also requires, just as in first life it requires planning and practice

[2008/03/01 8:29] Dewey Jung: yes, bronte, preparation is the most important thing in presenting, or teaching, or really any performance for that matter


[2008/03/01 8:29] Dewey Jung: Are there any questions or comments at this point?

[2008/03/01 8:30] shamblesguru Voom: edutainment

[2008/03/01 8:30] Dewey Jung: shambles, is there a verb associated with that concept?

[2008/03/01 8:30] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/03/01 8:30] Bronte Alcott: haha

[2008/03/01 8:30] Bronte Alcott: implied perhaps

[2008/03/01 8:30] Bill Friis wantsto be edutained.

[2008/03/01 8:30] Professor Merryman: edutainment....yes

[2008/03/01 8:31] Dewey Jung IS an endutainer, by needs, not by choice

[2008/03/01 8:31] Dewey Jung: well, edutainer :-)

[2008/03/01 8:31] shamblesguru Voom: so long have sun screen ... so can get edutanned also

[2008/03/01 8:31] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/03/01 8:31] Bill Friis: hehe

[2008/03/01 8:31] Bronte Alcott: ;-)

[2008/03/01 8:31] Dewey Jung: btw, puns are QUITE welcome here

[2008/03/01 8:31] Dewey Jung: it's why we invited shambles, and bill friis

[2008/03/01 8:31] shamblesguru Voom: ;-)

[2008/03/01 8:31] Dewey Jung: we could spend a lot of time talking about the need to entertain vs. inform

[2008/03/01 8:32] Dewey Jung: but let's not

[2008/03/01 8:32] Dewey Jung: not today, anyway.

[2008/03/01 8:32] Bronte Alcott: d'accord

[2008/03/01 8:32] Dewey Jung: (bronte is following the principle "be more french" :-))

[2008/03/01 8:32] Bronte Alcott: haha

[2008/03/01 8:33] Dewey Jung: okay, we've divided up the work this morning

[2008/03/01 8:33] Dewey Jung: both bronte and avigail will be taking over for parts of it

[2008/03/01 8:33] Dewey Jung: Okay, I'm going to turn things over to Bronte Alcott, who is going to help you learn about the SpeakEASY HUD. Bronte?

[2008/03/01 8:34] Bronte Alcott: and we all met yesterday in real life to plan out things

[2008/03/01 8:34] Bronte Alcott: Hi, Everyone!

[2008/03/01 8:34] Sloodle Toolbar v1.3 prototype #5 ( Kallisto Ihnen waves.

[2008/03/01 8:34] Bronte Alcott: Thanks, Dewey

[2008/03/01 8:34] Bronte Alcott: Thank you for coming to today's workshop.


[2008/03/01 8:34] Sloan Skjellerup: Hi Bronte

[2008/03/01 8:34] Bronte Alcott: My name is Bronte Alcott,

[2008/03/01 8:34] Bronte Alcott: I've been in Second Life since December 27, 2006


[2008/03/01 8:35] Bronte Alcott: I came here because I heard a story on N.P.R.,

[2008/03/01 8:35] Bronte Alcott: National Public Radio, describing Second Life.

[2008/03/01 8:35] Bronte Alcott: That was on December 26, 2006 . . . I had a few days off, so I thought I would check it out.

[2008/03/01 8:35] Bronte Alcott: The next day I was here, and I was hooked!

[2008/03/01 8:35] Bronte Alcott: What delighted me and kept me here is

[2008/03/01 8:35] Bronte Alcott: the potential for education I found in Second Life.

[2008/03/01 8:35] Dewey Jung: bronte was REALLY hooked

[2008/03/01 8:35] Bronte Alcott: haha

[2008/03/01 8:35] Bronte Alcott: 24 hours a day hooked!

[2008/03/01 8:35] Bronte Alcott: During my first days I discovered EduNation and the International Space Flight Museum.

[2008/03/01 8:35] Bronte Alcott: Currently, I am interested in finding ways to help educators new to Second Life

[2008/03/01 8:36] Bronte Alcott: acclimate to this virtual world and form colleagial relationships here.

[2008/03/01 8:36] Bronte Alcott: as Dewey mentioned earlier

[2008/03/01 8:36] Bronte Alcott: there was something different about what I just did than convention chat


[2008/03/01 8:36] Bronte Alcott: everything in green was prerecorded so to speak

[2008/03/01 8:36] Dewey Jung: or conventional chat for that matter

[2008/03/01 8:37] Bronte Alcott: I just demonstrated the SpeakEasy Hud

[2008/03/01 8:37] Bronte Alcott: In a few minutes each of you will have the opportunity to try it out

[2008/03/01 8:37] Computer Jewell: I did not see anything in green ?????

[2008/03/01 8:37] Bronte Alcott: some of you will stand up here and do what I just did

[2008/03/01 8:37] Bronte Alcott: SpeakEasy will save you time during events, training seminars or on other occasions

[2008/03/01 8:37] Bronte Alcott: do you now Computer?

[2008/03/01 8:37] Dewey Jung: hmmm, did others see green?

[2008/03/01 8:37] Computer Jewell: now I do.

[2008/03/01 8:37] Blu Heron: yes

[2008/03/01 8:37] Avigail Lindman: yep

[2008/03/01 8:37] Bronte Alcott: k

[2008/03/01 8:37] Kallisto Ihnen: yes

[2008/03/01 8:37] Bronte Alcott: good

[2008/03/01 8:38] Thunder Insippo: I did

[2008/03/01 8:38] GinaMarie Latte: yes

[2008/03/01 8:38] Bronte Alcott: when you need to speak a lot of text to a group of people

[2008/03/01 8:38] Dewey Jung: you CAN change the settings of the colors, btw

[2008/03/01 8:38] Bill Friis: The line "Bronte Alcott: SpeakEasy will save you time during events, training seminars or on other occasions " was green.

[2008/03/01 8:38] Thunder Insippo: it helps to have history open

[2008/03/01 8:38] Bronte Alcott: thanks, Thunder, good advice

[2008/03/01 8:38] Dewey Jung: yeah, click the "history" or "local chat" button to see history

[2008/03/01 8:38] Bronte Alcott: anything in white I am typing real time

[2008/03/01 8:39] Bronte Alcott: anything in green I typed out earlier and inserted into the Speakeasy hud

[2008/03/01 8:39] Computer Jewell: Much better

[2008/03/01 8:39] Bronte Alcott: here's the next prerecorded line

[2008/03/01 8:39] Bronte Alcott: and don't really have the time to type it all out

[2008/03/01 8:39] Bronte Alcott: (or your typing is rotten, like mine).

[2008/03/01 8:39] Bill Friis: of mnie

[2008/03/01 8:39] Bronte Alcott: and of course with the prerecorded stuff you can use spellcheck

[2008/03/01 8:39] Bronte Alcott: haha

[2008/03/01 8:39] Bronte Alcott: SpeakEasy reads text from a notecard and speaks it in public chat, as if it were coming from you.

[2008/03/01 8:39] Thunder Insippo: oh cool!

[2008/03/01 8:39] Bronte Alcott: SpeakEasy is designed to be worn as a HUD (Heads-Up Display)


[2008/03/01 8:40] Bronte Alcott: now you all know what a HUD is

[2008/03/01 8:40] Bronte Alcott: You have it in your inventory, in the folder Avi gave each of you -- Right-click it and choose 'Wear'.

[2008/03/01 8:40] Thunder Insippo: I'm worse at spelling than typing - dirty little secret

[2008/03/01 8:40] mobile chair: Unable to find specified agent to request permissions.

[2008/03/01 8:40] Bronte Alcott: if you click on your invetory button

[2008/03/01 8:40] Dewey Jung: now is the time to play with the speakeasy all, so do it!

[2008/03/01 8:40] Professor Merryman: I'm speaking

[2008/03/01 8:40] Professor Merryman: not green

[2008/03/01 8:40] Bill Friis: MY name is Gavin Dudeney

[2008/03/01 8:40] Myrtis Pikkara: MY name is Gavin Dudeney

[2008/03/01 8:41] Eleonora Porta: I worn it

[2008/03/01 8:41] Bronte Alcott: hold a minute

[2008/03/01 8:41] Dewey Jung: gavin created the speakeasy, btw, you are saying the default text

[2008/03/01 8:41] Bronte Alcott: let's get everyone in synch

[2008/03/01 8:41] Thunder Insippo: MY name is Gavin Dudeney

[2008/03/01 8:41] Bronte Alcott: haha

[2008/03/01 8:41] Tortellini Freschi: MY name is Gavin Dudeney

[2008/03/01 8:41] Bronte Alcott: you can all be Gavin for a day

[2008/03/01 8:41] Eleonora Porta: good morning everyone

[2008/03/01 8:41] Bill Friis: Will the real Gavin Dudeney please stand up.

[2008/03/01 8:41] Cal Kjeller: MY name is Gavin Dudeney

[2008/03/01 8:41] Thunder Insippo: I do a fair bit of work in Second Life

[2008/03/01 8:41] Dewey Jung: wait, it doesn't turn your "chat" green!

[2008/03/01 8:41] Thunder Insippo: It's a fun place to be

[2008/03/01 8:41] Computer Jewell: I can't find it in my inventory

[2008/03/01 8:41] Dewey Jung: you have to prepare the notecard

[2008/03/01 8:41] Tortellini Freschi: I do a fair bit of work in Second Life

[2008/03/01 8:41] Professor Merryman: Yeah Gavin!

[2008/03/01 8:42] Professor Merryman: Read his book

[2008/03/01 8:42] Bronte Alcott: ok, Dewey you turned them loose

[2008/03/01 8:42] Thunder Insippo: Hmmm I don't like that I don't see what it's going to announce before I click


[2008/03/01 8:42] Dewey Jung: if you click on "inventory" then "recent items" you should see the Elven Presentation Workshop Tool Tote folder

[2008/03/01 8:42] Dewey Jung: thunder, if you WROTE the notecard, you'd know

[2008/03/01 8:42] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/03/01 8:42] Computer Jewell: not there.

[2008/03/01 8:42] Bronte Alcott: good observation, Thunder

[2008/03/01 8:42] Thunder Insippo: not if it's long....

[2008/03/01 8:42] Dewey Jung: computer take another folder

[2008/03/01 8:42] Eleonora Porta: MY name is Gavin Dudeney

[2008/03/01 8:42] shamblesguru Voom: Drat .... still not doenlaoded into inventory .. but have bag ... rebooting .....

[2008/03/01 8:42] Dewey Jung: by clicking the bag, computer

[2008/03/01 8:42] shamblesguru Voom is Offline

[2008/03/01 8:42] Thunder Insippo: I guess I could have a printed copy and keep my place in RL

[2008/03/01 8:42] Bronte Alcott: I'll give you a pointer Thunder on how to work with long text

[2008/03/01 8:43] Tortellini Freschi: It's a fun place to be

[2008/03/01 8:43] Bronte Alcott: exactly

[2008/03/01 8:43] Thunder Insippo: ok

[2008/03/01 8:43] Dewey Jung: you can also have the notecard up on your screen at the same time, thunder

[2008/03/01 8:43] Blu Heron: Hey, I'm Blu Heron

[2008/03/01 8:43] Blu Heron: (no 'e')

[2008/03/01 8:43] Bronte Alcott: I have mine in front of me now

[2008/03/01 8:43] Bill Friis: My name is really Bill Friis, and I am using a SpeakEasy HUD for the very first time.

[2008/03/01 8:43] Thunder Insippo: the screen gets so full so fast!

[2008/03/01 8:43] Bronte Alcott: time out please

[2008/03/01 8:43] Bronte Alcott: has everyone here found the SpeakEasy?

[2008/03/01 8:44] Bronte Alcott: is anyone lost?

[2008/03/01 8:44] Turterelle Cuttita: nopr

[2008/03/01 8:44] Tortellini Freschi: yes

[2008/03/01 8:44] Kallisto Ihnen: yes

[2008/03/01 8:44] GinaMarie Latte: I'm wearing it but don't know how to access it

[2008/03/01 8:44] Cal Kjeller: I'm lost!

[2008/03/01 8:44] Eleonora Porta: where have I to write for green writing, please? in chat?

[2008/03/01 8:44] Dewey Jung: everyone slow done

[2008/03/01 8:44] Bronte Alcott: let's back up then

[2008/03/01 8:44] Turterelle Cuttita: I m lost too

[2008/03/01 8:44] Dewey Jung: down

[2008/03/01 8:44] Dewey Jung: we'll get to it

[2008/03/01 8:44] Myrtis Pikkara: got it but don't know how to change the text

[2008/03/01 8:44] Junie Nightfire: I can't use it if I don't have a microphone right

[2008/03/01 8:44] Thunder Insippo: LOL sure looks like it

[2008/03/01 8:44] Dewey Jung: you don't need a microphone; this is a TEXT tool

[2008/03/01 8:44] Cal Kjeller: MY name is Gavin Dudeney

[2008/03/01 8:44] Bronte Alcott: I'm going to ask that everyone freeze frame for a moment

[2008/03/01 8:45] Kallisto Ihnen: Thank you!

[2008/03/01 8:45] Bronte Alcott: okay . . .

[2008/03/01 8:45] Cal Kjeller: I do a fair bit of work in Second Life

[2008/03/01 8:45] Bronte Alcott: please Cal

[2008/03/01 8:45] Cal Kjeller: Sorry.

[2008/03/01 8:45] Bronte Alcott: please look at the top left of your screen

[2008/03/01 8:46] Bronte Alcott: if you do not see a small blue button with a black border, let me know

[2008/03/01 8:46] Bronte Alcott: everyone is wearing SpeakEasy then

[2008/03/01 8:46] Bronte Alcott: good

[2008/03/01 8:46] Bronte Alcott: I'm going to proceed with the prepared text

[2008/03/01 8:47] Turterelle Cuttita: I cant see it

[2008/03/01 8:47] Bronte Alcott: it will answer some of the questions you have

[2008/03/01 8:47] Bronte Alcott: no blue button Turterelle

[2008/03/01 8:47] Giannina Rossini: MY name is Gavin Dudeney

[2008/03/01 8:47] Giannina Rossini: I do a fair bit of work in Second Life

[2008/03/01 8:47] Turterelle Cuttita: got it

[2008/03/01 8:47] Dewey Jung: slow down, bronte

[2008/03/01 8:47] Turterelle Cuttita: it s underneeth

[2008/03/01 8:47] Sloan Skjellerup: MY name is Not Gavin Dudeney

[2008/03/01 8:47] Bronte Alcott: ok

[2008/03/01 8:47] Dewey Jung: anyone still not have the speakeasy visible in their inventory?

[2008/03/01 8:47] Zotarah Shepherd: MY name is Gavin Dudeney

[2008/03/01 8:48] Sloan Skjellerup: I do a fair bit of work in Second Life

[2008/03/01 8:48] Bronte Alcott: thanks Z

[2008/03/01 8:48] Zotarah Shepherd: hahaha

[2008/03/01 8:48] Bill Friis: phone

[2008/03/01 8:48] SpeakEasy HUD (wear me): MY name is Gavin Dudeney

[2008/03/01 8:48] SpeakEasy HUD (wear me): I do a fair bit of work in Second Life

[2008/03/01 8:48] Dewey Jung: okay, i think we're all set, bronte

[2008/03/01 8:48] shamblesguru Voom: me ... still problem ... suspect connectivity ..... will try load up elesewhere then come back sorry ...

[2008/03/01 8:48] Bronte Alcott: ok, the next text will be green

[2008/03/01 8:48] Bronte Alcott: please follow as you can and we'll practice later

[2008/03/01 8:48] Bronte Alcott: You should see it in top left-hand corner of your screen

[2008/03/01 8:49] Bronte Alcott: as a small blue rectangle with black border.

[2008/03/01 8:49] Bronte Alcott: Right-click the HUD and choose 'Edit', then click on the 'Content' tab.

[2008/03/01 8:49] GinaMarie Latte: MY name is Gavin Dudeney

[2008/03/01 8:49] Bronte Alcott: many of you have already done this

[2008/03/01 8:49] Bronte Alcott: Do you see a card called 'speakme'?

[2008/03/01 8:49] Bronte Alcott: All you will need to do is replace the lines in the 'speakme' notecard with lines you want to speak out loud.

[2008/03/01 8:49] Bronte Alcott: as some have already discovered

[2008/03/01 8:49] Computer Jewell: Welcome to Rio World. This will be one of several session that we will have with you. Before I go further, I would like to introduce to you all to Marlene Brooks who has been helping me make Rio World a reality. LOL

[2008/03/01 8:50] Professor Merryman: MY name is Gavin Dudeney

[2008/03/01 8:50] Bronte Alcott: to avoid confusion, I am going to ask everyone else to stop chatting and clicking the button

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: thanks for your cooperation

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: Double click the notecard called 'speakme'

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: Then add the text to be spoken, line by line.

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: There is a 255 character limit on any line that can be read out

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: When you have finished editing the notecard,

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: you just click save at the bottom of the card and close it.

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: The HUD will reset itself to read your new first line.

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: it is important to save your work

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: Then click on the 'X' in the upper right hand corner of the edit menu and you are out of Edit mode.

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: Each time you click SpeakEasy,

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: one line from the notecard will be read out.

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: When you reach the end of the notecard

[2008/03/01 8:51] Sloan Skjellerup: MY name is Not Gavin Dudeney

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: SpeakEasy will inform you

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: that there is nothing left to say,

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: and will reload the notecard at line one.

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: The script and all notecards have been left modifiable,

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: should you want to change anything.

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: You can keep reusing the speakme notecard, deleting previous text and adding your new text.

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: I usually type my text into a Word document

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: and then copy and paste it into the speakeasy notecard . . .

[2008/03/01 8:51] Bronte Alcott: that way when you create a new presentation, you still have previous ones on your computer as Word documents.

[2008/03/01 8:52] Bronte Alcott: The SpeakEasy HUD is also full rights.

[2008/03/01 8:52] Thunder Insippo: hmm

[2008/03/01 8:52] Professor Merryman: Giannini Rossini wants to visit every cool place in Sl but she is to embarrassed to ask.

[2008/03/01 8:52] Bronte Alcott: That means you can share it with others.

[2008/03/01 8:52] Only Ember: MY name is Leaunda Hemphill

[2008/03/01 8:52] Bronte Alcott: as Avi has done with all of you today

[2008/03/01 8:52] Bronte Alcott: Any questions?

[2008/03/01 8:52] Kallisto Ihnen: Thank you for putting on this workshop. This is great.

[2008/03/01 8:52] Bill Friis: has the smug look of a new SpeakEasy master.

[2008/03/01 8:52] GinaMarie Latte: This is a test to see if I can get the SpeakEasy to work.

[2008/03/01 8:52] GinaMarie Latte: I hope it works.

[2008/03/01 8:52] Sloan Skjellerup: lol

[2008/03/01 8:52] Zotarah Shepherd: MY name is Zotarah Shepherd

[2008/03/01 8:52] Bronte Alcott: and you havee

[2008/03/01 8:52] Tortellini Freschi: My name is Tortellini Freschi.

[2008/03/01 8:52] Zotarah Shepherd: I teach, work and play in SL.

[2008/03/01 8:52] Tortellini Freschi: I am from Germany.

[2008/03/01 8:53] Blu Heron: Hey, I'm Blu Heron

[2008/03/01 8:53] Blu Heron: (no 'e')

[2008/03/01 8:53] Tortellini Freschi: It is great to be here!

[2008/03/01 8:53] Blu Heron: Just 'Blu'

[2008/03/01 8:53] Bronte Alcott: well, that's the end of my presentation

[2008/03/01 8:53] Myrtis Pikkara: My name is Myrtis -

[2008/03/01 8:53] Turterelle Cuttita accepted your inventory offer.

[2008/03/01 8:53] Bill Friis: I just found Blu's missing e.

[2008/03/01 8:53] Bronte Alcott: I was going to ask each of you to practice but you already are

[2008/03/01 8:53] Sloan Skjellerup: Thank you Bronte ;-)

[2008/03/01 8:53] Zotarah Shepherd: MY name is Zotarah Shepherd

[2008/03/01 8:53] GinaMarie Latte: thanks

[2008/03/01 8:53] Zotarah Shepherd: I teach, work and play in SL.

[2008/03/01 8:53] Blu Heron: Tortellini and I might be 'cousins'

[2008/03/01 8:53] Sloan Skjellerup: I do a fair bit of work in Second Life

[2008/03/01 8:53] Zotarah Shepherd: I live in California.

[2008/03/01 8:53] Tortellini Freschi: thanx

[2008/03/01 8:53] Cal Kjeller: Thanks.

[2008/03/01 8:53] Dewey Jung: bronte, don't sit down yet

[2008/03/01 8:53] Sloan Skjellerup: It's a fun place to be

[2008/03/01 8:53] Sloan Skjellerup: I'm a grown woman playing with cartoons

[2008/03/01 8:53] Sloan Skjellerup: Sometimes I'm here so long my butt goes numb

[2008/03/01 8:54] Kallisto Ihnen: So Bronte, you have a word document open, and you are cutting and pasting in real time?

[2008/03/01 8:54] Bronte Alcott: I would be interested though in having a few of you say why you came to second life and what you plan to do here

[2008/03/01 8:54] Sloan Skjellerup: ;-)

[2008/03/01 8:54] Zotarah Shepherd: So it resets each time you edit it.

[2008/03/01 8:54] Turterelle Cuttita: now its ok

[2008/03/01 8:54] Junie Nightfire: MY name is Junie Nightfire...I am very new to second life but interested in becoming comfortable in this I can meet my students here in their reality...

[2008/03/01 8:54] Bronte Alcott: no

[2008/03/01 8:54] Myrtis Pikkara: I work with language teachers, teaching them technology.

[2008/03/01 8:54] Bronte Alcott: yes

[2008/03/01 8:54] Kallisto Ihnen: In other words, you don't have 'multiple' note cards

[2008/03/01 8:54] Turterelle Cuttita: MY name is Gavin Dudeney

[2008/03/01 8:54] Myrtis Pikkara: and I'm looking for a dissertation topic!

[2008/03/01 8:54] Bronte Alcott: what I do Thunder, is type up a word document

[2008/03/01 8:54] Kallisto Ihnen: It is just one notecard that you reuse

[2008/03/01 8:54] fernando Lednev: hello everybody

[2008/03/01 8:54] Bronte Alcott: then copy and paste the entire thing into the 'speakme' card

[2008/03/01 8:55] Bronte Alcott: being the perfectionist that I am

[2008/03/01 8:55] Dewey Jung: the notecard has to be called "speakme"

[2008/03/01 8:55] Bronte Alcott: I will edit that card too

[2008/03/01 8:55] Bronte Alcott: and practice with line length

[2008/03/01 8:55] Vorpal Sword: Don't believe every name you read.

[2008/03/01 8:55] Dewey Jung: and you have to edit the one in the "contents" folder of the speakeasy

[2008/03/01 8:55] Zotarah Shepherd: How many characters long will each line take?

[2008/03/01 8:55] Bronte Alcott: line breaks and so forth

[2008/03/01 8:55] Dewey Jung: 255

[2008/03/01 8:55] Bronte Alcott: 255 characters

[2008/03/01 8:55] fernando Lednev: Hi

[2008/03/01 8:56] Bronte Alcott: after that it truncates the line and you'll never be the wiser, Zotarah

[2008/03/01 8:56] Kallisto Ihnen: ok.. I thought you could only put 255 characters at a time.

[2008/03/01 8:56] Dewey Jung: fernando, can we help you?

[2008/03/01 8:56] fernando Lednev: Hi Dewey, this is my first time

[2008/03/01 8:56] Bronte Alcott: it's easier to keep the lines short

[2008/03/01 8:56] Eleonora Porta: Finally! Ty Bronte!

[2008/03/01 8:56] Dewey Jung: fernando, everyone rememebrs their first time :-)

[2008/03/01 8:56] Thunder Insippo: I'm Thunder Inspippo, a computer resource specialist in Virginia.

[2008/03/01 8:56] Thunder Insippo: I teach K-5 kids and do some teacher training.

[2008/03/01 8:56] Thunder Insippo: I have some technical and administrative duties as well.

[2008/03/01 8:56] fernando Lednev: so, I'm a little bit shy

[2008/03/01 8:56] Tortellini Freschi: great tool!

[2008/03/01 8:56] Thunder Insippo: I love my job!

[2008/03/01 8:56] Bronte Alcott: and easier for your audience to have natural breaks

[2008/03/01 8:56] Thunder Insippo: I came to SL while home on leave for two weeks recuperating from surgery.

[2008/03/01 8:56] Thunder Insippo: I'd heard about it from an IT coordinator in my system.

[2008/03/01 8:56] Cal Kjeller: I drug the note card sample onto the HUD. Now it looksdifferent. Is there any way to fix it?

[2008/03/01 8:56] Thunder Insippo: I'm hooked!

[2008/03/01 8:56] Welcome Fernando: Welcome Fernando

[2008/03/01 8:56] Computer Jewell: Do you have to erase what it already in the speak me file to say something else?

[2008/03/01 8:57] Dewey Jung: yes, computer, you overweite it

[2008/03/01 8:57] Bronte Alcott: yes you have to erase the previous text

[2008/03/01 8:57] Bronte Alcott: but, here's something cool

[2008/03/01 8:57] Bronte Alcott: the Speakeasy is free

[2008/03/01 8:57] Myrtis Pikkara: Looks like the README card has more info on how to use this, too.

[2008/03/01 8:57] Bronte Alcott: so you can have more than one

[2008/03/01 8:57] Dewey Jung: myrtis, good point!

[2008/03/01 8:57] Cal Kjeller: Great.

[2008/03/01 8:57] Bronte Alcott: you can rename them according to the presentation you want to give


[2008/03/01 8:57] Dewey Jung: Kick me!

[2008/03/01 8:58] Bronte Alcott: this one is called for ELVEN in my inventory

[2008/03/01 8:58] Dewey Jung: hey, i didn't SAY that!

[2008/03/01 8:58] Bronte Alcott: haha

[2008/03/01 8:58] Bronte Alcott: any other questions?

[2008/03/01 8:58] Dewey Jung: (i'm serious, i didn't)

[2008/03/01 8:58] Dewey Jung: Yes I did.

[2008/03/01 8:58] Myrtis Pikkara: Hello, Avatar!

[2008/03/01 8:58] Thunder Insippo: LOL

[2008/03/01 8:58] Bronte Alcott: haha

[2008/03/01 8:58] Dewey Jung: okay, how is that happeneing?

[2008/03/01 8:58] Bronte Alcott: great line Myrtis

[2008/03/01 8:58] Zotarah Shepherd: Who is doing that?

[2008/03/01 8:58] Bronte Alcott: that's the script notecard isn't it?

[2008/03/01 8:59] Computer Jewell: This is a great technique.

[2008/03/01 8:59] Dewey Jung: I invited the wrong punsters.

[2008/03/01 8:59] Computer Jewell: Angela.

[2008/03/01 8:59] Tortellini Freschi: yes! cool!

[2008/03/01 8:59] Bronte Alcott: I agree, Computer

[2008/03/01 8:59] Zotarah Shepherd: hahaha

[2008/03/01 8:59] Dewey Jung: somone has figured out how to hack the thing

[2008/03/01 8:59] Dewey Jung: bill?

[2008/03/01 8:59] Myrtis Pikkara: Sorry, I clicked the "new script" button and it said that...

[2008/03/01 8:59] Bronte Alcott: particularly with those longer presentations

[2008/03/01 8:59] Dewey Jung: is that you?

[2008/03/01 8:59] Zotarah Shepherd: Oh fun

[2008/03/01 8:59] Kallisto Ihnen: How do you create multiple SpeakEasys?

[2008/03/01 8:59] Thunder Insippo: confession is good for the soul

[2008/03/01 8:59] Dewey Jung: No. Of course not.

[2008/03/01 8:59] Dewey Jung: just copy it in your inventory, kallisto

[2008/03/01 8:59] Computer Jewell: Good question

[2008/03/01 8:59] Dewey Jung thinks it must be bill or shambles

[2008/03/01 8:59] Bronte Alcott: Dewey has pointed out that it's good to balance real time chat with SpeakEasy text

[2008/03/01 9:00] Kallisto Ihnen: Ok thanks!

[2008/03/01 9:00] Dewey Jung: Well, maybe.

[2008/03/01 9:00] Bronte Alcott: it keeps a presentation more lively and more responsive to the group

[2008/03/01 9:00] Bronte Alcott: as we've all seen today

[2008/03/01 9:00] Dewey Jung: shambles, tell us how the hack works

[2008/03/01 9:00] Bronte Alcott: haha

[2008/03/01 9:00] shamblesguru Voom: Not me .... I'm incapacitated tonight ... technically ....

[2008/03/01 9:00] Bronte Alcott: anything else before I sit down?

[2008/03/01 9:00] Computer Jewell:

[2008/03/01 9:00] Dewey Jung doesn't like that someone else can say things as if I said them

[2008/03/01 9:00] Computer Jewell: Great job

[2008/03/01 9:01] Dewey Friis: You change the name of the HUD.

[2008/03/01 9:01] Bronte Alcott: Thanks everyone

[2008/03/01 9:01] Bronte Alcott: have fun with Speakeasy

[2008/03/01 9:01] Professor Merryman: Thank you

[2008/03/01 9:01] Bronte Alcott: but not during Dewey's presentation

[2008/03/01 9:01] Zotarah Shepherd: hahaha Bill

[2008/03/01 9:01] GinaMarie Latte: thanks Bronte

[2008/03/01 9:01] Cal Kjeller: Thanks!

[2008/03/01 9:01] Eleonora Porta: what happen if I drop it? can I lose it?

[2008/03/01 9:01] Kallisto Ihnen: TY!

[2008/03/01 9:01] I'm talking about Bill now:: This is a test.

[2008/03/01 9:01] fernando Lednev: What need I to do?

[2008/03/01 9:02] Bill Friis: Well done.

[2008/03/01 9:02] fernando Lednev: just watching?

[2008/03/01 9:02] Dewey Jung: wow, that's interesting, bill, but not something i thought we should teach today

[2008/03/01 9:02] Bronte Alcott: Eleonara, you can always replace it

[2008/03/01 9:02] Bronte Alcott: it's a very tiny item if dropped

[2008/03/01 9:02] Eleonora Porta: ty

[2008/03/01 9:02] Bill Friis: Sorry. My evil nature. Back on task, OK.

[2008/03/01 9:02] Dewey Jung: never trust a computer geek!

[2008/03/01 9:02] Bronte Alcott: btw, you can get this on and have it delivered to your av

[2008/03/01 9:02] Zotarah Shepherd: rotf

[2008/03/01 9:02] Dewey Jung: okay, any final questions aobut the speakeasy?

[2008/03/01 9:02] Bronte Alcott: just in case you happen to lose it

[2008/03/01 9:03] sunflower Aichi: sorry how can me have it?

[2008/03/01 9:03] xsunflower: sorry how edge cuts me it?

[2008/03/01 9:03] Dewey Jung: great job, bronte...i like how you regained control when the crowd got rowdy

[2008/03/01 9:03] Bronte Alcott: haha

[2008/03/01 9:03] Bronte Alcott: 23 years in the classroom

[2008/03/01 9:03] Bill Friis: hehe

[2008/03/01 9:03] Bronte Alcott: but teaching teachers . . . .

[2008/03/01 9:03] Dewey Jung: sunflower, i just gave you the folder

[2008/03/01 9:03] Bronte Alcott: well . . .

[2008/03/01 9:04] Bronte Alcott smiles

[2008/03/01 9:04] Dewey Jung: who's playing with the freeview?

[2008/03/01 9:04] Bronte Alcott: you're right, Dewey . . .

[2008/03/01 9:04] Myrtis Pikkara: teaching teachers is usually wilder than teaching students!

[2008/03/01 9:04] Bronte Alcott: yep

[2008/03/01 9:04] Bronte Alcott: we're a tough crowd

[2008/03/01 9:05] Bill Friis is sitting on his hands now.

[2008/03/01 9:05] Computer Jewell: Teachers never listen

[2008/03/01 9:05] Dewey Jung: please don't click on the freeview, unless you are me or avigail!

[2008/03/01 9:05] shamblesguru Voom: pardon?

[2008/03/01 9:05] Dewey Jung: okay, we're gonna move into thee 2nd major tool for this workship

[2008/03/01 9:05] Dewey Jung: workshop, too

[2008/03/01 9:06] Dewey Jung: avigail lindman is gonna talk about a notecard giver

[2008/03/01 9:06] Dewey Jung: avi?


[2008/03/01 9:06] Avigail Lindman: Good morning everyone. I'm Avigail Lindman.

[2008/03/01 9:06] Computer Jewell:

[2008/03/01 9:06] Avigail Lindman: I have been using SL for almost a year now. I began using it as part of a graduate class and have continued in an effort to help other educators see the collaboratory potential.

[2008/03/01 9:06] Computer Jewell: Good morning

[2008/03/01 9:06] Bill Friis: Her text is green. How does she do that?

[2008/03/01 9:06] Avigail Lindman: This moring I'm going to talk about creating a notecard giver to advertise events and presentations.

To see Avigail Lindman's slides on using a Notecard Giver, click here.

[2008/03/01 9:07] Avigail Lindman: I have been making the notecards for the ELVEN workshops for a few months now.

[2008/03/01 9:07] Thunder Insippo: Bill, I thought you were sitting on your hands?

[2008/03/01 9:07] Dewey Jung shivers at the phrase "collaboratory potential"

[2008/03/01 9:07] Avigail Lindman: It is really a simple process for editing an existing notecard giver.

[2008/03/01 9:07] Avigail Lindman: I'm going to show you three basics:

[2008/03/01 9:07] Avigail Lindman: Creating a new note

[2008/03/01 9:07] Avigail Lindman: Adding content

[2008/03/01 9:07] Avigail Lindman: and changing the texture


[2008/03/01 9:07] Avigail Lindman: I will show you the steps, then you will have a chance to create your own notecard giver.

[2008/03/01 9:08] Avigail Lindman: everyone had a demo notecard giver in their workshop folder

[2008/03/01 9:08] Avigail Lindman: First, creating a new note. When you open your Inventory you choose New and then Note from the menu.


[2008/03/01 9:08] Avigail Lindman: This new note is where you can enter the text of your announcement.

[2008/03/01 9:09] Avigail Lindman: Once your text is entered, save the note.

[2008/03/01 9:09] Avigail Lindman: In your Inventory, right-click the note and Rename...otherwise you'll have an inventory full of New Notes!

[2008/03/01 9:09] Dewey Jung: when you first create the note is a good time to rename it

[2008/03/01 9:09] shamblesguru Voom: so long at $50 notes

[2008/03/01 9:09] Avigail Lindman: those would be nice shambles!

[2008/03/01 9:09] Dewey Jung: because the name is already highlighted when it first appears, adn you just type in the new name

[2008/03/01 9:10] Avigail Lindman:

[2008/03/01 9:10] Avigail Lindman: The next step is to add the content of your giver

[2008/03/01 9:10] shamblesguru Voom: Is there a maximum size for the name of a note (or object)? .. number of letters?

[2008/03/01 9:10] Dewey Jung: 255 i think, shambles

[2008/03/01 9:11] Avigail Lindman: To add contenct to your notecard giver you need to rez the giver

[2008/03/01 9:11] Dewey Jung: "rez" means to put on the floor

[2008/03/01 9:12] Avigail Lindman: yes, drag it from your inventory onto the ground

[2008/03/01 9:12] Dewey Jung: avi's showing these steps on the slides; i just noticed them

[2008/03/01 9:12] Avigail Lindman: At this point your can choose right-click and edit

[2008/03/01 9:12] Avigail Lindman: yeah, I'm a visual person.....gotta see pictures!

[2008/03/01 9:13] Dewey Jung: us texty people need to be reminded to look at the slides, though :-)

[2008/03/01 9:13] Avigail Lindman: sorry :-)

[2008/03/01 9:13] Dewey Jung: np, avi, i'm the dense one

[2008/03/01 9:13] Avigail Lindman: You will see the tabs shown in the slide

[2008/03/01 9:13] Cal Kjeller: Avigail, will it rez anywhere or do you need to own the ground?

[2008/03/01 9:14] Dewey Jung: you need buiild rights, cal

[2008/03/01 9:14] Avigail Lindman: thanks Dewey


[2008/03/01 9:14] Dewey Jung: you have them here, but it will be returned after 20 minutes

[2008/03/01 9:14] Sloan Skjellerup: you can wear it though ... right?

[2008/03/01 9:14] Avigail Lindman: you have to be in an area that allows building

[2008/03/01 9:14] Avigail Lindman: a sandbox is a good place to work

[2008/03/01 9:14] Dewey Jung thinks about wearing a notecard giver

[2008/03/01 9:15] Avigail Lindman: This notecard giver is created to be free to mod, copy and transfer

[2008/03/01 9:15] Dewey Jung: okay, i'm wearing one!

[2008/03/01 9:15] Sloan Skjellerup: there, Click me for a note card ... And I mean Click ME

[2008/03/01 9:15] Dewey Jung: lol!


[2008/03/01 9:15] Bill Friis: heheheh

[2008/03/01 9:15] Sloan Skjellerup: see, if you wear it you can be a walking billboard!

[2008/03/01 9:15] Demo Notecard Giver: Thank you Myrtis Pikkara! We look forward to seeing you!

[2008/03/01 9:16] Dewey Jung: there's one (or two, or three) in every crowd, sloan

[2008/03/01 9:16] shamblesguru Voom wonders where the Orchid Tatto (in the inventory on the screen) is being word and by who?

[2008/03/01 9:16] Demo Notecard Giver: Thank you Bill Friis! We look forward to seeing you!

[2008/03/01 9:16] Demo Notecard Giver: Thank you Sloan Skjellerup! We look forward to seeing you!

[2008/03/01 9:16] shamblesguru Voom: worn

[2008/03/01 9:16] Demo Notecard Giver: Thank you Computer Jewell! We look forward to seeing you!

[2008/03/01 9:16] Avigail Lindman: can see it later :-)

[2008/03/01 9:16] Zotarah Shepherd: If you wear something it first attaches to your right hand, so you may need to select a different hud

[2008/03/01 9:16] Dewey Jung: lol shambles, well, avi made the slides!

[2008/03/01 9:16] Avigail Lindman: anyway...

[2008/03/01 9:16] Dewey Jung: you don't REALLY want to "wear" the notecard giver, zo....

[2008/03/01 9:17] Demo Notecard Giver: Thank you Eleonora Porta! We look forward to seeing you!

[2008/03/01 9:17] Avigail Lindman: the content tab is where you can add items to the notecard

[2008/03/01 9:17] Avigail Lindman: You locat the items in your inventory

[2008/03/01 9:17] Avigail Lindman: and drag them to the content tab

[2008/03/01 9:17] Avigail Lindman: right not all that is in there is the giver script

[2008/03/01 9:17] Dewey Jung: bill, nice choice of texture on yours :-)


[2008/03/01 9:17] Zotarah Shepherd: True but if you were in a no build sim you could in a pinch.

[2008/03/01 9:18] fernando Lednev: bye,bye

[2008/03/01 9:18] Bill Friis: Thought you would like it.

[2008/03/01 9:18] fernando Lednev: this is very coplicated to me

[2008/03/01 9:18] fernando Lednev: its a pittty

[2008/03/01 9:18] Avigail Lindman: this script automatically gives out a notecard and landmark.

[2008/03/01 9:18] Bill Friis: fernando, we will be happy to help you.

[2008/03/01 9:18] Avigail Lindman: I have designed the script to give aout any notecard and any landmark

[2008/03/01 9:18] Avigail Lindman: you do not need to give either a particular name

[2008/03/01 9:19] Thunder Insippo: so we create something there. and its up to others to right click and get it??

[2008/03/01 9:19] Dewey Jung: who keeps clicking on the freeview?

[2008/03/01 9:19] Avigail Lindman: in this case Thunder, they just have to click

[2008/03/01 9:19] Thunder Insippo: ok

[2008/03/01 9:19] Avigail Lindman: now, if you give the notecard giver the recipient will have to rez it first

[2008/03/01 9:20] Demo Notecard Giver: Thank you Eleonora Porta! We look forward to seeing you!

[2008/03/01 9:20] Avigail Lindman: if it is free standing, they just click

[2008/03/01 9:20] Bill Friis: And the texture on the giver can tell them to "click here"


[2008/03/01 9:20] Demo Notecard Giver: Thank you GinaMarie Latte! We look forward to seeing you!

[2008/03/01 9:20] Zotarah Shepherd: Notecard giver scripts do not work on the teen grid.

[2008/03/01 9:20] Avigail Lindman: yep, it should include that instruction

[2008/03/01 9:20] Avigail Lindman: wow, nice to know Z

[2008/03/01 9:20] Demo Notecard Giver: Thank you Sloan Skjellerup! We look forward to seeing you!

[2008/03/01 9:21] Dewey Jung: best way to make a texture is use powerpoint; we'll talk about that later

[2008/03/01 9:21] Avigail Lindman: So here I have added a notecard and a landmark

[2008/03/01 9:21] Demo Notecard Giver: Thank you GinaMarie Latte! We look forward to seeing you!

[2008/03/01 9:21] Dewey Jung: rememmber the slides take a while to rez for us, avi

[2008/03/01 9:21] Avigail Lindman: once you have added the items you are ready to add a texture

[2008/03/01 9:21] Demo Notecard Giver: Thank you Blu Heron! We look forward to seeing you!

[2008/03/01 9:22] Join Dewey Jung: Thank you Bill Friis! We look forward to seeing you!

[2008/03/01 9:22] Zotarah Shepherd: aww too fast

[2008/03/01 9:22] Avigail Lindman: As Dewey mentioned textures can be made in PowerPoint

[2008/03/01 9:22] Avigail Lindman: sorry Z

[2008/03/01 9:22] Avigail Lindman: i'll slow down

[2008/03/01 9:23] Dewey Jung hands avigail a tranquilizer

[2008/03/01 9:23] Zotarah Shepherd: ok ty

[2008/03/01 9:23] Zotarah Shepherd: hehehe

[2008/03/01 9:23] Avigail Lindman: The demo giver has the default texture and color

[2008/03/01 9:23] Blu Heron: Avi, can you make your slide show available to us for future reference?

[2008/03/01 9:23] Demo Notecard Giver: Thank you Eleonora Porta! We look forward to seeing you!

[2008/03/01 9:23] Avigail Lindman: /wonders if she should take Dewey's tranquilizer

[2008/03/01 9:23] Avigail Lindman: Sure Blu

[2008/03/01 9:23] Blu Heron: thx!

[2008/03/01 9:24] Sloan Skjellerup: well Avigail , if you don't I will

[2008/03/01 9:24] Bronte Alcott: /careful Avi, it's a slippery slope

[2008/03/01 9:24] Sloan Skjellerup: lolo

[2008/03/01 9:24] Demo Notecard Giver: Thank you Eleonora Porta! We look forward to seeing you!

[2008/03/01 9:24] Dewey Jung: :-)

[2008/03/01 9:24] Avigail Lindman: I've also included text directions in the workshop folder

[2008/03/01 9:25] Avigail Lindman: Also in the folder is a sample texture to practice with


[2008/03/01 9:25] Bronte Alcott: good thinking, Avi

[2008/03/01 9:25] Bronte Alcott: ty

[2008/03/01 9:25] Avigail Lindman: Adding the texture is simply a matter of clicking on te texture box

[2008/03/01 9:25] Avigail Lindman: and selecting the texture from your inventory

[2008/03/01 9:27] Avigail Lindman: once you have selected the texture, you may need to do some adjusting

[2008/03/01 9:27] Dewey Jung: avi, these slides are great, BTW

[2008/03/01 9:27] Avigail Lindman: for this sample the Repeats for face is set to 1 and 1

[2008/03/01 9:27] Avigail Lindman: thanks

[2008/03/01 9:27] Dewey Jung likes how she chose a black background so as not to distract

[2008/03/01 9:28] Avigail Lindman: With the texture added your notecard giver is essentially done

[2008/03/01 9:29] Avigail Lindman: I have added an extra 'for fun' text as well

[2008/03/01 9:29] Thunder Insippo: just lost me - "repeats for face is set to 1 and 1" - that's Greek

[2008/03/01 9:29] Demo Notecard Giver: Thank you sunflower Aichi! We look forward to seeing you!

[2008/03/01 9:30] Demo Notecard Giver: Thank you sunflower Aichi! We look forward to seeing you!

[2008/03/01 9:30] Zotarah Shepherd: Some notecard givers can be made into different shapes too. And Notecard Giver scripts can be places in almost anything. I put one in a deer for an immersive build once.

[2008/03/01 9:30] Avigail Lindman: On the texture tab, below the image are some choices, one is for Repeats for face

[2008/03/01 9:30] Thunder Insippo: ok

[2008/03/01 9:30] Avigail Lindman: it has a vertical and horizontal option

[2008/03/01 9:30] Dewey Jung: repeats PER face

[2008/03/01 9:31] Dewey Jung: means how many times it repeats on each face

[2008/03/01 9:31] Avigail Lindman: this will set the tile of the texture

[2008/03/01 9:31] Avigail Lindman: a tile can show once or hundreds of times

[2008/03/01 9:31] Dewey Jung: it's an alternative to saying how many meters each tile should be

[2008/03/01 9:31] Thunder Insippo: so it could be a small texture (picture) that tiles like on an old webpage?

[2008/03/01 9:31] Dewey Jung: yes, thunder

[2008/03/01 9:31] Avigail Lindman: sure

[2008/03/01 9:31] Thunder Insippo: thanks

[2008/03/01 9:31] Avigail Lindman: I use textures that have intro information, like a billboard

[2008/03/01 9:31] Avigail Lindman: so,

[2008/03/01 9:32] Avigail Lindman: they are set to one repeat per face

[2008/03/01 9:32] Thunder Insippo: getting it

[2008/03/01 9:32] Professor Merryman: not for you sill...for your friends girl

[2008/03/01 9:32] Professor Merryman: silly

[2008/03/01 9:32] Dewey Jung: (elven does a building workshop, btw, where we cover textures in more detail)

[2008/03/01 9:32] Professor Merryman: ;-)

[2008/03/01 9:32] Avigail Lindman: By default the demo giver thanks the recipient and tells them that you look forward to seeing them

[2008/03/01 9:33] Eleonora Porta: :) TY Avigall

[2008/03/01 9:33] Avigail Lindman: you can change this by double-clicking the script and changing the information in the line shown


[2008/03/01 9:33] Bill Friis: My notecard giver script is set (no copy)(no modify) so I can't change it.

[2008/03/01 9:33] Avigail Lindman: (this is also in the text directions)

[2008/03/01 9:33] Avigail Lindman: Hmmm

[2008/03/01 9:33] Dewey Jung: be careful editing scripts if you aren't clear on what you're doing!

[2008/03/01 9:34] Avigail Lindman: shouldn't be, but I cna give out a new one if anyone wants it

[2008/03/01 9:34] Dewey Jung: we've noticed that the permissions on the contents of objects seems to change without too much reason some times

[2008/03/01 9:34] Demo Notecard Giver: Hello!

[2008/03/01 9:35] Dewey Jung: at least *I* don't know the reasons alwys

[2008/03/01 9:35] Avigail Lindman: It is important to be very careful when editing, but the text directions tell you what line to change

[2008/03/01 9:35] Avigail Lindman: and what parts of it

[2008/03/01 9:35] shamblesguru Voom: where everyone gone?

[2008/03/01 9:35] Dewey Jung: we should move on to the freeview

[2008/03/01 9:35] Dewey Jung: we're here, shambles!

[2008/03/01 9:35] Bronte Alcott: great job, Avi

[2008/03/01 9:36] Bill Friis: Still a crowd here, shambles. Wait for rez.

[2008/03/01 9:36] Avigail Lindman: That's the basics of creating a simple notecard giver

[2008/03/01 9:36] shamblesguru Voom: Don't upgrade to the new viewer !!!!!!!

[2008/03/01 9:36] Cal Kjeller: TY

[2008/03/01 9:36] Dewey Jung: /applause

[2008/03/01 9:36] Dewey Jung: /app

[2008/03/01 9:36] Chez Easterman: Hi, whats going on here in the Elven Institue?

[2008/03/01 9:36] Computer Jewell: Thank you

[2008/03/01 9:36] Blu Heron: Avi, the permissions need to be reset on the notecard giver script

[2008/03/01 9:36] Kallisto Ihnen: /applause

[2008/03/01 9:36] Dewey Jung: chez, we're doing a workshop on presenting in sl

[2008/03/01 9:36] Cyrus Hush: Thanks!

[2008/03/01 9:36] Eleonora Porta: :) ok Avigall, my script have no permission, could you give me one with permission please?

[2008/03/01 9:36] Dewey Jung: nice job, avigail!

[2008/03/01 9:36] Thunder Insippo: very nice - hard topic to cover I think

[2008/03/01 9:36] Avigail Lindman: i'll do that Blu

[2008/03/01 9:37] GinaMarie Latte: I'll have to play with it later in a sandbox

[2008/03/01 9:37] Computer Jewell: me too

[2008/03/01 9:37] Blu Heron: everyone will need a fresh copy, Avi...thx!

[2008/03/01 9:37] Myrtis Pikkara: me three

[2008/03/01 9:37] Avigail Lindman: if anyone wants help with it just IM me

[2008/03/01 9:37] Chez Easterman: dewey, is this a SL training session?

[2008/03/01 9:37] Eleonora Porta: :)TY AVI

[2008/03/01 9:37] GinaMarie Latte: thanks

[2008/03/01 9:38] Dewey Jung: okay, i agree that's a hard topic to voer

[2008/03/01 9:38] Dewey Jung: cover

[2008/03/01 9:38] sunflower Aichi: MY name is Gavin Dudeney

[2008/03/01 9:38] Dewey Jung: but, really it's quite simple in outline

[2008/03/01 9:39] Dewey Jung: you change the notecard, the landmark, the texture, and the text in the "hello" script

[2008/03/01 9:39] Dewey Jung: and that's it!

[2008/03/01 9:39] Dewey Jung: it's the individual procedures that get a little ocmplicated

[2008/03/01 9:39] Dewey Jung: the final topic for today is using a freeview

[2008/03/01 9:39] Dewey Jung: we've been showing slides on this one to my left


[2008/03/01 9:40] Dewey Jung: i've got a few more slides on/about the freeview

[2008/03/01 9:40] Dewey Jung: you have one in your folder

[2008/03/01 9:41] Dewey Jung: "freeview" flatscreen tv

[2008/03/01 9:41] Dewey Jung: the SLGuide is a very similar item, avaialble for free from onrez, at the URL on my slide

[2008/03/01 9:41] Dewey Jung: (The URL is also in the notecard in the tools folder we gave you)

[2008/03/01 9:42] Dewey Jung: you can show images or streamed video on the Freeview

[2008/03/01 9:42] Bronte Alcott: and that is also the place where you can get a SpeakEasy

[2008/03/01 9:42] Amrei Himmel: hi

[2008/03/01 9:42] Bill Friis: Howdy, Amrei.

[2008/03/01 9:42] Demo Notecard Giver: Thank you Avigail Lindman! We look forward to seeing you!

[2008/03/01 9:42] Amrei Himmel: could you tell me how i can make myself invisble?

[2008/03/01 9:43] shamblesguru Voom: Drat missed URL

[2008/03/01 9:43] Dewey Jung: if you rez your freeview, and then right-click it and choose edit, you'll see that there is, as for all objects, a "contents" tab

[2008/03/01 9:43] Dewey Jung: shambles, it's in the notecard

[2008/03/01 9:43] Dewey Jung: in your folder

[2008/03/01 9:43] shamblesguru Voom: my tools folder not openning today ... can someone copy/paste url here ... thanks

[2008/03/01 9:43] Demo Notecard Giver: Hello!

[2008/03/01 9:43] Dewey Jung: just go to and search for slguide

[2008/03/01 9:44] Myrtis Pikkara:

[2008/03/01 9:44] Dewey Jung: now, i suggest everyone rez their freeview on the floor, around the room

[2008/03/01 9:44] Amrei Himmel: excuse me officer

[2008/03/01 9:44] Amrei Himmel: ....

[2008/03/01 9:44] Dewey Jung: you migth want to stand up to do that

[2008/03/01 9:44] Dewey Jung: just drag your freeview onto a open spot on the floor

[2008/03/01 9:44] mobile chair: Unable to find specified agent to request permissions.

[2008/03/01 9:45] Dewey Jung: make sure you are within 20 m of me so you can see my chat text


[2008/03/01 9:45] Amrei Himmel: could you tell me how i can make myself invisible??

[2008/03/01 9:45] Dewey Jung: amreil, we're in teh middle of a class here

[2008/03/01 9:45] Amrei Himmel: what class??

[2008/03/01 9:45] Dewey Jung: once you've rezzed your Freeview, right click it and choose "edit"

[2008/03/01 9:46] Avigail Lindman: Ameri, click chat history, I IMed you

[2008/03/01 9:46] Dewey Jung: you'll see the "contents" tab

[2008/03/01 9:46] Dewey Jung: you will see there is one texture in there, a snapshot called "nice sunset"

[2008/03/01 9:47] Amrei Himmel: yes?

[2008/03/01 9:47] Dewey Jung: you can have any number of textures in the contents tab

[2008/03/01 9:47] Dewey Jung: please don't delete anything else in the contents tab, or your freeview won't work

[2008/03/01 9:47] sunflower Aichi: so after opening the contents what we do???

[2008/03/01 9:47] Cal Kjeller: Don't have Nice sunset.

[2008/03/01 9:47] Dewey Jung: textures will "play" on the screen in alphabetical order

[2008/03/01 9:47] Avigail Lindman: Amrei, look for your IM, by the chat

[2008/03/01 9:47] Dewey Jung: just hold on, sunflower

[2008/03/01 9:47] Amrei Himmel: i cant find anything you could ha

[2008/03/01 9:48] Dewey Jung: i'm just explainign what's up

[2008/03/01 9:48] Chez Easterman: Sloan are you getting all this?

[2008/03/01 9:48] Computer Jewell: I don't have it either

[2008/03/01 9:48] Thunder Insippo: I don't see nice sunset either

[2008/03/01 9:48] Sloan Skjellerup: YUp, well sorta

[2008/03/01 9:48] Thunder Insippo: bookmark, freeview card, and script-foo

[2008/03/01 9:48] Dewey Jung: okay, i guess your freeview is different from mine

[2008/03/01 9:48] Myrtis Pikkara: go to textures not content?

[2008/03/01 9:48] Dewey Jung: sorry about that

[2008/03/01 9:48] Dewey Jung: no, they are in "content"

[2008/03/01 9:48] Dewey Jung: yours is empty?

[2008/03/01 9:48] Dewey Jung: no textures?

[2008/03/01 9:48] Dewey Jung: okay

[2008/03/01 9:49] Blu Heron: it's not there Dewey

[2008/03/01 9:49] Computer Jewell: empty

[2008/03/01 9:49] Myrtis Pikkara: no sunset there, but in textures, it's a choice in the texture box when youclick it

[2008/03/01 9:49] Thunder Insippo: we can change the color though

[2008/03/01 9:49] Dewey Jung: so any textures in the contents tab will "play" in alphanumeric order

[2008/03/01 9:49] Blu Heron: no textures :(

[2008/03/01 9:49] Dewey Jung: dont' go to the textures tab!!!

[2008/03/01 9:49] Thunder Insippo: oops

[2008/03/01 9:49] Dewey Jung: if you change the textures in the textures tab, you will cahnge the appearance of your screen, and it might not work for video

[2008/03/01 9:49] Dewey Jung: just hold on

[2008/03/01 9:49] Myrtis Pikkara: sorry - my bad

[2008/03/01 9:50] Dewey Jung: so, on the screen you can see my screen as i am dragging some textures for this presentation onto the contents tab

[2008/03/01 9:51] Chez Easterman: Hi Myrtis?

[2008/03/01 9:51] sunflower Aichi: so!!!!

[2008/03/01 9:51] Dewey Jung: textures can be snapshots saved to inventory, uploaded textures, textures from the library that SL provides us all, or images such as PPT slides you upload

[2008/03/01 9:51] Dewey Jung: again, they will play in alphanumerical order; but more on that before

[2008/03/01 9:51] Demo Notecard Giver: Thank you sunflower Aichi! We look forward to seeing you!

[2008/03/01 9:52] Dewey Jung: i mentioned that powerpoint is a great way to make textures for teh notecard giver!

[2008/03/01 9:53] Dewey Jung: PowerPoint is very versatile for making images; but you could also use photoshot, or paint, or keynote, or anything

[2008/03/01 9:53] Dewey Jung: the key is to save as a bitmap (bmp), jpg, or png file

[2008/03/01 9:53] Dewey Jung: and then upload

[2008/03/01 9:53] Dewey Jung: i dont' think SL uses GIF files

[2008/03/01 9:53] Dewey Jung: i use PPT and then "save as..." jpgs

[2008/03/01 9:54] Dewey Jung: you can "save as..jpg" either one slide or the whole slideshow

[2008/03/01 9:54] Dewey Jung: they will save into a subfolder of your current folder, and will be numbered SLide1.jpg, Slide2.jpg, etc

[2008/03/01 9:54] Sloan Skjellerup: or png

[2008/03/01 9:54] Dewey Jung: yeah, either type, or bmp

[2008/03/01 9:54] shamblesguru Voom: If making garphics in e.g. Photoshop .... then what size images for this screen ..... pixel width/height?

[2008/03/01 9:54] Thunder Insippo: what's the smallest file size?

[2008/03/01 9:54] Sloan Skjellerup: oh yeah, that too

[2008/03/01 9:54] Dewey Jung: the point is that you need to save your textures as textures to upload them

[2008/03/01 9:55] Dewey Jung: well, that's a good question, shambles

[2008/03/01 9:55] Dewey Jung: i have foudn that you can use ANY resolution

[2008/03/01 9:55] Sloan Skjellerup: sounds like a dance, gonna png, my bmp till I jpeg

[2008/03/01 9:55] Sloan Skjellerup: ;-)

[2008/03/01 9:55] Dewey Jung: the more the resolution, the sharper it will be on everyone's screen

[2008/03/01 9:55] Dewey Jung: i think 1024, 768 is a good size

[2008/03/01 9:55] shamblesguru Voom: but the slower it will rez up ....... ?

[2008/03/01 9:55] Dewey Jung thinks sloan has ADHD

[2008/03/01 9:55] Thunder Insippo: lol

[2008/03/01 9:55] shamblesguru Voom: I have ADSL

[2008/03/01 9:55] Bill Friis: SL will reformat all uploads to powers of two. Like 1024 x 512.

[2008/03/01 9:56] Zotarah Shepherd: Sharper but they take longer to load.

[2008/03/01 9:56] Dewey Jung: yes, it's always a tradeoff of size vs. speed

[2008/03/01 9:56] Sloan Skjellerup: Dewey Jung <-- is correct I think

[2008/03/01 9:56] Dewey Jung: <<- usually is

[2008/03/01 9:56] Sloan Skjellerup: Dewey Jung <-- and humble right?

[2008/03/01 9:56] Chez Easterman: Dewey has a BIG HEAD!

[2008/03/01 9:56] Avigail Lindman: lol

[2008/03/01 9:56] Dewey Jung: humble??!??! what's that?

[2008/03/01 9:57] Dewey Jung: this slide shows me exporting the slides for this presentation as jpg's in ppt

[2008/03/01 9:57] Bill Friis: The main thing is to format similar proportions, height vs width.

[2008/03/01 9:57] Sloan Skjellerup: dunno, I've heard others talk about it though

[2008/03/01 9:57] Dewey Jung: well, the dimensions do matter, they should be consistent

[2008/03/01 9:57] Dewey Jung: as bill said, similar proportions

[2008/03/01 9:58] Dewey Jung: once you have the images created, you upload them to SL

[2008/03/01 9:58] Dewey Jung: you can upload one image or a bunch in bulk

[2008/03/01 9:58] Dewey Jung: it costs L$10 to upload an image

[2008/03/01 9:58] Dewey Jung: that'sa abotu 4 cents

[2008/03/01 9:58] Dewey Jung ate humble pie once, but didn't like the taste

[2008/03/01 9:59] Sloan Skjellerup: hehe

[2008/03/01 9:59] Dewey Jung: there are two choices on the SL "File" menu...

[2008/03/01 9:59] Dewey Jung: "upload texture..."

[2008/03/01 9:59] Dewey Jung: and

[2008/03/01 9:59] Eleonora Porta: :)lol

[2008/03/01 9:59] Sloan Skjellerup: it's like Spinach, ya get used to it cuz it's good for ya

[2008/03/01 9:59] Dewey Jung: "bulk upload"

[2008/03/01 9:59] Dewey Jung gets his vitamins other ways :-)

[2008/03/01 10:00] Sloan Skjellerup: Eating someone elses lunch?

[2008/03/01 10:00] Dewey Jung: as i said, you have to have money to upload images

[2008/03/01 10:00] Sloan Skjellerup: ;P

[2008/03/01 10:00] Chez Easterman: Dewey Jungs ego is so big it has its own weater system!!

[2008/03/01 10:00] shamblesguru Voom: No 'Upload Texture' on my menu ... but do have "Upload Image"

[2008/03/01 10:00] Bill Friis: That's it.

[2008/03/01 10:00] Dewey Jung: if you do a whole PPT and save it, the slides will all be numbered appropriately; you can "bulk upload" them all and be almost set

[2008/03/01 10:00] Thunder Insippo: almost.....?

[2008/03/01 10:01] Dewey Jung: ah, thanks, Shambles, they changed the text of the menu choice!

[2008/03/01 10:01] Dewey Jung: smart, because people don't think of them as "textures"

[2008/03/01 10:01] Dewey Jung: either that or i'm just confused

[2008/03/01 10:01] Bill Friis: Works either way.

[2008/03/01 10:01] Dewey Jung: which is certainly possible

[2008/03/01 10:02] Dewey Jung: when you click "upload image<" you get this screen, with a preview of your image, and at that point you can rename it

[2008/03/01 10:02] shamblesguru Voom: and change permissions?

[2008/03/01 10:02] Dewey Jung: well, you don't have to change the permissions

[2008/03/01 10:03] Dewey Jung: if you own the freeview, they should work fine

[2008/03/01 10:03] shamblesguru Voom: .. unless want to give to others?

[2008/03/01 10:03] Dewey Jung: yes, shambles, you might need to cahnge the permissions, but you can do that later, in the textures folder

[2008/03/01 10:04] Dewey Jung: so, once you have the textures you want, named appropriately, in order, you simply drag them from inventory into the contents tab

[2008/03/01 10:04] shamblesguru Voom: Note ... uploading the new viewer today .... it disabled Quicktime completely .... until I uploaded the latest version of Quicktime ... beware!

[2008/03/01 10:04] Dewey Jung: everyone do that with some images in their folders now


[2008/03/01 10:04] Dewey Jung: yeah, we all need to update quicktime, unless we're iTunes users, in which case it's probably updated already

[2008/03/01 10:05] Dewey Jung: i wanna see some textures on your freeviews!

[2008/03/01 10:06] Dewey Jung: everyone with me?

[2008/03/01 10:06] Sloan Skjellerup: you betcha

[2008/03/01 10:07] Computer Jewell: I have it in my content file, but I don't see it in freeviews

[2008/03/01 10:07] GinaMarie Latte: you said you would have class notes available on the web so we can experiment later right?

[2008/03/01 10:07] Dewey Jung: after they are in the content file, you need to stop editing

[2008/03/01 10:07] Computer Jewell: got it

[2008/03/01 10:07] Thunder Insippo: this is going to take a little tme

[2008/03/01 10:07] Dewey Jung: and then, right-click it

[2008/03/01 10:07] Dewey Jung: choose touch

[2008/03/01 10:07] Dewey Jung: choose "pictures"

[2008/03/01 10:07] Dewey Jung: and "browser"

[2008/03/01 10:07] Dewey Jung: "browse" ratehr

[2008/03/01 10:08] Dewey Jung: while you're working, let me say a few things about video

[2008/03/01 10:09] Dewey Jung: to use the freeview for videos, you need to own the parcel, or have permissions to change the media texture

[2008/03/01 10:09] Dewey Jung: the freeview will let you do videos on the menu, but it won't work if you don't have that permission

[2008/03/01 10:10] Computer Jewell: have to leave. Sorry. thank you for a great session.

[2008/03/01 10:10] Dewey Jung: we're about to finish

[2008/03/01 10:10] Dewey Jung: i just wanna demo a video for you


[2008/03/01 10:11] Dewey Jung: i right-click the freeview

[2008/03/01 10:11] Dewey Jung: choose "video"

[2008/03/01 10:11] Dewey Jung: choose "set URL"

[2008/03/01 10:11] Dewey Jung: it then waits for a command from me

[2008/03/01 10:11] Dewey Jung: so i type /1 and then the URL

[2008/03/01 10:13] Dewey Jung: you won't be able to set the URL of your freeview if you dont' own the parcel

[2008/03/01 10:13] GinaMarie Latte: sorry I accidently hit the screen

[2008/03/01 10:13] Dewey Jung: to see the video, click play

[2008/03/01 10:14] Bill Friis: This room is full of chatty FreeViews now.

[2008/03/01 10:14] Dewey Jung: on your "movies" button

[2008/03/01 10:14] Dewey Jung: for some reason, i'm not able to set the parcel either, i think my freeview needs to be set to this group

[2008/03/01 10:14] Eleonora Porta: could I set a link to youtube or only links of freeview page ?

[2008/03/01 10:14] Eleonora Porta: sorry my english

[2008/03/01 10:15] Dewey Jung: you cannot watch youtube because they aren't Quicktime

[2008/03/01 10:15] Dewey Jung: SL only plays quicktime videos

[2008/03/01 10:15] Dewey Jung: and they should be streamed

[2008/03/01 10:15] Dewey Jung: the samples built into the freeview are all streamed

[2008/03/01 10:15] Eleonora Porta: and podcast iTUNES?

[2008/03/01 10:16] Dewey Jung: id unno, eleonora


[2008/03/01 10:16] Eleonora Porta: OK TY VERY MUCH

[2008/03/01 10:16] Dewey Jung: again, if you don't have permission, you can't set the URL

[2008/03/01 10:16] Dewey Jung: and thus, can't watch a video on your screen

[2008/03/01 10:16] Eleonora Porta: sorry character maiuscolo

[2008/03/01 10:16] Dewey Jung: you'll get that default multi-color screen that some of you have now

[2008/03/01 10:18] Cal Kjeller: Do you mean the permission on the image is wrong when that spotty screen comes up instead of the image?

[2008/03/01 10:18] Dewey Jung: oh, somethign i forgot

[2008/03/01 10:18] Dewey Jung: if you are on group land, you have to use something called the "remote" to change the URL for video

[2008/03/01 10:19] Dewey Jung: you can find out more about the remote at the URL we gave you in the notecard

[2008/03/01 10:19] Bill Friis: So mess with it on your own land.

[2008/03/01 10:19] Dewey Jung: yes, that's the best option, bill

[2008/03/01 10:20] Dewey Jung: okay, we're finished


[2008/03/01 10:20] Dewey Jung: we had hoped to talk about a few other tools, but we're out of time

[2008/03/01 10:20] Thunder Insippo: that was great!

[2008/03/01 10:20] Bill Friis: And just in time. Sort of.

[2008/03/01 10:20] Dewey Jung: i don't want to keep you too long

[2008/03/01 10:20] Thunder Insippo: thanks so much!

[2008/03/01 10:20] Cal Kjeller: Thanks!

[2008/03/01 10:20] Eleonora Porta: ok ty greit class dewey ; I learned a lot

[2008/03/01 10:20] Satisfied Customer: I, for one, have learned a lot this morning.

[2008/03/01 10:20] GinaMarie Latte: thanks

[2008/03/01 10:20] Kallisto Ihnen: This was terrific!

[2008/03/01 10:20] Dewey Jung: if you aren't a member of the elven group, please let me know

[2008/03/01 10:20] Dewey Jung: i'll add you

[2008/03/01 10:20] Myrtis Pikkara: Lots to play with now - thanks!

[2008/03/01 10:21] Dewey Jung: thanks to bronte and avigail, too, and to all of you for your interest

[2008/03/01 10:21] Avigail Lindman: I have put two new demo notecard givers in back if anyone needs the modified script

[2008/03/01 10:21] Kallisto Ihnen: Thank you so much for taking the time.. all of you!

[2008/03/01 10:21] Avigail Lindman: or IM me

[2008/03/01 10:21] Dewey Jung: "take" your freeview with you

[2008/03/01 10:21] Dewey Jung: it will be returned to you if you don't

[2008/03/01 10:21] Zotarah Shepherd: Thank you Dewey

[2008/03/01 10:22] Sloan Skjellerup: Thank you Dewey!

[2008/03/01 10:22] Cyrus Hush: Thanks Dewey!

[2008/03/01 10:23] Bronte Alcott: this was great, Dewey! I'm going to play.

[2008/03/01 10:23] Dewey Jung: nice work, ELVEN staff!

[2008/03/01 10:24] Mariel Voyunicef: :D

[2008/03/01 10:24] Bill Friis: Junie, that looks good on you.


[2008/03/01 10:24] Junie Nightfire: thank you

[2008/03/01 10:24] Sloan Skjellerup: Nice Box ya have there Julie!

[2008/03/01 10:24] Sloan Skjellerup: hehehe

[2008/03/01 10:25] Sloan Skjellerup: I like to wear 'em too

[2008/03/01 10:25] Eleonora Porta: MY name is Gavin Dudeney

[2008/03/01 10:25] Bronte Alcott: not Gavin again!!

[2008/03/01 10:25] Eleonora Porta: Deway, bronte, Avigail and all of you thanks, see you later, next month!

[2008/03/01 10:25] Zotarah Shepherd: Our next wrkshop will be good too

[2008/03/01 10:25] Sloan Skjellerup: oops Junie

[2008/03/01 10:25] Bronte Alcott: thanks, Eleonora

[2008/03/01 10:25] Dewey Jung: zo, forgot to announce it

[2008/03/01 10:26] Dewey Jung: oh well, we'll use the group announce

[2008/03/01 10:26] Sloan Skjellerup: now, do the Butt Shake dance!

[2008/03/01 10:26] Dewey Jung: blu, you are up next, huh?

[2008/03/01 10:26] Dewey Jung: first sat in april

[2008/03/01 10:26] Bill Friis: Adios, folks.

[2008/03/01 10:26] Blu Heron: i'm planning on it

[2008/03/01 10:26] Zotarah Shepherd: Did you like the workshop Mariel?

[2008/03/01 10:27] Mariel Voyunicef: I did

[2008/03/01 10:27] Blu Heron: same thing i did before...with hands-on practice...

[2008/03/01 10:27] Mariel Voyunicef: Had to babysit for a while but I find it very useful

[2008/03/01 10:27] Mariel Voyunicef: I've never used those tools

[2008/03/01 10:27] Mariel Voyunicef: Nor have been in presentations that use them

[2008/03/01 10:27] Zotarah Shepherd: I hope it was something that will be useful to you.

[2008/03/01 10:28] Dewey Jung: okay, i need to log into rl; see elven people tomorrow? 5 pm slt?

[2008/03/01 10:28] Zotarah Shepherd: I will be doing one on Appearance and shopping and another one on Griefing Issues.

[2008/03/01 10:28] Zotarah Shepherd: Yes Dewey

[2008/03/01 10:29] Zotarah Shepherd: We have our planning meetings on Sundays at 5pm

[2008/03/01 10:29] Dewey Jung: hey marylee!

[2008/03/01 10:29] Bill Friis is Offline

[2008/03/01 10:30] Dewey Jung: hey marylee, you missed our workshop

[2008/03/01 10:30] Dewey Jung: i think it went okay

[2008/03/01 10:30] MaryLee Sewell: es, family stuff

[2008/03/01 10:30] MaryLee Sewell: Great!

[2008/03/01 10:30] Dewey Jung: we'll meet tomorrow night

[2008/03/01 10:30] Dewey Jung: well, i should say, i think it went very well

[2008/03/01 10:30] Zotarah Shepherd: My friends list is not loading in this version, so I don't know if Birdie is online.

[2008/03/01 10:31] MaryLee Sewell: It takes forever to load my list

[2008/03/01 10:31] Dewey Jung: avi, can i have a copy of the tote?

[2008/03/01 10:31] Avigail Lindman: sure

[2008/03/01 10:31] Dewey Jung: i need to log back into rl, see you tomorrow, marylee? avi, zo?

[2008/03/01 10:31] Avigail Lindman gave you ELVEN Presentation Tools Tote.

[2008/03/01 10:31] Zotarah Shepherd: Excellent Workshop

[2008/03/01 10:31] Avigail Lindman: also the fixed demo notecard

[2008/03/01 10:31] MaryLee Sewell: Were you building today?

[2008/03/01 10:31] Dewey Jung: thanks, zo

[2008/03/01 10:32] Zotarah Shepherd: Yep I will be there

[2008/03/01 10:32] Zotarah Shepherd: yw

[2008/03/01 10:32] Zotarah Shepherd: Bye

[2008/03/01 10:32] Dewey Jung: "presenting in sl," marylee

[2008/03/01 10:32] MaryLee Sewell: Ah, a good one!

[2008/03/01 10:32] Dewey Jung: okay, i'm gone.....

[2008/03/01 10:32] Dewey Jung: bye

[2008/03/01 10:32] MaryLee Sewell: Well, see you later! Glad it went well

[2008/03/01 10:32] Avigail Lindman: bye dewey

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