Sunday, April 22, 2007

Meet Percival Gynoid, Teen Grid

This is Percival Gynoid. He's my alternate avatar on the Teen Grid, the Second Life simulator for kids 12 to 17. No, I'm not that age, but I'm an "approved person" on the Teen Grid, meaning that I passed a criminal background check (whew!) and have been added as an adult on one of the islands on the Teen Grid, Eye4You, which is run by a partnership between the Alliance Library System and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Libraries.

The original idea for Eye4You was to create an island in the Teen Grid to promote use of libraries by teens. I'm particpating to work on education there, and have some ideas for how the Teen Grid might be used, which I'll be talkign about more here as time goes by.

Today (April 23), we had a "general meeting" on the Teen Grid to discuss some issues in management and planning.

This is our meeting, in the new Welcome Center, with Saryn Fanwood as our fearless leader. We talked about how to manage buidling on the island (whether to set up groups for different parcels, which would work well but would require Linden Labs employees to send invitations), how to generate discussion on topics among teens, the prim count of the island, and some other topics.

I look forward to participating further in the island's activities, and sent the following notice to the Eye4You group as I left the meeting:

"Percival Gynoid, educational coordinator for Eye4You Island, is putting together an educational steering committee of teens and approved adults to work on educational programming for Eye4You Island. the steering committee would meet weekly for an hour (at first, to get things going) to plan policies for educational events, to schedule classes, to conduct surveys to determine interests and needs, and to ensure good communication between approved adults and teens who are participating in the island. Any interested teens or adults should send an IM to Percival Gynoid in the Teen Grid or to Dewey Jung in the main grid. We will likely have our first meeting the week of Aptil 30. "

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