Wednesday, January 07, 2009

It's funny how the Web works

On January 20, 2008, I wrote a blog post entitled "Do fruit flies like coffee? Or, Technology in daily life: a short story."

The post detailed how I had used the Web to find a solution to the fruit fly infestation that we faced in our kitchen.

I eventually found a solution at Yahoo!Answers:
About to give up my search, I just happened to notice that below the "best answer - chosen by voters" was a section labeled "Other Answers." So I scrolled down, and the second answer, posted by Fair_Fun, was a piece of user-contributed text that is worth its weight in gold. (I love you, Fair_Fun!!!)
I don't know why they would be around the coffee pot or how to keep them from coming back BUT,
it started, much to my chagrin (I STILL don't know why the fruit flies were hanging out near the coffee grinder), then continued:
to get red of fruit flies , take a small glass (I use a shot glass) and fill half way with apple cider Vinegar and 2 drops of dishwashing liquid and mix well. You will find those flies drawn to the cup and gone forever.
I tried Fair_Fun's "solution," and....
The next day, I didn't think about fruit flies, for the first time in months, although I did continue to notice the strong smell of vinegar near the kitchen sink. The next day, I didn't even notice that. Finally, the day after that, I realized I wasn't thinking about fruit flies any more...the obsession gone, along with the pesky creatures themselves.
Well, it's true that I didn't think about fruit flies 8 months. Come September, though, the damn things returned to our kitchen. (Yes, we'd fallen back in the habit of letting bananas rot.) As long as the screens are open, there's not much you can do about it. However, once we closed the windows for good, around the end of October, my daughter came to me and asked "how did you kill those fruit flies last year; they are bugging me!" (Get it, "bugging" me.....well, okay....)

So I told her how, and she followed the directions, although instead of half-filling a shot glass, she used a full-size Ball jar, with a little vinegar and soap solution in the bottom of the jar. This didn't work quite as well as the shot glass (note to self and daughter), but it did, eventually, kill off the rest of the flies, and, again, we've been fly-free since mid-November. And I haven't thought about fruit flies at all since then....


This morning, I got the following email.
Sent: Wed 1/7/2009 6:47 A.M.
To: Craig Cunningham
Subject: fruit flys post

Hello this is Fair_fun... The writer of the answer on "answers" about the fruit flys. lol.. I have used vinger and dish soap for fruit flys for many years. I am glad it helped you to. I hate the little buggers. I got a Email this morning from a friend on answers that told me about you post using my answer. GOOD READING!! I loved the part that said "I love you Fair_fun" I still can't believe I didn't get best answer...

You're Welcome...

You have a great day..

Your new friend, Fair_fun

Wow, how about that to brighten a man's early morning?!? (Well, okay....I didn't read this until almost the afternoon.) I wrote Fair_Fun back:
Subject: RE: fruit flys post
Date: Wednesday, January 7, 2009, 11:50 AM

LOL! Isn’t it funny how the web works?

We used that method again this year….flawless!!!

Thank you again!!!


P.S. Can I put this on the blog (without your real name, of course)?
And got this response:
Sent: Wed 1/7/2009 12:06 PM

Hi again Craig, Sure you can use it on the Blog. Send me a copy I love seeing my name in lights lol... Just a simple country girl here.. But I don't have fruit flys.
And neither do I!!!

Plus, I didn't have to rely on "solutions" like these:

Only on the user-generated content of the read/write Web.

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Craig A. Cunningham said...

Today I got another response to my fruit fly post (about the dish soap in the red wine vinegar). Seems that the meme (and the execution of the little buggers) is spreading. :-)

Here's what I got:

"hey, so I'm emailing you about the flie blog talking about how you getting rid of them an stuff. Here's my story...

So a few days ago my mom bought a new plant. An the day before yesterday I noticed a bunch of little flies in our kitchen. Thats where she put the new plant. I finaly got up the guts to tell her about our problem. I didn't know how to tell her.

Should I be freaked out or worried? How can I get rid of them, should I just do the vinegar and soap thing? Because we have red whine vinegar and dish soap. I just mixed it together in a small cup a few minutes ago. An I checked theres about 4 or 5 tiny flies in there? Am i doing everything right?

I would greatly apreciate it if you replied and helped me. Thank you Craig. =]"

So good to be helpful!