Sunday, June 24, 2007

National Educational Computing Conference

In Atlanta at the National Educational Computing Conference. I've been to this conference a number of times, presented once or twice, but mostly just kind of browsing around. It's really for practitioners (k-12) of educational technology, not so much for researchers, although there is a Teacher Education special interest group, that hosts some sessions of special interest to people like me.

This year, I'm most excited about meeting in the real world some of the people I've gotten to know in Second Life as Dewey Jung. Here's Dewey's nametag for the conference:

ISTE has a Second Life presences, and over 1000 members in Second Life. The people who will have these nametags (created by SL member Knowclue her avatar name) are pretty much the hardcores. At the reception tonight at the Georgia Aquarium, I'm sure there will be quite a gathering around the ISTE SL table, where we will get our nametags and meet and great each other.

So it's 3:40, and I need to get to the Marcus Auditorium for a conference intro and overview by 4:15. Into the heat.....

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Irfan said...

I hope it would have been great. Computing Conferences are very informative for the people in that field. Thats why I had planned to attend a Computing Conference, believing that I could gather much information.